Giving Dolls Tiny Makeovers (feat. Shane Dawson)

Giving Dolls Tiny Makeovers (feat. Shane Dawson)

Saf:’This is like the least sexual adult play date of all time, we’re just like, actually playing with dolls.(NERDS!jk) It’s fun.’Shane:This looks like a panel at VidCon.*Giggling* Saf:Hello friends and welcome to another video. Today I’m here with Shane Dawson, and we are going to be giving dolls tiny makeovers. Now Shane you like to do a lot of… tiny things,right?You like to make tiny stuff. Shane:I like to feel like a giant at all times.Saf:Mm, mmm.Shane:It’s great for my self-esteem, and I know you like dolls Well I saw these videos on YouTube that were like doll repainting videos where people Will like just completely wash away all the characteristics of a given doll and then like make them a custom doll like paint the face, Redo the hair do everything you sent me some really creepy ones And I didn’t respond right away because I was like on a plane or something and then you got scared then you took it Too far, but you’re here now And I think that we’re gonna Attempt that today see what we can do see what we can make with our hands So we have a couple of dolls and a lot of equipment We’ve done some research, so we’ve got a few different things we can pretty much trick out we can pimp these dolls however I thought you meant research on me Hey, I did a lot of research, and I know exactly the doll you want. We have a couple of things I think you might like. Oh, doll haul! Okay, cool. Let’s bring out the dolls. You can pick, also. Whichever one you want. Oh my god. They look like dead bodies on CSI. SVU? Yes! But there’s the pretty standard-like Monster High dolls, ’cause apparently, like, that’s what’s in nowadays. This is like “Barbie’s not cool anymore.” Like, these guys are cool. I think. Okay, she says that she can’t see her reflection in the mirror. *Ugh* I’m jealous. Shall we unbox? Yeah! Oh my god. Okay. We have to get into it Her hair is nice. Well. She has a couple bald spots, but ME! How did you get yours out so quick? Yeah, I think mine’s gonna be, um, pretty. Like I feel like mine’s like…you know, She’s All That Like the moment where they like take the glasses off and give her a makeover? Princess Diaries when she takes off her unibrow and becomes beautiful. Yeah, but I also kind of want to blow her with the blowtorch… Swing for your life, bitch! We’ll do that next time. Okay cool, so I mean we have these dolls and they have, like, their specific backstories. But basically, like, what we would do to begin is remove all trappings of their former lives and then their hair as well. Wow, yep. My girl can’t wait to get naked! She’s so excited for her makeover. So in these, like, doll repainting videos like they do a lot of, like, dismembering to like get to the end product, so we will get to fulfill some of your, like, murdering desires. Okay, good. Yeah. Mine’s hair is falling out, I think she’s stressed. Nothing to do with the fact that you ripped the bow out of her hair violently. Just like, “I don’t need this.” This looks like grav3yardgirl. Oh yeah, cause of the hair? (Shane imitating grav3yardgirl) “Hey what’s up, you guys? It’s me, Bunny!” (Saf imitating grav3yardgirl) “Does this thing really work?” So they’re naked now. We actually have things that will preserve their decency while we do this makeover. *Oh!* I’ve got little makeover chairs. I’m gonna scream. If I had a rat, I would get these. I want to meet the woman or a man that made this… I think that they’re– in jail?– laughing all the way to the bank ‘Cause I bought a bunch of these things. So, we have robes. Because this is supposed to simulate, like, a spa trip. You know, they’re renewing themselves. They’re, you know, getting a little makeover. They’re gonna have a great time, gossiping about all the undead hotties. So now that we’ve, you know, dressed them and put them on these all spa chairs, I think we should completely wipe their faces off. Done. So, we’re gonna be using q-tips and a bottle of acetone. Do you have a vision for what you want to do? I don’t know. Now, I’m starting to feel like I should embrace her death and make her look like murder. Usually when you make tiny stuff, you make it for like your cat, right? Yes. I could make it for my cat. My cat, like…If I make a tiny me, my cat will eat it. Oh, you have a tiny cat! No, he’s a little dog. That’s a cat. Oh, it’s 2017. It can be both. So I guess I’m just gonna take this q-tip and, like, dip it into the acetone and then just, like, go straight in. Oh my god, I feel like God. This is nuts. This is coming off really quick. Oh my God, look at her. We need a new word, ’cause she’s past shook. I kind of just want to dip my whole head in that. My actual head. Like, just start over. Can I just repaint my own face, please? I hope that I’m able to like recreate like a good makeup look, because we just completely just ruined them. I mean, do we have the Kim K contour kit? I love that Kim Kardashian’s a YouTuber now. That’s fun. I know! I can’t wait for her to hotknife her sisters. Okay, I want to dip my doggy’s head in this. The dog–the catdog– **Oh** Oh my god. That’s my dream, a dog with no eyes so they can’t see anything. **Why?** Then I wouldn’t have to close a door when I’m changing. You close the door when you’re changing in front of your dog? Oh, I put him in downstairs. Okay, so now that we’ve completely gotten rid of their makeup. I think we tackle the hair next. Um. So we’re gonna chop it all off. This is like an America’s Next Top Model moment, it’s like, “I don’t wanna cut my hair!!” “You will go home.” Wow. Why does she look like Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate Plus Eight? Mine looks like Jon! On Tumblr, they call it the “I want to see the manager” haircut. So, are you truly convinced that Avril Lavigne is dead? Oh no. No, I love conspiracy theories, but Avril’s my queen and she’ll never die, Oh, wow, this is kind of, like, a cool hairstyle right now. Yeah, yours is just looking more and more like me. Yeah, what I wish I look like, what I look like. When you order it versus when it gets here. I wonder, at what point did these turn into, like, voodoo dolls for ourselves? Do I have to, like, add in elements of my own person? Like, do I have to, like, put in my own–blood. Oh, so we’re actually not done cutting their hair. We’re going to actually take a razor and shave their heads completely. I’m very excited. All right. Let’s see what we can do here. Oh! I’m using the method I used for my face. You just scrub. I can’t get past a certain threshold of shave. I just turned mine into a toothbrush. Ow, I just cut my fingers! –Oh, no!– I’m suing!– Are you okay? Oh Let’s get– Oh, wow. Ooh, that’s a lot… All right, so we’re back. Shane is bandaid-ed up, so it’s like soaking through. Like, this is, like, the tenth bandaid. Eh, it’s okay I don’t know. I might die. So, I’m actually gonna use the Monster High girl’s dress to soak it up. –Well, now it’s truly an SVU thing. –Oh my god, wait… I know, now, I’m putting my blood on it. Oh my god. We called it remember **flashback** “Do I have to like put in my own– blood.” Okay. I’m just gonna keep shaving my doll, and then we’ll see at which point in this video I mysteriously get an injury and turn this into a voodoo doll of myself. I don’t know if I could shave anymore I think she is…I think she’s good. That’s a literally my current mood. — So next, basically, what we do is we’ll give ’em a little bath. Give them a nice relaxing soak. Soak their heads in some hot water and that’ll help the that roots of the hair come out. It looks like a cocktail… made by a serial killer. I’m gonna put our dog in there… for some company. –Do they look like weird, like, pickled people? You know what I mean? — *gasp* Pickled people– yeah –that’s a webseries. It’s been in there for a while. All right, so I’m gonna take her out. But what’s supposed to happen, basically, is that the glue inside their heads have weakened, so we can take out the hair. You sound like a cult leader. All right, you will like this. Okay! So, we’re gonna pop the heads off. (off camera) I want to dismember. Got it. Oh! Oh my god! What the eff? Is that what it looks like when you take a head off? ‘Cause I don’t want to do it anymore. You know, um, in Toy Story with Sid’s toys. He’s got kind of like a praying mantis head on, like, sexy Barbie legs. That’s who it is. We’re Sid now. I’ve always been Sid. Okay, so basically what you do is you take the pliers into her neck and you, like, rip out the hair follicles. This is like when I dig in my bellybutton. –This is a little ‘Dr. Pimple Popper’.*ooh*. Look at that chunk/ Yeah, that’s the good stuff. All right, I’m gonna be more savage. Oh my god. I see the motherlode. I see the giant clump. This was actually so tedious, and now suddenly, it’s so orgasmic. Ohhh! Oh wow. That’s the money shot. Here’s your check, Miss, you’re out. Okay, so we’re gonna spray them with, like, a fixing spray. Ooo. That’s nice. Oh, that smells good. I’m pretty sure this is how an anti-huffing PSA begins. All right. I feel like we’re ready to go upstairs. We’ve huffed enough of it. The next step is we’re gonna, like, paint their faces back on. So we can do pretty much whatever we want. We have a lot of different things going on. Watercolor pencils, pastel pencils, and soft pastels. But we have to draw eyeballs. Well, you don’t have to. You can draw whatever you want. Are you gonna draw our eyes closed or dead? Just giant X’s? Oh wow, that’s straight-up voodoo. I’m blending in the contour, and then I’m gonna get a highlight. I actually do have this giant bag of mica powder. It’s just like glitter. So, I’m gonna do what they say in the makeup videos, and I’m gonna give her a little bit on her nose and Cupid’s bow and her forehead. Full face of highlighters challenge. Wait, see, somehow she’s still wet. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never had that problem. I’m gonna hold mine up to the air conditioning and try and dry her off. Oh, it’s kind of working. Oh, they’re uneven oh, no my eyeliner wings are uneven. I kinda want to put the Illuminati sign on her head Just so like she’ll be the girl in school. Who’s like my dad’s in the Illuminati yes You know that girl in school Okay, so mine was kind of behind cuz she wouldn’t dry after the fixative spray But I’m making some moves and kind of trying to catch up to Shane who’s like really all the way to Orange eyebrows. — Well, wavy brows are so two weeks ago. My girl looks like a killer from the Purge. What does that mean? Oh my god? Isn’t she like an actual demon?– Alright, I’m gonna put some highlight on we don’t need to contour This is a ‘non-tour’ besides that I’m just leaving her pretty simple. — Same! I contoured her which now I feel bad about because She was perfect before Okay, so finally. I think we’re ready for hair and clothes. I think we’re almost actually done So these are the wigs that we got oh my god. Oh? Wow, I love mine I think mine is like a goddess. –The only thing that weirds me out about these is how soft they are Like feel this, it’s like a dog.– This, yeah, this feels like a cat. Is it cat? –It’s not I don’t think it’s human Yeah, your is this like obviously a wig.– There we go. Maybe that’s a little bit better?– Mine is natural, but *laughter* Alright, so I’m just gonna put Gorilla Glue on this wig and then just put it on. I think you’re an idiot savant at this. I really am.– You just go straight in for it You don’t think and it just turns out wonderfully you just dipped right in basically. All right, let’s get the clothes. I think. –I’m ready *gasp* Oh my god, is this Christmas? –So this is a combination of clothes from Barbie that we’ve stolen and Etsy. This one I thought you might like? — *gasp* Oh my god it says, “Starbuck is Life” How do you get it off? Oh you need to take the head off. So I wanted to do something like super extra, so I want to cut the knees out of these jeans and put clear plastic windows To make the clear knee mom jeans. — I’m going blades, I feel like rollerblades are fun because she’s like skating into hell I’m just cutting like little pieces of these Plastic just to cover the knees. There’s so much glue on these pants look. Let’s put her in. There we go. There she goes. See? She’s got windows… the clear plastic’s not happening.– I like that her underwear’s popping out She’s got a lil whale tail. This is much harder than I thought it would be. Why is her hand so open? Ok! Finally she’s got a top on. She’s kind of got, like, a grunge vibe.– I love that, like, with the bra. — Yeah! I’m getting… weirdly too into this *mm-hmm* We also have these little gems that I was thinking that you could glue on as earrings if you felt like it and also all this little bag of stuff. Yeah, the Queen crown is a yes. That fits perfectly because she’s like the Queen of the Underground *bang* *giggle* I love this *bang* I think this is it. I think this is my look. I don’t know if it’s a look with the W I think it might just be two O’s, but I don’t think I could have ever competed with… What’s the name of yours? — Killer Queen Okay! I mean, I think we’re finally done giving these dolls tiny makeovers. In my head, originally It was gonna be like oh like me you know like with clear new mom jeans and like straight brown hair But it kind of turned into like a Corpse Bride-Selena Gomez-Cady Heron-Fusion Uh, Killer Queen, uh… definitely started from the bottom, now she’s in Hell. So I went with the queen crown because she’s Queen. I went with the fire coat because she’s lit and I went with Starbucks because, like, it’s like a joke. Cuz, you know, she’s in a cult. Starbucks is a cult. –I think everything started to change for your doll when you bled into her How’s your finger doing by the way? –Oh, wow! Oh, wooowww That looked like a puzzle piece was missing.– Oh, yeah. That does! *Shane makes vomiting noises* Okay, I mean so I feel like now we spent all this time like doing these makeovers I feel like we gotta have like a little bit of like a glam photo shoot time *Shane gasps* Fun! Are these seat belts?– Yeah, those are seat belts. –She doesn’t need those.– Oh, I get to drive? Wow.– She likes to be driven around You’re an uber driver. Oh my god. Can we get the rights to literally my life? Wait look it from behind The hair streaming absolutely yeah, yes (upbeat music) Let’s test the seat belts (as doll) “Oh my god, we should be Instagram-Living right now!” “Yeah, good idea!” “Oh, my god!” See Also, um *doll’s leg snaps* Mine did not survive that car accident. She’s like that annoying girl. Who’s like no. I’m like really weirdly flexible. It’s like crazy Well, thanks so much for coming and spending hours repainting dolls with me and also for Gouging out part of your finger. –I would have done all that just on my own I think this was just harder than I thought it would be I feel like I thought that I’d be able to like draw it on a little bit easier, but it’s okay. Tiny things are just a lot harder than normal sized things. — Don’t get me started Thank you guys so much for watching! Make sure to check out our collab on Shane’s channel in which we mixed every fast-food restaurants food together and made our boyfriends eat it. I can’t explain either of these collabs. There’s just *laughter* You just have to accept them for what they are If you like that video make sure to shmash that like button And if you want to see more videos like this make sure to shmash that subscribe button also shmash that subscribe button over on Shane’s channel if you haven’t already. A big shout-out to Sara for watching Thanks for watching, Sara, and we’ll see you guys next time. When we shave a Furby. *Shane gasps* Don’t get me excited I’ll be texting you bye hunties XD rawr

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