Good and Beautiful  ๐ŸŽจ Ton Schulten: Colorful Grid Landscape ๐ŸŽจ Using Watercolor Brush Pens

Good and Beautiful ๐ŸŽจ Ton Schulten: Colorful Grid Landscape ๐ŸŽจ Using Watercolor Brush Pens

– [Page] We’re going to learn how to paint the colorful grid
landscape by Ton Schulten. My teacher’s gonna show you. – [Teacher] Thank you, Page. For this painting, we’re gonna use the “Creative
Arts & Crafts Projects” book from The Good and the Beautiful. All of the content created in this video is created by Jenny Phillips. Parents, for more information, there’s a link in the description. (whimsical chiming) This is not a sponsored video. – [Page] We just like the project. – [Teacher] Our colorful
grid landscape painting is inspired by artist Ton Schulten. Ton Schulten is an artist
who lives in the Netherlands. He mainly paints landscapes of buildings using bright blocks of
colors and flat shapes. For this project, you’ll create a Ton
Schulten-style painting. On page 34 of the “Creative
Arts & Crafts Projects” book, you’re gonna find a list of the items that you’re gonna need
to create this painting. We’re going to use these
watercolor brush pens from Brookish & Lanky,
a pencil, and an eraser. A white sheet of watercolor
paper and a cup of water. We’re going to be using the brush pens because they’re easy to
use, easy to clean up, and easy to see the colors
that we want to paint with. For step one, draw the grid. Using your pencil, lightly draw three horizontal
lines and three vertical lines on your nine by 12 watercolor paper. The lines don’t have to
be perfectly straight. In fact, if they’re a little
bit wavy or slightly diagonal, it’ll make your picture more interesting. For step two, paint the grid. Using your watercolors, you’re gonna paint the grid
shapes in bright colors. You may use a color more than once. Just don’t put the same
color side by side. This will make the colors stand out. (lighthearted music) For step three, paint the buildings. If you’re using the brush pens, you’re just gonna use the black pen. Using your brush, you’re gonna begin painting
the first building. Do this by going to the second column and painting an outline around
the bottom three blocks. After that, paint a roof
shape on top of the building. You can paint a triangle, a
half circle, or a trapezoid. Here’s an example. Try to copy what you see. Next, paint the outline and
roof of the second building on the third column over. Do this by painting an outline
around the bottom two blocks. And then adding a roof
shape on top of that. You can paint a triangle, a
half circle, or a trapezoid. For step four, paint three tree shapes. Notice the trees are
very simplified shapes. The trees almost look like lollipops. In the first column, paint a
circle in the second box up. Next, paint the thin
outline of the tree trunk under the circle. In the fourth column, paint
two more lollipop trees. (whimsical music) For step five, we’re
gonna paint the details. Paint the details of
the windows and doors. Copy the example or paint
the windows and doors in your own creative way. And that’s it, you’re finished. You’ve created your own
colorful grid landscape just like Ton Schulten. – [Page] I like all the colors. Well, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Click here to subscribe to our channel. Also, we do more art lessons. And you can see our plays
where we tell stories, like from the Aesop’s Fables. It’s a lot of fun, check us out. See you next time.

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