– Welcome I’m Adam Bazalgette, two-time PGA Teacher of
the Year award winner, and founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today we’re gonna talk about
the shanks, stay tuned. Well hey the shanks aren’t
a fun subject for sure but they can cause a lot of problems both mentally and physically in your golf. Gonna show you today
something interesting, a lotta people hit shanks and
don’t even know they do it Which of course makes it a lot less likely they can change it. Now if you like this video
please subscribe to the channel we’ve got lots of free content for ya Let’s get started. Now did you see that
ball roll dead straight but roll nonetheless? That was actually a significant shank, That and many other kind
of outcomes can vary just according to just where you hit it on the hosel so a lot of
people don’t even realize they’ve shanked it when they’ve done that lemme show you a close up
and you’ll see what I mean. So we’re all familiar
with the classic shank it’s partly on the club face partly on that rounded inside corner of the ball and of course you get the
classic shank outcome, that 45 degree type of shot. Even if you don’t have
a lot of golf knowledge if you’ve been around
you’ll know right away it was a shank, but what about these
slightly more subtle ones? What let’s say if you hit it directly on the heel like that,
listen there’s no loft there you’re gonna get a very
thuddy, un-solid, stingy kind of a hit, but it’s
pretty much gonna roll relatively straight forward. Quite a bit shorter
with less energy likely than a true top that’s off
the middle of the club face or a true thin shot like that, so you could get that
outcome, that’s the difference of just a fraction of an inch really, you could get a shot that you
hit mostly on the club face and barely touch the hosel
and you’ll get decent height, certainly well short of normal distance but it will be a, almost like a big slice believe me though that it
is a very big possibility a lot of people do that, it’s not likely you’d
open the club face so much to just start the ball
significantly right. Worse yet of course if
you get on the other side of the equator with the center
of the hosel even just a bit, balls gonna start to top and go this way I’ve seen shots, and you probably have too where people must have hit it here and the ball will literally ricochet back towards their lead leg there, so a little bit of difference
in here can cause a great deal of difference depending
on exactly what side of the front of that hosel you hit it and some of these, as I
say are pretty difficult to detect ’cause they don’t
look like a classic shank. Lemme just tell you something
here and I say this a lot but the brain is incredible
with the adjustments it can make and the ways it can fix things and compensate, just incredible. But believe me if you don’t
know something’s happening in other words if there’s
no clear feedback, that mechanisms pretty much shut off so you’ve got to know that these things are happening to you, and as I’ve showed you
it’s not always that easy from ball flight to tell. So let’s have a look here
and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna place a second ball a little bit beyond the toe
assuming I made solid contact with the original ball, if you don’t wanna do a second ball you could just jab a
tee in the ground there, what happens obviously if
I don’t touch that ball I know I didn’t shank it. If I hit it somewhat in the heel or near the shank I will
barely tick this ball and roll it over there, if I come in here and slam into both balls I know it was a major league
hosel shot or shank shot, so this is probably what
you don’t want to see. You do that you’re in the
serious shanking category there. Okay so now let’s just say it’s true that there are all
kinds of different flaws that can lead to shanks, some coming out, some coming in, so there’s some real
things to consider there, and at my website we offer courses in all parts of the game including an entire course on shanking and all these sort of problems but let’s confine our discussion today to two things, one diagnosing the shank and what kind of a shank you hit, which we’ve just talked about there with the close up and the two ball drill, and the other, at least
how you can use this genius of the brain to start
making some compensations without necessarily a lot
of technical knowledge. And here’s what I would do, this is a real foundational
premise to making changes in anything in your golf swing, and that is, whether it be
club face angle at impact, or what not swing plane, always start by playfully making a
significant adjustment and then come in and make the adjustments more refined and more small, one of the things that gives people a ton of tension when
they’re trying to fix a shank is they’re okay, they’re inch
or two off center on contact not that big a difference,
a meaningful difference, but what they wanna do is they then wanna to hit a perfectly solid shot and it’s too, it’s too
restricting mentally it puts too much pressure on you, do something significantly
different make a big difference get some relaxation and confidence back and then you can make the
difference a small one. So here’s a little drill
I would suggest for you here’s a golf ball I’m gonna swing at, I’m gonna place a ball, as
I did earlier in the video on that side of it, little more space there, except in this case what I’m gonna do I’m gonna set up to the outside ball and I’m simply gonna make a
swing and use my intuition to make the best contact I
can with the inside ball. So let’s try that, reasonably solid shot there, now you may say how’d you do that, move the club about this far
in the middle of the swing? I don’t know how I did it,
it’s not that difficult I know you can do it too. So I say what this fosters is a sense of hey I’m not out of control with my body I can do something different, you’d be amazed how easily and quickly you can go over and find that other ball even if you don’t hit it dead flush, which of course would
be a quantum adjustment from hitting the shank, it’ll give you a little bit of confidence, it’ll give you a little sense of hey I can work this out, and again it gives you a chance to feel something significantly different not slightly different and from there you can make some progress. Well I hope you found that helpful, again would love to have
you subscribe to the channel we got a lot of free content planned to be bringing a lot more your way’s my website got all kinds of material there for you, complete courses in every
category of the game that I hope you’ll take advantage of, thanks again for your time I
hope this video helped you.


  1. I like the subjects you choose and your teaching style. Looking forward to your instruction on greenside bunkers. I've suddenly lost my way in them after years of pretty good bunker play for a recreational golfer. Lots of meat in your vids!

  2. my problem is I hit the ball very close to the hosel ….not a shank but I am losing distance …I try and try but to no avail …my face tape proves that I make contact very near the hosel 90% of the time …any help would be appreciated !!

  3. Hi Adam i was of 9 at one time..Now i swear i am struggling to break 200.. 100 yards from the green in 1 i still could lose the ball or picking it up, I am 55 and i can still hit it long of the tee for my age.. I have tried the 2 balls even a brick i hit everything, even when i try to miss it i still hit both things..Any help how to miss both balls..HELP..

  4. Ya. If the second ball moves, you've shanked it. What a joke this dude is. The ball flying right isn't proof enough. No genius here.

  5. Great video Adam. I enjoy all your videos. For a beginner golfer, these videos are a tremendous help. Keep up the good work.

  6. I enjoy your instructions on every aspect of playing golf. Would you do an instruction on a downhill lie and an uphill lie.

  7. I carry a hybrid with very little offset that I can hit 175-180……If I get the shanks I just use the hybrid twice on par 4's…..the scorecard doesn't care how you get a par…

  8. It dawned on me that I might be swinging too inside when I shank it. At the range I laid down a club just outside a ball pointing at the target. I took the club straight back low and slow, trying to follow the guide while turning my shoulders. Didn't shank a one!

  9. I hit 2 buckets of shanks continuously today! It was embarrassing but I was so dogged that I set it right and hit 5 more buckets perfect!

  10. Hi Adam, im a scratch golf academy member and i developed the dreaded "S"… i tried this drill at the driving range….absolutely awesome worked immediately…Thanks Adam

  11. Something I've done that I can do on the course is to actually line the ball up on the hosel at address. My only swing thought is to "hit the ball on the toe of the club". I pure it every time. It's amazing.

  12. I get shanks when under pressure so now when am on a good round I try to shank it and it just doesn't happen why this works I haven't a clue

  13. Early extension,straightening my Rt arm too soon (bringing the hosel out to the ball) coming OTT with my Rt shoulder and a weak grip tend to be the biggest culprits that cause my shanks. This 2 ball drill is popular, but I wonder if it addresses the root cause?

  14. It is always a shock when I shank. I hit a good drive, a nice second shot and then wham, off to the right. Its inexplicable.

  15. maybe teacher of the year but not very good at curing the shank. I've found moving the ball back in my stance and keeping weight off my toes helped mine.

  16. Been playing golf for a while. Developed the shanks a couple of months ago for the first time. I practiced this and immediately cured it. First couple of swings at the inner ball was freaky but clicked quickly. Great help. THANK YOU!!

  17. Thank you so much this has made me feel more confidant about next time I'll be able to do this trick my dad never thought of this today

  18. I think that is the response many pga tour pros would honestly give if you asked them to give you detail as to how they hit such a good shot. “I don’t know how I did it, it’s not that hard…” 😂

  19. When he sets up two balls and hits the inside ball, is he telling us to take the downswing slightly inside the backswing? That is what I tried and it is the best cure for the shank I have yet to find. I wish some of these pros (I paid $50 for a half an hour) understood that all I needed to do was take the downswing a slightly inside. Sometimes I still lose distance by hitting close to the hosel but the shanks are dramatically reduced.

  20. I finally found the cause of my heel shots and shanks mostly with wedges and short irons. I tried everything I could find to cure this. Nothing worked to actually fix it. I stood farther away, closer to the ball, placed an object (box, head cover, another ball) outside the ball. Tried to hit off the toe, couldn't do it! The fix for me? Club shaft angle at address. My club shaft plane at address was too flat. When I raised it so the handle pointed above my belt I now hit the sweet spot consistently and can now hit toward the toe of the club. I haven't seen any so called expert instructors mention this as a cause.

  21. Sucks I hate the shanks I was going 4 under after 13 holes finished the round with an 81🤬🤬🤬 all my irons and wedges were off the hosel I was so pissed I broke my 60 wedge smh!! I’ll get them from time to time like a disease hopefully this helps!!

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