Grim Matchstick (Cuphead Boss) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Grim Matchstick (Cuphead Boss) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we are going to create the Boss Grim Matchstick from the game Cuphead! Let’s start creating our Grimm Matchstick and all we need is some aluminum wire to start the armature to start the skeleton. And I really wanted to create this posture where Grimm is sitting on his long tail. Well, as I’m not able to make him fly! But in the game itself he isn’t flying pretty well, anyway. So, after wrapping around some aluminium foil you just make a very thin layer of green clay and we start coating! Yeah, while preparing the tail I have some great news to announce. I partnered up with the best clay crafters here on YouTube, which include the channels from NerdECrafter, Lore Chirik, GiovyHobby and CristianCrafts! And the idea behind that is that we can all work on one topic together and to provide even faster tutorials, for let’s say Cuphead. So, you don’t have to wait that long for new tutorials. I will link all these channels in the description and also on my channel page and I will show you some of the videos they are doing in the endcard. So, I’m pretty excited about this collaboration and I am also excited about this creation, about Grimm Matchstick. And there’s one reason I really like this gay, guy, sorry, this guy from the game Cuphead. It is the only boss in the game who doesn’t actually want to hurt Cuphead and Mugman. And this is so cute and lovable I think. I read on Wikipedia that Grimm is, well the dragon is, a bit misunderstood and apologizes for being forced into putting the brothers into such troubles. Ah, nice guy this Grim Matchstick. Now we will prepare the nose holes and I will add some steam coming out of these two holes afterwards, after baking in the oven with some grey wool. Yeah I prepared these three heads. Well you’ve seen at least the first one, the other ones are exactly the same, Except for the middle head, let’s call him Grom, Grim, Grom and Grum. This mouth is wide open. He also has some eyelids, as well and he will spit out some fire after. Well after baking in the oven, as well. Now we will add some more details. Just some teeth. These are two big teeth at the front, the other ones are a bit smaller and now some time for preparing the eyes and the iris, the black iris. Grom has these long black irises, the other two Grim and Grum have just round black irises. Now these thorns on the back. And now we can prepare the arms. They are pretty short, keep that in mind. the same goes for the legs as well, pretty short and it really should look like as if he is not able to use them. I think to defend itself in Cuphead he isn’t using either legs or arms. These will be the wings. Take a very thin layer of green clay, as well. Just cut it into the right shape and we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Grim Matchstick and also Grom and Grum! Just removing the stands I created for the oven part and now we will glue the wings to the body with superglue. Very fast drying, please be careful with that. OK the body is almost finished. Now we can spend some time on the face. Some transparent polish for the eyes, for example. Well for the collaboration I will add the videos in the endcard. of the other great crafters as well and for the future you will recognize these videos with a big collaboration with the other crafters by the hashtag #claycollab which stands for clay collaboration, but I’m sure you knew about that. OK now we drill this last hole right in the mouth of Grom. And we will put the fire inside, some grey wool for Grim, as well. Here we go, some steam and… I guess finally… that’s it, Grim Matchstick! The next tutorial will be about Clash Royale and after that it’s time for Pokemon. So please leave me some ideas for the Pokemon poll in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this Cuphead tutorial. Please also check out the other great crafters I am happy to collaborate with. So, here are the videos. Click and enjoy. I guess that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching. Take care, see you next week and bye!

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  1. What clay do you use because I would really like to use the clay you use and could you make an undertale character if so could it be sans the skeleton or onion san?

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  3. Why don’t you wear any gloves when using superglue?? Maybe it’s just me, but having superglue on your hands is THE WORST feeling…

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