100 thoughts on “Glitter Tumbler Tutorial – Epoxy + Loctite Method – Full Process Start to Finish!

  1. I was wondering if The effect will be the same if I use polycrylic in half gallon and paint it with brush instead of using aerosol? Did you try it already?

  2. I absolutely LOVE your videos/blog! I am new at crafting and your videos have been extremely helpful! Thank you soooo much!

  3. Love your videos! thanks for keeping it simple. Question: is there a way to make a painted tumbler (ex. Spray paint) but sealed with a matte non glossy finish?

  4. I was hoping to make and sell but this is such a long process not sure what I would need to charge customers. However, definitely would make for family and friends as gifts. Thank you,

  5. Why does the cup have to be stainless steel? Why can’t it be a store bought colored tumbler?
    Also what type of vinyl do you use to make the decals? I’ve only done shirts with heat transfer so I’m not sure what other types are out there.

  6. Hello. I made my first steel tumbler. However. Mixing the resin…not so good. It got HOT and HARDENED FAST!!! I did not even get to mix them the way you did separately for 1 min each and then mix them together and stir for a total of 3 mins and it was hard! I was left with 1 min 42 sec left and it was WHITE HARD and HOT…. Did it twice.. and it did the same thing and there are NO precautions on my Amazing Casting Resin box about this Part A and B getting HOT…

  7. thanks…. really fun and groovy presentation.. well done..
    Something everyone should know is that all stainless steel is from China, unless it specifically says "made in USA"… and China uses a lot of crappy bi-product metals including lead in their stainless steel,, which will leech into liquids in the cups.. a couple uses shouldn't be a problem but they have an accumulative heavy metal poisoning if you use them all the time..

  8. I wanna start making cups for my fam .. what cricut machine do u recommend and what video do u recommend me watching if its my first time doing this .. if i am a beginner.

  9. Does it matter if you have a colored Yeti, for example, do you need to try to get the covering off so that it becomes stainless steel?

  10. Is there an alternative to the minwax polyacrylic finish? I can’t find it anywhere except amazon and it’s $18

  11. Does anyone know if this can be done on a tumbler that's already painted with a gloss finish? One bought that way from the store.

  12. I had considered doing these tumblers a year or so ago. I was in a group but honestly the people who were there made it sound impossibly difficult. This tutorial is awesome. Thanks Jennifer!

  13. Okay, why don't you wrap the tape in the opposite direction so when the rotisserie rotates you can just hold on to the tape and it should rotate it off for you. Hopefully the motor is strong enough to handle that without burning up.

  14. Hello Jennifer. I hope you see this comment. Would you consider taking an order and making a custom tumbler? I would love to buy one from you.

  15. You should leave an edge between the edge and the resin because resin is not food safe so I don't know about you but I would rather my lips don't touch the resin.

  16. Any tips I have got one that keeps coming out bumpy and the epoxy cures but it's smooth like level but comes but rough feeling I use a torch to get the bubbles out I have a turner as well. Not sure what I'm doing worng

  17. Epoxy can be cleaned up from brushes or the little measuring cups with lacquer thinner. Where gloves and be careful the thinner can corrode any finish.

  18. Hey I have a question, when can I add the logo on the bottom? Can I apply it and then apply the 2nd coat of resin?Also what type of paper do I use? Does it matter?

  19. Hi from the UK. I'm new to circuit and just bought a Maker. I'm using your great guide to learn how to get the best out of it and it's so helpful and straightforward to use. But perhaps you could help with a problem I am having with Design Space. Every time I open it up it asks for the machine I'm using and then wants me to go through a tour of its new features. This happens everytime I open Design Space – surely there is a way to stop this – if there is I'm sure you'll know. Thanks again for all your fan info

  20. I know I am late to the party but may I offer some money saving tips? Someone may have said this already, but if not here it is. Silicone, resin doesn’t stick to silicone. You get measuring cups, a bowl, and sticks . There are also silicone gloves. Also silicone mats. You may already know this. I work with resin often and this saves me so much money. Hope this helps someone much love and thanks

  21. If you would of put the glitter down with epoxy in the first place you don’t have to sand. Rubbing the glitter down while you go.

  22. I like the tape on idea because I don't know how healthy it would be to have resin against your lips all the time. They may make some but is for food-grade but I don't know of any.

  23. Can a decal be placed directly on a powder coated tumbler then epoxy resin applied over that if you dont want to glitter?

  24. Yes its great that she's patient and very explanatory, she really needs to explore other ways of doing things and notice what she's doing also. You can use mod podge, in a THICKER coat. And you can do it all you have to do is pay attention. Also with mixing resin, you can use measuring spoons. If using ml is a little difficult for anyone, the measuring spoons do work and you get the same even measure of mix. Just remember to clean them out. And please when using glitter, do not let the extra that's maybe adhered to the cup or whatever your doing are off! Do not leave the bumps, that can make your resin uneven by just leaving that there.

  25. I had to SUBSCRIBE😍🙋🙌👌👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕This was perfect. This has been the best video (I have been watching these videos allll day). You have helped me (more then you will ever know). I have been asking God for something and he sent you(this video). Thank you sooooo much❤👍👍👍🙌. Also I don't understand why you don't have more subs and views. How can I help get this video out(is there a way to share)( not good with this technology thing lol).

  26. I really love this tutorial . It’s so informative. You done a wonderful job! I’ve made a few but the epoxy doesn’t look smooth like yours . Is it possible to use spray epoxy ? Do they make it in a spray that is safe to use on a tumbler ? Thank you for the information! ☺️

  27. The mod poster didn’t stick because your supposed to clump it on then even it out. Since you didn’t do that it dried to fast

  28. can you tell me the brand of waterslide decal transfer paper you used, so many out there. Also, exact printer you were using. Thank you and huge kudos for all your videos, they are wonderful!!

  29. could you please do a tutorial on how to make the tumbler turner please, by the way your tumblers look fab 🙂 x

  30. hi there! If you were to make glittered wine glasses (bottom half glitter) would you follow these same steps? Adhesive, glitter, seal and epoxy?

  31. This may be a really dumb question but are you able to use regular vinyl stickers instead of using a cricut? If not what other methods could be used for this process rather than going out to buy a cricut?

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