cvdsfsfsdf heavily protected i i i i he’s not letting me get get his glue and quickly glue! glue! got it! i got the glue i’ve got the glue! oh the glue oh no oh His glue is like my magic wand. As soon as they get a taste, they want more. oh oh oh my shoe my shoe stuck in the glue no ahhhhhhh! he got me there’s only 3 glue’s left 3 glue’s left uhh uhh how did i grab a trash can? ahhh get the glue ahhh he’s not hey! the glue doesn’t work on him only my shoes get trapped in the glue why can’t that dude get trapped too (intro) (intro) what’s up? everygvteevers today were playing hello neighbor alphalpha 3 ALPHALPHA 3! alright we go where’s the popcorn? is that his train? i think so dude welcome to alphapha 3 im so exited about this ooohhhh ooohhhh is that us? wait move NOW WE CAN SEE US IN THE CAR YES! can we move we cant move that was us that’s our car daddy did you see that we can see ourselves in the car now? yeah now we could last time we was ghost’s yeah oh that’s our house? WOAH! OUR HOUSE GOT GIGANTICUS! ooooohhhhhhh my god (laughs) alright is there a check list this time there’s no check list this time because we know what we have do already hello? ooohhhhhhh what do we supposed to do? find the bed so we can sleep in it so that i think we should just go to our neighbor that way come on you play to the neighbor’s house want me to go? yeah dude ITS SO BIG! our neighbor’s has an upgrade alright let’s see hello? woah our neighbor’s house is gigantic! now oh woah what’s that noise? hello sir oh he’s got a dummy in the hallway what? hello? is he in there? wait what is this back here we have got some crazy go up stairs! dude i love this lamp! go up stairs is there shark here? dude it’s a jail cell throw that (lightning bold noises) im trying DUDE! there’s another upstairs oooh oooh lights lights let’s oooooohhhhh nooo nooo we need the lights turn the lights back on! there aww it’s locked! that’s shadow of the person woah who’s the neighbor who’s bangin’? dude we need another key (screams) dude come on it’s not turning oh oh no (screams) what is tis right here a jail cell what is this? oh it’s a money ooooohhhhh nooo! noo i just broke it wait can we still go on ghost mode here? let’s try nooo there’s no more ghost mode nooooooo they they they disabled the ghost woahhhh i hear him no no no no (screams) i chocked on a bubble in my neck! (screams in slow motion) (screams in slow motion) alright hold on what is that right there anything? alright no ok we dont need alarm clock dude! dont throw an alarm clock time will fly i dont want money! no in the game hello nelghbor i am the biggest fan of skylander i will see you lat you are back i will be friends evre hello its me why you sky what uhhhh scary i feel like pre alpha is better that this update ok gotta shut this door fast then maybe if we do it we have fun make a part 2 look its its a trap i do like the traps i like the new glue haaayyyyyyyyah we think that the key is inside the apple right there grab the apple grab it grab it ahhh catch me i dont care i still have my apple i dont care up here up here up here up here up here ok stay still ok wait up here up here up here up here ok we cant see anything though check this out right here where the lock door was in the beginning of the video where we got this i dont know why we need to pay attention to this it says if you want a key get an apple so we got an apple so now let’s see if it actually FART FART APPLE FART uhhh DOOF pledge to the apple close the door he’s gonna get me nooooo he’s stuck hahahaha there’s the lock let’s try apple and the lock no? that doesn’t work oh no it didn’t work its not the right apple nah he got unstuck what if were supposed to cook it oh yeah cook it is this still put the pot on put the pot on put the apple in the pot turn it on oh i just broke a window trying to make apple pie i know how to make apple pie you do? yeah you put right on the stove and apples what are you still doing here you should be a world cheif by now oh put the apple on the toaster pearless not even working apple alright for get the apple and the key thing it doesn’t work trying to get upstairs were trying to get back up stairs there’s something up stairs jump over here woah look there’s the out side so i jumped over here and it’s open right there jump jump yeah! we just parkoured over here alright now look here’s another another switch open open oh it opened that what’s this? should we leave this light on? what does this says this says 8 24 upside down shower magnet? house upside down? what? i dont speak that kind of language oh what’s this? oh that’s the outside we got a chair we got a clock another door ugh its locked its all locked its all locked woah FART! you should not open that no dont

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