43 thoughts on “Glitter Stenciling

  1. Always a pleasure to watch your tutorials Jennifer. Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas. I LOVE glitter!!!!!

  2. I learnt to do this technique many years ago and you can also cover parts of the stencil with tape so that when you have finished with one colour you can peel off the tape and add another colour. This means not just 2 colours but as many colours as you want. It really is very effective!

  3. Jennifer, just beautiful! Thank you for sharing so many techniques and tips on this video. I noticed a few "tracks" left behind after you burnished the glitter with your bone folder. What are your thoughts on using the Tim Holtz tool (looks like a bowl scraper) that comes with the glass mat? Do you think that would work? By the way, my card-making skills have quadrupled since I discovered you a few years ago…a sincere thank you for all you do! I'm going to make use of all the beautiful glitters in my stash this weekend. ❤

  4. Love your cards. I posted a comment on your FB page about this technique and using lace from the fabric store. This technique is sooo much fun and I agree with you, Elizabeth Craft has the best microfine glitter!

  5. What a great idea for holiday cards! I don't have glitter but I am planning to use embossing powders as you recommended. I am excited to use my crazy collection of stencils which I don't use nearly as often as I'd like. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, I love your techniques and your esthetics so much!

  6. Such gorgeous cards. I have a ton of the fine glitter that I haven't used in years. Now I know how I can use the glitter and all my stencils. Thanks for the fabulous as usual tutorial.

  7. I love your videos. The crafts you make are beautiful and I appreciate your step by step instructions and special tips.

  8. Beautiful cards! And what a fun technique. I was actually going to ask if you thought this could work with embossing powder on the double sided adhesive, but then you mentioned it at the end! Yay! Thanks for so much inspiration Jennifer. You are always amazing to watch!!

  9. This is amazing!! I was just playing with my ec glitters the other day but using my stencils is exciting!! Unfortunately the die n cut tape is sold out everywhere!! Can’t find it online at all… must be popular! 😫

  10. HI! Yes, that Couture Creations Diecut 'N Bond ( https://ldli.co/e/0969o6 ) is sold out everywhere. But Simon Says Stamp has been on the case and will get a lot as soon as the manufacturer has them ready! So be sure to get on the "notify me" list ( https://ldli.co/e/0969o6 ). Another verrrry similar option is Be Creative Tape ( https://ldli.co/e/4616n6 ). Hope that helps!

  11. I wonder if running the finished glitter through your die cutter would almost be like the hard pressing the glitter in place. I am disabled and don't have the strength to push down very much to burnish the glitter in place.

  12. Geez, Jennifer, you've done it again! More ways to use our supplies! I've had a bunch of super fine glitters for years, and now I'm going to dig out some stencils I've never used and start playing! Thank you!

  13. Hi Jennifer! As always, thank you for sharing. You always have great tricks and tips, and I especially love how you always mention ways to use those little scraps. I have a question….in this video, you mention using embossing powder instead of glitter. Would you do it the same way? Stick it to the double sided tape? And then heat it, I assume?

  14. I was given a huge container of glitter, now I know an excellent way to use some of it. Thanks for the ideas and the wonderful cards.

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