glycerin 101 for crafters!

glycerin 101 for crafters!

Glycerine, huh? What is it good for?
Absolutely everything in the craft room. Yeah alright, I have to apologize to
Motown for that little episode, but I wanted to tell you all about glycerine
because it’s quite fabulous, and I get asked all the time about the uses for
glycerine, and last week during Ask A Crafter, I think it was Elaine
left a comment saying “could you please list everything that I can use glycerine for. I bought it because you’re always talking about it, but now I can’t
remember what it was used for, so here it is. I’m doing it today and I will link to
videos in the video description. Also if it says “about”
under the video and then it says show more, you click on that, you see all the
goodness that I’ve typed up under my videos, and for those of you that are
looking at me like I have two heads because they don’t see that you’re
probably watching the video either on my blog or on Pinterest or on Google+, so if
you’re watching the video somewhere else click on the little logo I think it’s
right about there this says YouTube or maybe it’s on the other side of the
screen. That will take you to the YouTube watch page and then you’ll have all the
information and other people’s comments, so if susie-q from Kalamazoo says I use
glycerin for this, you’ll see her comment, and you’ll find something else you can
use it for, too. So yeah leave a comment if you have another use for glycerin,
because everyone would love to hear about it. Alright so I’ve
made a list, look at that you get a list, I’m not just talking out of
my butt here, the first thing that I use this for would be to re-ink
my embossing ink pad, and what I do is I buy it like this at the health food
store, it’s about $6.50 and 16 ounces, and so I pour it into a little like
infant Tylenol bottle that I’ve washed. It’s got a dropper on it which is really
handy because I’m not trying to pour out of the big opening ,so you want to put it
into something small that’s easy to handle or use a little pipette or
eyedropper to get it out of the big bottle. I would still put in another jar,
so you don’t contaminate the big bottle If something happens. Alright so then
what I do to re-ink my embossing pad there is I just squeeze it on there, and
usually I’ll use it straight, you might add just a little bit of water to it, but
generally it’s gonna work pretty good straight, every once a while I have to
wash out this pad, though, so it’s kind of damp all the time,
because I have the tendency to spill embossing powder and get it on my pad,
then I have to wash it off, and then I just add some straight glycerine so
you might want to add a little water to it. The other thing that’s really great
is that you can make your own pigment inks with glycerin and gouache paint,
which is an opaque watercolor, and I will add the link to that video right
underneath there, so make your own pigment ink with it. It’s great, you can
make your own ink refresher for dye based ink, so what this is basically is
about a tablespoon of glycerin in here, and 4 ounces of water 3 or 4 ounces
of water, shake it up, spray your ink pads, this works better than just spraying
with water because when you spray with water, you kind of just thin it down and
make it runny. The glycerin helps thicken the water and keep it moist, so as the
water evaporates it still get a little bit of moisture in there, and it just
helps the stamp pad remain juicy. This is for when your stamp pad is dried
up, not when it’s worn. Not when you’ve used up the ink, it’s kind of like you’ve
left the lid off and the ink is still in there, but it’s just kind of dry,
this will moisten it and it’s for dye based ink. I’ll type that recipe out
too. that’s not too difficult. Let’s see what else do I have in here? Oh
refill your blender pens. So what you want to do is take an equal mix of
glycerin and water, put in a like a little baby food jar, and then you can
uncap your pen just stick it in there and let it wake up, or you can use pliers
and yank the top of this right off, and you know, just use an eyedropper to drop
in the fluid in the middle and lie on its side for overnight and then it’ll be
good to go. I love these Stampin Up blender pens
because the ends stay nice and pointy. I’ve had these for probably about eight
years and the ends are still nice and pointy there, they work great. Let’s
see. Oh you can also use a glycerin to make
your own permanent gelatin printmaking plate, kind of like the expensive ones
that are sold in the art supply stores. I do have a video on that. and I will put a
link below, or maybe a link in the air, whooo, air links, annotations as they’re
called in YouTube lingo, so maybe you can click the screen somewhere, if I got my
eye together, or otherwise the link will be down below. But basically it’s
glycerin, water and gelatin and you make a fabulous gelatin printmaking plate. I
had used it with alcohol too, but the alcohol made the plate shrink up too
much, and the reason this works to turn gelatin into a
permanent gelatin plate is because it stretches out the hydrocarbons in the
gelatin and turns it into a plastic and really doesn’t make it act
any different, but when bacteria come along looking for their snack
they don’t recognize it as food, so it plasticizers it, it’s kind of really cool
and sciency wiency and everything and, I paid attention when I took my the Boy
Scouts to the the University and we met a scientist. I paid attention I learned
about plasticizing things. I’m a mad scienist of the crafty variety.
All right. Oh, if you’re an acrylic
painter, if you add a few drops of glycerin into your rinse water for your
acrylic paint, you will have a longer open time when you’re painting, which
means you can shade a lot better, you can blend a lot better, it makes your water
wetter basically, so a couple drops of this in your rinse water will be
fabulous for acrylic painters. All right so the other thing I want to show you,
because I did get a question on my blog about watercolor, and a lady had bought
some student grade watercolor paints and then she squirted them in her palette let
him dry like I suggested, but then they got all cracked and crumbly like that, so
she was gonna throw it out and try again. Ans I said “Wait! No no no, don’t do that”. What you
want to do is you want to add glycerin to your watercolor paint if it’s the
lower quality student brand, the higher quality stuff has it in it already or
honey in it, one of those two- glycerin is basically like a water soluble oil,
it’s very slick and oily but it’s water soluble, so that’s why it works so
fabulously in all these craft supplies. It doesn’t stain your paper like an oil
would. It can be mixed with water media, it makes your water wetter, it
just it helps your markers glide across the paper. In fact, I have another
video I’m going to link to, this is how to re-ink your marker so you can use it,
also for information on re-inking your blender pens, but it’s also how to make
ink for your markers, your water-based markers, and re-ink them so you don’t
have to go and buy a new one, as long as your tips are good, okay? So if you have a
palette that looks like this, what you want to do, you can just drop a little
bit of glycerin in there, this one’s not too bad, this blue one’s pretty good, I just put
a few drops of glycerin in there and let it soak in and that’s going to keep that paint moist, but if you’ve got a bunch of really
crinkly bought crinkly parts just squeeze a little paint into the
palette, it’ll help kind of glue all the other paint together, and then just put
in, I’ll show you here, just put a drop of glycerin right in there, just a drop or
two, don’t go too crazy, but it’s gonna help keep everything moist in there, and
make the paint ready to go when you are. This was my daughter’s watercolor paints
so she’s at the student grade paints, but they’ll work just as well, just a
little bit of glycerin will help it perform more like an artist grade, so
there you have it, a big ole list of what you can do with glycerin in seven
minutes. Awesome! Oh, and, you like my my wrap? I showed you how to make
that yesterday. I’ll put a link to that too, cuz I’m just link happy today. I
guess, I don’t know, I should be cleaning in my house. I’ve tooking, tooking a break from house cleaning. I think I need to take a break
from video making, cuz apparently I’ve forgotten how to speak, but there you
have it, glycerin, all wrapped up into one video. Thank you very much for watching!
Thumbs up and subscribe if you like this video. Leave a comment if you have any
questions or any other suggestions for glycerine, and until next time, happy

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