100 thoughts on “Green Screen Stream Setup in OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS

  1. Great message. I’m getting my new Elgato Green Screen today in the mail and I can’t wait. I’m getting requests on my channel for games so this will UP my game. What an ingenious device.

  2. So how would you add a video with the green screen into the video with you ? What do you add exactly an image or an extra video that goes on top of you video?

  3. Very nice job. You made a seemingly complicated and technical challenge very easy to learn. I can't wait to try it out. I have that 5×7 collapsible oval blue/green screen (that you had in your video) with the stand. The only issue that I have with that one is the 10 minute wrestling match trying to get it put away. I don't have a ton of studio space, so it works awesome in my case. Great stuff!

  4. Thanks man, this video was exellent! My green screen is coiming in on saturday. Thoughts on the Logitech C720??

  5. how do i add a background in my green screen? like a blue image or something ? while in obs recoridng fortnite?

  6. Thank you very much I am a small streamer with your green screen and you just made my life so much easier thank you so much!

  7. This was a great tutorial. I'm a meteorologist on TV and stream weather videos with my own green screen studio. I was previously using an iPad and iPhones for my green screen, but this may simplify things for me.

  8. Can i pick a specific color and use it as a greenscreen because in Streamlabs OBS i have to choose the color without the tool but in OBS i can pick the color with a tool to specify what color it is.

  9. Do you primarily want to have the rest of the room dark? I can't get it to key out as easily as you do for some reason. So frustrating.

  10. I wore a red shirt and had a static image of my room tacken recently with the same camera in the same place and removed the red and made an "invisibility cloak." The outline of the shirt is not removed for some reason and it removes some of my skin but I won't invest much time in this as it is quite useless and every time the light changes or I move my camera, I'll have to take a new image.

  11. I just wanna ask if my build is ok for streaming…

    My PC Specs :

    – Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H (rev. 1.x)

    – AMD Ryzen™ 3 2200G with Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics

    – rgb geil super luce (2×4) 8GB DDR4 2400mhz

    – 1 TB HDD and 500GB HDD

    -GTX 1050ti
    (gonna change it to rx580)
    – SEGOTEP HALO 7 PLUS MID ATX CASE w/ 6 rgb fans and remote

    – Corsair VS Series™ VS450 — 450 Watt 80 PLUS® White

  12. I will probably not be using a green screen but have always been interested in how it works. Your videos were very professional and informative and have earned you another subscriber! Excellent work!

  13. i dont have a green screen, so i googled a green color and put that as my green screen, but then i used algodoo to make a green object

  14. I just received my Green Screen yesterday — And this Video help me to set it up in OBS –
    1million Thumbs up !!

    So weird playing with a green screen… Very fun !!

  15. Dude thank you so much for the info!!!! You helped me out so much with my new stream!!! I subscribed and everything!!! You the man 💯

  16. i cant afford lighting and when i set it to the green filter it doesnt go transparnt if i put like a picture in the backgrtound or somthing will it work?

  17. If you do all this and it still looks fuzz Go into you cam settings and turn down the Gain yes your image will get darker but increase your lighting for maximum results with chroma key in any software

  18. I recorded a video with screen capture and webcame green screen. When I played it back my video was very choppy. Any suggestions?

  19. I bought all this equipment and now I finally feel like I'm ready to start streaming and making vlogs!! thanx a ton!

  20. I don't own a pc only a laptop but really want to stream via my PS4, is their away for this setup for the playstation somehow??

  21. This guy is so awesome, always great videos from him in my recommendations, he talks slow and clear, and get straight to the point but also make sure he explains it all!

  22. I just bought something that looks identical to the Elgato on Amazon for half the price!. Search about people.

  23. Hi I have a few questions. Would you mind messaging back. It's about what I need for streaming for VR. Thanks

  24. those cameras are expensive to buy with XD i still stick to my c922 logitech

    but still good quality if i have to make it 720p60 because imma do some amazon shopping to buy a green screen chroma "thingy" on a budget only XD

    thank you for the tutorial of this! godspeed @Gaming Careers!

  25. This is the best video that helped me the most! You don’t how much appreciate this video because it helped me with a lot of things, gonna start a lot more now, for now my Twitch is Egt76ers and I would appreciate I f people could possibly add me too

  26. thank you bro! even with a very cheap webcam, and some cheap spandex green cloth i purchased in a textile store, i am still able to do the green screen setup. much love from a small youtuber.

  27. is there a light control program for USB plug in on the pc??

  28. On a path to becoming a streamer and I keep finding myself on this channel. I love it. Thank you for your work.

  29. I just moved into a new place and my room needs work i dont want it to be seen, i have a logitech brio 4K, can you do a tutorial on background removal for that?

  30. quick question, for some reason i am having a heck of a time getting c920 drivers to work with windows 10..any ideas?? everytime i go to install drivers it sais that my webcam is incompatilbe?? 🙁 any help would be most appreciated

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