Golden Gummy Challenge, Dippin’ Dots Pop Rocks, Spicy Beef Jerky, & Bean Bags | A.T. #125

Golden Gummy Challenge, Dippin’ Dots Pop Rocks, Spicy Beef Jerky, & Bean Bags | A.T. #125

This is the show where
I tell you about all of the new stuff at Vat19. Stick around, we’re doing
a golden gummy challenge. Team Jamie. Welcome to episode
125 of Awesome Time. As always, remember to subscribe
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that’s how you get a coupon off your next order. Two announcements before
we get into the products. One, you got to check out
this video from Matthias, he reviewed six of our products. Really fun video, really
detailed and in-depth. You’re gonna want to check
that out, lot of cool products that you might not be aware of. Second announcement
is, we’d really love to get this one video
of ours to 100 million views. We’re close, we’re at like
97 or 98 million views. It’s for Sand, kinetic
sand from Brookstone. It’s a really fun video, came
out a couple of years ago, and it’s like right
there at 100 million. And it would be our first video
to get 100 million views, which I think is really cool. Go watch it like 10
or 50 or 100 times, and we’ll get there right away. All right, let’s get
into the product. Eric says I don’t have enough
energy already, so bring it in. This is Dippin’
Dots popping candy. It’s like popping-esque candy. Right, so what you get is
this box full of 20 packets. It comes with three
different flavors. You’ve got rainbow ice,
you’ve got banana split, and mint chocolate. All right, do a little
bit of rainbow ice. It’s sweet, and then
you start chewing it, get that nice crunch going. Hear the popping? Sorry Eric. Rainbow ice tastes kind
of like a rainbow sherbet that you might get
at Baskin-Robbins. It’s kind of got that
cool flavor to it. Banana split, let’s
see how banana-y it is. It’s got to have like,
banana and chocolate and vanilla in there. Oh that’s really good. Really taste the banana. Oh, that one’s really popping. Yummy. Mint chocolate. Just like mint
chocolate Dippin’ Dots. So good. It’s so crunchy. As you chew and crunch,
it starts popping. Each of these are
individually awesome, so if I eat them all
at the same time, It should be like
three times as awesome. Oh boy. It’s a flavor explosion. It’s hard to detect
anything, I think the rainbow ice is
dominating the other flavors, or maybe I just
got more of that. Either way, they’re
individually good, and all together,
you can’t go wrong. Get yourself some Dippin’
Dots Popping Candy, you get all 20 packets. You can share with your friends,
or eat them all yourself, in front of Eric,
because you hate Eric. They know I don’t mean that. All right, next up, it’s
glass, but throw it in anyways. Oh, got it. This is the Grecian Puzzle. You’ve got to get this little
wooden ball out of there, you got to unscrew
the nut from the bolt, and get this metal pin
out of here, in order to free everything. I’m not quite sure how
you get that out of there. If you are able to
get all of this out, you’re supposed to put it back
together in there somehow. Which is crazy. So, the Grecian puzzle is
not this week’s Golden Gummy Challenge. You thought it was, but
we’ve got something better for the golden gummy challenge. I’m going to go ahead and
try to solve this thing myself for a little bit. So all right, so I got
to think that the ball is the key to undoing the– yeah, the ball’s always the key,
keep your eye on the ball, son. You’re really helpful, there. Could be here a while folks,
settle in, go get some popcorn. We can edit it, Eric. They don’t have to
watch it in real time. Cameron, roll this in real
time, maybe just speed it up. Lefty loosie, righty
tighty, Jamie dummy. That’s not a saying. Let’s get that trending
in the comments. Yeah, you give it a try. You have to put down your
beer to give it a try. You’re getting paid
millions to do this, I just paid for the
admission to watch you do it. I’m sure you guys at home might
have a little bit more success with this than I would have. Did you not even get one thing? There were like three things
you said you had to get. All right, buy the Grecian
Bottle now, at And we can get this
guy out of here? This is the large
jelly fish lamp. You know what, let’s
just kind of dim the lights, get the mood
right, turn this thing on, and show you how awesome it is. Engage jellyfish. I’m going to kind of leave
it on green for a bit, because that color strobes
the least on our camera. But it can do a whole
bunch of different colors, that you can select. Or you can have it in
auto rotating mode. These aren’t real jellyfish, for
those of you who are wondering. They are just life-like. Just fill this sucker up with
water, plug it into the wall, and you’ve got this really cool
hypnotic jellyfish aquarium. For those of you
who are super fans, you’ll know that we also
sell a small jellyfish lamp. This is a small
one, really cool. So now you got two choices. All right, that’s the large
jellyfish lamp, but it now, Who are you going to call? Ghost pepper beef jerky. Don’t give me that look. This is ghost pepper beef jerky. It’s exactly what
it sounds like. Delicious beef jerky that’s
been seasoned with ghost pepper. This stuff is made in the
USA and it smells amazing. That’s pretty spicy,
that wasn’t a big bite. Delicious beef jerky. All beef jerky is pretty good,
but it’s pretty darn delicious. If you like spicy stuff,
this is fantastic. It’s not going to knock you
out, but it’s definitely bringing the heat. You know what, one more little
piece for the road here. It’s four ounces, so it’s a
good amount of beef jerky. Buy yours now,, it’s tasty. Next up, perfect for
summer, is Bean Bag Bucketz. It’s an awesome bean
bag tossing lawn game. Two plus players or teams. The different buckets are
worth different point values depending on how big they
are, the smaller buckets are worth the most points. It also collapses
down for portability. Let’s see if I can get
some four-pointers. Nope. OK, I’m missing
right a little bit. Yep, definitely,
definitely, missing right. Come on. Hey, I got a two-point. So Bean Bag Bucketz is not
this episode’s Golden Gummy Challenge. I know, it’d make
a ton of sense. I’m going to go take this
around the Vat19 offices and challenge someone
to a quick game, and see if we can have some fun. All right we’re going
to head into the studio, see if I can find
someone to challenge to a quick game of
Bean Bag Bucketz. Darkness. No wait, I found one. Here we go. I challenge thee to a
game of Bean Bag Bucketz. Yeah I’ll play B3. Upsy-daisey. Ooh. He’s two for two. What? And now I’m going to
miss every single one. We’re getting into his head. You’re not going to
move around, huh? Oh. Yeah, 11. 11 points. OK. Oh, you’re on a roll. Da. Ooh. Uh-oh, down this last one? This is it. Oh. All right, Danny wins. Danny wins. That was well-played. Good game, good game. Close game. All right, back to Awesome Time. How do you feel about
your victory today? You know, it was a team effort. No it wasn’t. Everybody on the team. Nobody– you were
just one person. OK, so it was just
me, so I did great. OK. OK, well, that was a lot of fun. Pick up your set of Bean Bag
Bucketz now, at Put it here, Kara. All right, this is
the Guzzle Buddy. This is probably the
most useful product that I’m going to be
showing you today. This is the Guzzle Buddy, it’s
a wine stopper, wine bottle stopper, with a
glass on the top. So you can drink
straight from the bottle. Got a little 2008
Crane Lake here, and you just put this
into the top, like so. You know, why go through
all the effort of pouring individual glasses, when
you know you’re just going to drink the whole thing. Take sips right from the bottle. And I know what you
might be thinking, like, do I actually need this,
couldn’t I just pull right from the bottle? You could, but that wouldn’t
be as classy as this is. Those of you who drink wine
know no I’m talking about. This is legit. This is the jam, right here. This is a perfect
gift for a friend, and I think it goes
without saying, that the Guzzle Buddy this
episode’s Golden Gummy Challenge. Come on in here, Eric. Am I your Guzzle Buddy? That sounds weird. We’re Guzzle Buddies. The challenge is, who can drink
their bottle the quickest, while also spilling the least. Elegant. So Kara, the Golden
Gummy commissioner is gonna decide who wins. I need a little wipe
down, I’m a little worried about this
little drip here. Commish, can I have
a wipe down, please? Are you OK, now? You got this. I’m good. OK. Three, two, one, go. [COUGHING] I can’t stop burping. [BURPING] Are you giving up? Yeah, I’m not going to keep
drinking after you already did it? [BURPING] Oh my gosh. Oh yeah, that wasn’t real wine. That was just food-colored
water, yeah, we couldn’t just– it’s 10:20 in the morning,
so, what is today? Wednesday. That’d make for
quite the Wednesday. Bring it in, yes. Where’s my plaque
from season one? Still in the mail,
bro, still in the mail. Oh, yeah. You ready for your
punishment, Eric? Oh, yes, yes I am. Loser enjoys some dog beer
from the Guzzle Buddy. Oh, good. Yummy. I had the cat wine
voluntarily, but I don’t know why this seems worse. It’s plenty good for dogs. [RETCHING] Dogs love it though. It’s a weird taste. It’s sweet. [LAUGHING] Drink some more. It’s getting better,
I’m getting used to it. Get out of here,
Eric, get out of here. All right, yeah, baby, yeah. All right, time
for some fan art. Thank you all so
much for the fan art, can’t wait to put
it up on the wall. If you want to send in your own
fan art, here is our address. And you can see it on a future
episode of Awesome Time. I think it’s about time
to wrap this episode up. As always, thanks for watching. But don’t forget to check
out the videos around me. Awesome stuff to check out. And follow us on social media,
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. We do weekly
giveaways, so there’s no reason not to follow. Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing, and
we’ll see you next time, bye.

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