Grand Design Momentum 397TH – Full Time RV Tour! | Changing Lanes

Grand Design Momentum 397TH – Full Time RV Tour! | Changing Lanes

– Rolling – Oh.
– Action. – Lens cleaned. (hands smack)
– Action. (laughter) – That sounded like it hurt. – It kinda did. ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ (inspiring music) – So one thing that we have been getting asked a lot of recently is what does your rig
look like on the inside? And what are the features on the outside? – Right, so people are essentially wanting a tour of our RV who, you know, friends and family who couldn’t see it when we actually got it
– Right. – because we left town. – Or people at different
camp grounds and stuff. They always wanna come
inside and check it out. So we thought that we would
just put together a video. – An RV tour video. So welcome to our RV tour video. (Tara laughing) – Yes, and this is an RV tour of our 2018 Grand Design Momentum 397TH. – Mhmm. – Oh, that there? That’s an RV. – Probably should, maybe, tell you a little bit about the background of why we chose this one. – Oh, yeah. – We spent a year researching. We switched from which types of rigs, and once we narrowed down the type of rig, We went through all kinds
of different brands. We toured hundreds of RVs. – Hundreds, literally hundreds. We were fortunate that we lived in an area that we were close enough
to Lazy Days in general RV and even Camping World, that we could go tour RVs
whenever we got the urge. Which was a lot. (airplane engine revving) Holy crap, did you see that over there? It went (imitates airplane). – [Chad] Yeah. – Oh, my gosh. Well, that was something. – We’re near a base. (laughing) – That was scary. – Once we decided we wanted
to go with Grand Design, Lazy Days had a whole ton of ’em to tour all the different floor plans. – We actually special ordered this rig. For the simple fact that
we couldn’t find one that had everything that we wanted. One other important thing, because Grand Design had several models that we really liked, and we kept going back and forth on which was the best for us. – Yeah. – And I think that the
thing that you figured out, that really pushed us to this model. He did, he’s smart, he had a whole spreadsheet goin, it’s unbelievable.
– I did, I had crazy spreadsheets. – Is the fact that when
we put the slides in we can still get around. – Accessibility with the slides in, because if you’re traveling,
and you stop at a rest area, do you want to be able
to use your own bathroom? – Yes. – Do you want to be
able to make a sandwich? – Yes. – Do you want to be able to take a nap? – Yes.
– Maybe. So here we are RV tour addendum? Extension? – Well, we needed to wait until we were at a rest stop to show you this part. Come on in. But as you can see, we can get to the refrigerator, ’cause usually have lunch ready
to go, sitting right here, which I already did that today. – [Chad] Slide in. – We can get sodas, water,
whatever we may need we can get, and we can also very easily
get into the restroom to be able to use our own toilet instead of having to go
inside and deal with all that, so, if we really wanted
to stop and take a nap, we can do that as well. – When you get ready
to make your decision, – Do it.
– Tour one with all the slides in it.
– Absolutely. – Ask the dealer, hey let’s
put all the slides in, I wanna see what it looks like. – Yes. So, let’s get started. – So, yeah. – Well, I guess, welcome to our home. – Welcome to our RV tour, so come on, let’s take a look.
– This way! (inspiring music) – Business in the back,
party in the front. It’s exact opposite of a mullet. – 1976 called, it wants
its hairstyle back. – This particular rig has
two full bathrooms in it, so that means it’s got
two separate black tanks. – [Tara] Movin’ toilets, it’s good. – That parts good. Dumping two toilets black tanks, it’s you know, eh, I could do without it. I do use this to get on the roof as part of my departure checklist to check the roof out for any problems. We have two gas tanks, but this is a 30 gallon
tank for the generator, and a 30 gallon tank for toys, so we can use this to fill
up the motorcycle if we want, and it’s got a nice little pump and all that good stuff here. This is the, this and this,
we’ve got our rear black tank, because we have two full bathrooms and of course two toilets. This one handles the rear and the one I’m gonna show you
up front handles the front. – Don’t worry, I’ll get another hose. – This is just a dump for our fresh water if we wanted to dump any
of our fresh water out. So, this is what is
typically called a wet bay. The nice thing about this
is it has a Nautilus system, so all you gotta do is follow
one of these patterns here for whatever it is you want to do for your configuring your items here. Input for our fresh water, which will also fill our fresh water tank, and input for our auxiliary tank. We do have a 100 gallon fresh water tank and a 54 gallon auxiliary tank, so we can have up to 154
gallons of fresh water. As far as our gray and black tanks, we’ve got four of them. We’ve got two black, two
gray, each 52 gallons, so that equates to 104
gallons of gray water, 104 gallons of black water. We also have – [Tara] Filter. – Full, a filtration
system for the whole coach. This is the smaller side our – Basement.
– Storage area, our basement. And this is the Lippert auto-level system, which is really, really awesome. We’ve got six jacks. Two in the front, two in the
middle, and two in the back. But the nice thing about this is, once you get off the hitch, you hit auto-level, (imitates air flowing) and let it do it’s magic. We’ve got two 30 pound propane tanks. Coming around to the front here, and forgive the dirtiness here. EVAP 5500, or 5.5 kilowatt
generator, gas generator, that’s filled by the tank. It doesn’t come standard, but you can get it as an option. I put this battery box together. I’ve got four six volt Trojan T-105s, and those are charged by this inverter. Again, this is a custom
install that I did, separate video coming on that, also. But this allows us to run all of our AC appliances
off of the batteries. – [Tara] Oh, watch your head. – We do have a built-in connection
that comes standard for, if we wanted to just do a mobile external portable solar panel, we can put that in here. So, the nice and large basement. So you can see here, lot’s of room for storage, we’ve got plenty of extra room, we also do have central vac,
this is the central vacuum. (vacuum humming) One thing I didn’t talk about
on the wet base side was, it does have a hose connection. And you use your water
source to spray things down, there’s also a hose
connection on this side. – [Tara] Hey! (Chad laughs) – [Tara] You got me, you got me. I didn’t have an accident. Just for the future video
that we’re gonna do, he did that. – We have four total awnings on this guy. We’ve got an outdoor entertainment system. These speakers are connected
to the Rockford Fosgate system which we’ll show you inside. We did the dual pane window
upgrade on all of our windows. We haven’t had any bit of
problem with condensation. It’s supposed to help with noise, it’s supposed to help with
the thermal insulation. This is the rear entrance
for the garage/office which holds Lucille. – Bam! – And back here is the ramp/patio. This makes for our nice back deck when we wanna be able to sit outside, but not on the dirt like camping or something.
– Like real camping or something. – Why don’t you give us
a tour of the inside. – [Tara] Okay. – [Chad] Whoa, there she is! – So, this does not come standard with, – [Chad] That doesn’t come standard. – this doesn’t come
standard with the rigs, this comes from this little animal right here.
– Yeah, you. – Come on in! You obviously walk right
into the main living space, but what I think that
we should do is start, – [Chad] In the bedroom. – In the bedroom and
we’ll start from there. We call this the hallway. (laughs) Now this is where the magic happens. – Wah, wah.
– And by magic I mean sleep, ’cause, I loves to sleep. It’s really great for us to
still have a king size bed, ’cause that’s what we’re used to. Storage like that’s kinda standard and all of our big heavy winter coats and stuff are under here. One wonderful thing about this rig is, duh duh duh duh,
– Dun duh duh! It comes with a washer and dryer prep. That is one project that
I did not do myself, I had the dealership do that. – So one thing about
Fifth Wheels that I found that I liked a lot, is
how large the closets are. Compared to your closet at
home, it’s not big at all, but compared to other
RVs, it’s quite large. So, and it comes with one of my hairs. Hanging from the light.
– Whole rig is covered with nothin’ but your hairs.
– Yeah, it really does. It’s got a good amount of
space for hanging clothes. Yeah, that’s Chads, and the rest is mine. Behind here, you gotta
swim, you gotta dig. But there are four shelves. – [Chad] It really uses the
entire nose of this rig for, – Yeah, full disclosure, the house is usually
looks a lot more lived in than it does right now. But, I didn’t organize or
straighten up the cabinets, as you can see. Then we have, of course, the TV. Gotta have that. – [Chad] Gotta have the TV. – And the dresser drawers are, you know, they’re kinda
small, but it is what it is. – [Chad] A separate AC. We’ve got three AC units in this rig. One in the bedroom, one in the
middle and one in the garage. There’s us when we got married. – [Tara] Awe! Okay, so now moving into
the master bathroom, this is a really good
size bathroom for an RV, especially since we have
a second one in the back. We’ve got a really large shower. We have a lot of good
storage space in here, I mean it’s a mess, but it holds all my lotions
and potions and such, and then good cabinet space under here for all of my other
trinkets and beautification – Doodads and whatnot’s.
– Doodads and whatnot’s. And then this thing is
pretty deep, as well. And this is more of a big
medicine cabinet and storage. – [Chad] And there’s a toilet. – There’s the toilet. All right, moving on to
the main living area. So we have a table. It actually came with four chairs, but two of them are in storage because it is just a little too cramped. Speaking of storage, we got these little leather
ottoman storage cubes at Big Lots, good deal. Oh, and then under the chair
we have storage as well. We went with the theater seating and this is Daisy’s black silk
pillowcase/little doggy bed. These chairs are awesome. They’re very comfy, and
they have some options. So you can even put
the heat on, see, doop. You can massage. So, you can kick back, relax, watch a movie on this
large screen TV here. The fireplace, which I love now, Chad refaced it with this beautiful tile, so now it looks beautiful. It’s actually a functioning heater, so it’s not just for decorative purposes. You know, I think the grand design just made a really good use of space, adding these little benches
here for extra seating. So something else that
I love about this rig is this central vac
feature, because you know, I never really thought about it until we started livin’ this way, but you gotta sweep the
floors all the time. They’re always dirty. I mean, we live at campsites, so, it’s great you just – Dirt.
– It’s just, yes, so if you just wanna do a quick sweep and just kick it open.
(vacuum whirring) Let it in. Right here,
– Oh yeah I forgot about that. – Is the vacuum hose attachment, and the hose is long enough for me to be able to vacuum from, what do you say, nose to, – Nose to tail. – Nose to tail of this coach. And it goes right into the compartment that we showed you that
is in the basement. A lot of Fifth Wheels now have the island, and I love that. I need all the counter space I can get. It’s still not a lot, and it’s still a
challenge to cook in here, but I feel very lucky
that I have this space and the amenities in here that I do. I also like the dirty dish cover. – [Chad] Bam! – You can hide any kinda
dirty dishes that you want, and you put the cover on and
look, your house looks clean. Over here, we have a very large pantry. This was very key, it’s very messy, too, ’cause I didn’t think about it. Very deep shelving. And then we have another
big storage compartment, that’s the toilet paper and the– – [Chad] Toilet paper depository. – Look, check that out. I really haven’t missed any space as far as storage for the kitchen. This is for all the little
gadgets and stuff that you need, and then baking pans and baking sheets and stuff like that fit in there. And then what I love as
well about this kitchen is that I have an oven. I think that’s so awesome, we use it a lot as you can see, because it’s messy in there. A lot of frozen pizzas go in this thing. We got a lot more storage
on this side of the island. Let me move on to the refrigerator. Not residential style, but I don’t care. – [Chad] I actually prefer, – Yeah, because it runs off
of electric and propane. – [Chad] Yep. – So, we keep it gold
when we were traveling. And it holds quite a bit of stuff. And it holds beer and my box of wine. (both laughing) Do do do,
– The liquor cabinet. – The liquor cabinet, glass cabinet. And then this you’ll go
over in a moment, right? – [Chad] Mmhmm, I can do it right now. – [Tara] Okay, let’s do it. – The things that were in
here already were this, which is the Jenson stereo that goes with the
Rockford Fosgate system. We’ve got three separate zones that we can pump music to over Bluetooth. The other thing that
came stock with the unit was the LCI OneControl panel. This gets mixed reviews.
– Yeah. – It’s nice having everything in one spot, but it’s a little bit
cumbersome to engage it, have it boot up and get to your screen just to turn off a light. It’s nice because you’ve got everything all in one little panel here, but it also sucks because
you’ve got everything in one little panel here. It’s nice, for instance, to be able to go into lighting and turn everything on at once with all on, demo on, there’s
lots of neat controls here. We do have accent lighting above. – [Tara] Up above. – I can turn it up, I
can change the color. Awning control, monitor
panel so we can see all of our tank statuses, water heater has gas or electric. Other things that I’ve put in here, we’ve got our Progressive
Industries Hardwired 50 amp EMS. So I can see the status of our electricity and this also protects us from the plethora of
different electrical problems. We’ve got our inverter control panel that we’ll use when we’re boondocking to power our AC systems off of battery, and we’ve got the LPG, or L, whatever it is tank system here. So I can just push these and instantly see how
we’re doing on propane. And we got our subwoofer
control, that’s stock. That’s, you know, we keep it down here.
– Yeah, yeah. (imitating techno music) – Not a whole lot of
technical prowess here, but this is nice ’cause this comes out and then it can be rotated so we can put it like this, and then it’s at a nice
angle for watching TV or a movie from our theater seats. Everywhere we have a
TV, for the most part, we have an Apple TV,
which we use to stream. We’ve got our weather radio, (radio static) Weather radio for weather emergencies. Up here we’ve got what we call the attic. It’s actually a bunk, we put the curtains in front of it. And it’s just more
storage of lighter items. In both bathrooms and the kitchen, we have these really cool fans that you push one button
and it opens the vent and turns the fan on. (fan whirring) – So come this way, walk this way into the
garage/office/guest suit. When we travel, all of this gets, the carpet gets rolled up and everything gets strapped down and Lucille comes in. (inspiring music) (engine roaring) When we are parked and stationary, Chad sets this all up so that we have extra
living space back here, which is really nice to have. And he’s got a whole office back here. – [Chad And Tara] Boom. – [Chad] Bam. – (laughing) You’re such a dork. (Chad laughing) And here is something really cool. Toilet number two! – Yes.
– No pun intended. – It’s a full bath, I mean it’s tiny, but
there is a shower here. You know, we don’t use
this shower very often. – [Chad] It’s nice to have when great tank one is filled
up and we need a shower. – Yeah a quick Navy shower. – [Chad] Yeah, it does have
another little medicine cabinet. – [Tara] It does. – [Chad] Sink, toilet, shower. – So the cool thing about this whole space is that if we have guests, we really can make it into a guest suit, because, of course, we have the bathroom, but up here, as Chad’s gonna show you, is a queen size bed and
a couple of benches. – [Chad] And the TV. – [Tara] Oh, and the TV! – [Chad] As well as three AC’s, we have a heat pump in the center, we’ve got the furnace of course, which heats the whole rig. A fire place for heat, so we’ve got a couple of sources for AC, we got several sources for heat. We wanna stay comfortable
because we’re not campers. – [Tara] Right. – So we’ve got controls here
for some of the awnings. The side awning, the back
awning, how we get the bed down. – [Tara] Bed up, bed down. – Yeah, so this is
called a HappiJac system. Why, I don’t know. But these two operate independently, this was the only motorized section, and that one up there just
travels up and down with it. So, let me first get it set up in friends over for cards mode. – [Tara] Okay. – So, once these are down, (inspiring music) obviously this is bench mode. I’m not sure what we’re doin’. – Well I don’t know, we’re just
hangin’ out on the benches. – Put these up. To get this down,
– That is a bed. – Either you hire your eight foot friend, Shaq, to come over and hold it and lift it down for you, or, you’ve gotta put this back up. This room has many configurations, none of which are that easy to get to from another configuration. Where the heck did that come from? – [Tara] What is it? – A caterpillar. – Really?
– Yeah. Must have been on one of our legs. – Is it dead?
– No, it’s crawlin’ around, I’ll take it outside. No free rides, buddy. – [Tara] No free rides. – [Chad] You’re outta here. – [Tara] You gotta go back outside. – All you do to get the bed
down is you have this up, pull four pins, and then lower it down and the bed stops about this high, and we’ve got a ladder
to get in and out of it. – [Tara] Yeah, so. – We do have the bed made up and it is ready for our next visitor. – Yes, who wants to come stay with us? (both laughing) – So back here, we have
I think it’s called the Three Season Garage Doors because they convert from plastic to no plastic! (Tara laughing) And then screen. It’s, uh, – Tt’s plastic.
– It’s plastic, but it works, it’s functional.
– Yeah. – These do slide open. – [Tara] And this is where
the happy hours happen. – Yes, this is happy
hour central back here. – [Tara] Yes. – Out of the way completely so we can get Lucille in and out. Railing folds up very easily. So this opens up, these rails fold up. We usually just kinda
fold them out of the way when we’re sitting out here, just so we can have it open. – [Tara] Yeah. So that takes us to the end of the tour. – It’s over. – It’s all over.

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