Goddess Braids Pinwheel Bun: Under Braid Hairstyles for Black Women Tutorial Part 3

Welcome to step number three of the goddess
braids hairstyle it in this that I will show you how to style your goddess braids you can
be as creative as you want with your hairstyle you can put all of your braids into a bun
you can put them into twists or you can leave them hanging as is but I will show you a very
cute and simple way you can style your braids by twisting the ends and pending the ends
to your head with Bobby pins so now I’m going to demonstrate a very quick and easy hairstyle
you can do with your goddess braids to begin you going to locate the bottom of your braid
wrap around your fingers twice when you do that you will form a little knot and then
you will roll the braids of pinwheels and pin them to the back of your head so to begin
am going to start out with my first braid here to locate the end and wrap around my
fingers twice was a wrapped around twice am going to pull the end of the braid through
the opening of the braid at the bottom to form an knot once you do that there’s going
to be a little bit of hair that sticks out so all you need to do is lie down flat and
then continue to roll the and of so by rolling actually forming pinwheel make sure you rolling
it very tightly so that there’s no gaps or holes inside of the braid and as you roll
it up you want to pick a place where you want to put the braid and then you are going to
pin with bobby pins so I am going to place the braid here and then you want to make sure
you use the left or right hand whichever you’re comfortable with you want to hold the center
of that pinwheels so that it doesn’t unravel you are going to grab bobby pins in your going
to pin them along the entire edge of the swirled braid you formed when sliding in your body
pins make sure to go very flat on top of your scalp because if you go and angle you could
hurt your scalp or stab your scalp with your pins so once you put your pin for your braid
going to slide it very flatly inside of your goddess braids you just enough pins to make sure that the
entire base of your pinwheel is very flat your head and there’s not any wiggle room
so one more hair to the side and then what you going to do is pin about
two or three pins here around the center of the pinwheel so that it doesn’t unravel so know there’s your first section and I
am going to demonstrate again as I continue to do my braids so I am going to move on to
the second braid here and grab the bottom of the braid wrap around my fingers twice
and then pull the end into the opening of the braid to create a little knot take the
tail end lie it flat against the braid and then continue to roll the knot against the
braid itself making sure is very flat you want to roll it all the way up the length
of your braid then you will find a spot to position it in place an you can overlap the
pinwheels if you want is totally your choice if you ever feel a bobby pin poking your scalp
make sure to take the Bobby pin back out because cause more irritation if you leave it in so
if you notice that its started poke you a little bit just grab your pin pull back out
you slide it in a better angle to make sure we slide in that it’s a very flat against
the braid itself some night going to continue pin wheeling the rest of your braids to complete
your look so as you can see it’s very quick and easy
to style your goddess braids you could simply follow my instructions by pin wheeling each
of your braids and pinning them to the back of your head with open bobby pins and as always
you can do whatever you want with your hairstyle you can wear all of your braids down you can
put them into a ponytail you can even put your braids into a twist or bun so now that
you’ve styled your braids in the next step, step number four I will show you the finish
result to the goddess braids hairstyle

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