Good And The Beautiful I  Six Chicks  I  🎨 Using Watercolor Brushes  I   Watercolor Tutorial

Good And The Beautiful I Six Chicks I 🎨 Using Watercolor Brushes I Watercolor Tutorial

– [Trace E.] We’re going
to learn how to make the Six Chicks from “The
Good and the Beautiful.” My teacher is gonna show you. – [Teacher] We’re going to
be working from Page 20, titled Six Chicks from the Creative Arts
& Crafts Projects book from The Good and Beautiful. All of the content is
copyrighted by Jenny Phillips. Parents, for more information, there’s a link in the description. This is not a sponsored video. For the items needed, you’ll want to use a watercolor paint set, a piece of white watercolor paper, a pointed paintbrush, a cup of water, paper towels, and a black marker. For easy cleanup, we’re going to use these
watercolor brush pens from Brookish & Lanky. For Step 1, you’re going to add water. If you’re using the watercolor brush pens, you just the color as you go, and dip that color into the water. For Step 2, Paint. Paint your first circle or oval in a small quarter-sized shape. If may have a smooth or bumpy border. Before each area of color dries, choose another color, and paint a smaller spot
inside of your first circle. To blend the two colors together, add a small drop of water, and gently blend with your brush. Remember to clean your brush
between each color change. If you’re using the watercolor brush pens, you’ll just change out your color. Put the top on the color
when you’re finished, so it doesn’t dry out. Repeat it five more times to a total of six different
colors across your paper, staggering the height of your
painted circles as you go, because there are all different
sizes and shapes of chicks. Paint triangle wings
on some of the circles as shown in this picture. Let the paint dry completely. It takes five to 10 minutes to dry. While the circles are drying, paint long, thin lines
across the bottom of the page in a criss-crossed
fashion to resemble hay, Then let it dry. For Step 3, Draw With A Black Marker. Draw tails and legs. When everything is completely dry, use your marker or your thin paintbrush to draw tails on the opposite side from where you would draw a beak. To make a tail, draw or paint two small lines
with swirls at the ends. Finally, draw two legs under each chick. All the legs should reach
the ground at the same place. Add two or three claws to each foot. Now we’re going to draw
the beaks and eyes. Draw a small beak and eyes
for each of your chicks. If your chick has two wings
on the sides of the circle, the face goes in front. If your chick has one wing
in the center of the chick, the face goes on the side. Outline the border. Use the black marker to
outline your colored circles. Don’t press too hard. Remember to outline the wings
on the chicks that have them. Step 4: Paint Beaks. – [Trace E.] We get to pain them orange! – [Teacher] That’s right. We’re gonna paint them orange. Dab a tiny dot of orange
paint inside each beak. If you use too much, use your paper towel to
soak up the extra paint. And there you have it. The six chicks. – [Trace E.] I like making the chicks. I like making the circles. If you want to follow along, we’re going to do more art lessons. Subscribe and click here to
see art lessons we’ve done, and we did plays, and we dress up like
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