Glitter Glue Drawing ✨ Glittering Art Challenge

Glitter Glue Drawing ✨ Glittering Art Challenge

hi friends! welcome to Glittering Glue art challenge! yay! I hope you will enjoy watching this video! for this challenge I did two drawings. I really like second one more than first one. in first drawing I tried how this glue works so for first drawing I drew cute flowers and for second one I drew a girl with long wavy hair my paper was not very good for this challenge it was very thin and began to warp from the glue so after I finish the drawings I waited a long time until it get dry and then I put my drawings under a heavy book and they got straightened up so I think if you guys want to try out this challenge you should tae cardboard paper or maybe good watercolor paper it was not very easy and really strange to draw something with glittering blue but also it was very fun maybe I will do this challenge one more time in the future and for now I hope you guys like my glittering glue drawings and if you do don’t forget to put thumbs up and subscribe also it would be awesome if you leave in comments what challenge you want me to do next thank you for watching I love all of you bye bye!

29 thoughts on “Glitter Glue Drawing ✨ Glittering Art Challenge

  1. Hi! I hope you will like this video ^.^ It was very fun to draw with glitter glue)) You should try it too if you didn't try it already 😄👍
    Thx for watching!)) Leave in comments what art challenge you want me to do next.

  2. what an awesome challenge!💙 and you did such a wonderful job😙😙💙💕 I love the final art work!!💙💙💕💕so sparkle and bright😍😍

  3. I really love what you drew! Such pretty flowers! And the girl is so pretty. Great use of this medium. 😁👏💓

  4. FANTASTIC…….♣………SUPER………VIDEO……♠♥..😎👍LIKE.((👍17 Draw ☺/ 🎷🎸✌ ))

  5. I really like your editing, great job 🙂 It was fun to watch you doing artworks with that glitter glue! And the results are also really pretty 🙂 I haven't done it, because I think it's super hard to control how much glue comes out. But in your video it looks super easy 😀

  6. So much glitter 😀 It's lovely. I really like both your drawings. I think you used the glitter perfectly! ^___^

  7. It came out really nice ! But I guess the wait time to dry is longer! Hey can you try to draw with food or make art form food items ?

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