Greninja (Pokemon) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Greninja (Pokemon) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we will create the pokemon Greninja which won the poll. Let’s get started! Greninja was the big winner of this poll 71% of you wanted me to create Greninja. So, let’s get started. This is a mixture of yellow, white and some ochre, because Greninja contains of dark blue. This mixture of bright, light yellow, and some brighter blue at some parts but we will get there in a minute. The head can be made very easily by just cutting with the knife. as you can see right now. So, these are just two layers of clay. This mixture we created and there’s darker blue. And you have the shape of the head. On top of the head there are of course the ears and there’s this kind of fin, yeah. While I’m creating the ears, I would like to listen to you. So, please participate in the poll and let me know which pokemon I should create next on my channel. If I had to create this figure again I would probably go a bit thinner with the ears. So, it’s up to you. This brighter blue we’ve just mixed is for the part betweem the ears and this kind of fin. And this white part, well you can also take grey I found different pictures of Greninja, So, these will be the eyes and we will add the eyelids with darker blue and of course the main part of the eye the eyeball, the iris will be created in a minute. For that we are mixing and not only for that also for this scarf. Is it a scarf Greninja is wearing or is it some kind of a tongue? Nevertheless, we are mixing this colour this pink and we will use this colour for the iris as you can see right now. And after that we will use it for the tongue/scarf. In two weeks I’m in the Alps and you remember my video Ive already shot there just one year ago I created John Snow for Game of Thrones right in the middle of the mountains in the snow. And I would like to create the snow ice Pokemon and maybe you could give me some suggestions on that. So, please let me know, which Pokemon I should create in two weeks when I’m in the Alps. Meanwhile, we finished the head part and now we can go on and create Greninja’s body. This is pretty easy, I think. Just placing the aluminum wire into the body. And these will be the arms. Just wrapping around the aluminum wire. And this is the lower part of the arms we are creating. Just cut it right open. And you can place it around the aluminum wire. This is the middle finger. And at the end of the figures there are these frog body parts. I think they are called suction cups. You’re welcome to correct me in the comments. And with these special fingers it is possible for Greninja to walk up a wall straight vertical and to climb every building. Well, I assume that I haven’t seen it in any episode. Some more aluminum wire and these will be the legs. These pretty much look like some frog legs. So, let’s call them frog legs. They are basically the same like the arms. There are also these frog like feet. Well, this was pretty tricky to place it on the plate. I was working a lot with the toilet paper for the fixing and I was asked if I’m afraid the toilet paper would burn in the oven. It hasn’t happened so far so I don’t think this is a problem. When I’m hardening the clay, the oven has about 110 degrees which is about 230 Fahrenheit. And I don’t think this is the temperature where toilet paper would burn. OK, we’re adding some more details to the figure. These are the ninja stars. I think they are called shuriken. We’re adding them to the legs. I also added a knee and elbow protection. And the figure is finished! But we will go on. We will create the main Greninja’s weapon. And this is a baked shuriken, this ninja star for throwing, which is made out of water So, I’m using this transparent clay. It is oven-hardening, so we can really draw and put it together with the figure into the oven! Freshly baked Greninja! And also, freshly baked shuriken, but we will add that in a minute. Just putting some transparent polish onto the eyes. For the shiny detail. Here we go, the shuriken! Removing it from the plate. And I’m using some scissors to shape these water spots. So that it really looks like as if it is water. Splashing from this spinning shuriken. And I’m using my superglue for fixing. Well and I thought, hey, let’s add some more colour to the shuriken and to the water effect. So it should really look like as if it is spinning. Spinning in Greninja’s hands. OK, it looks great, I think. And, we are done! A while ago I created Ash and Greninja, as far as I know is one of Ash’s Pokemons, So, please check out this tutorial of Lego figure Ash Ketchum. For me it was a lot of fun creating Greninja! And what I liked was I think the whole body and the move, this ninja style move. But I didn’t like, well I really messed up the feet, because there are three toes. Well, there are two toes but I created three and I didn’t really like the face and the ears I created because they are too thick, so maybe you can be better at that while creating. OK, I guess that’s it. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you next time. Bye! Gre-ni-nja! What?

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  1. It would be cool if you made a pokeball that can open and close and had it big enough to store the pokemon

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