Gingerbread House Box

Gingerbread House Box

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chic n scratch the following video is a live video that I’ve edited
making this project here this is the front side of the Box this is the back
side I hope you enjoy the video and if you have any questions be sure to let me
know thanks a lot so tonight we’re making a Christmas version of this box
this was my project for week 9 of the 12 weeks of Halloween isn’t that so
stinking cute I love it but we are making a Christmas version it’s going to
be a very simple version this one took quite a while to to make okay so we’re
using crumb cake card stock and whisper white cardstock I’m going to make a plug
for the new trimmer it’s not available to customers yet it is available for
demonstrators and it does cut and score wonderfully so I’m going to go ahead and
show you the cutting and give you the measurements so the box that we’re
making is box template number 12 and we’re going to cut this to measure three
and five eighths by nine and a half so the three and five eighths is the big
mark after the three and a half and I’m just gonna cut see that sliced really
well okay then I’m going to open up the arm and I want to cut it to measure nine
and a half so that’s over here nine and a half okay that’s for the box okay so
we’re going to move the cutting blade away and we’re going to use the scoring
blade and I’m going to score it on the landscape side at 1 inch and I actually like to use the one-inch
over here because I have more control so I’m going to use the one-inch over here
so there’s that one then I’m going to flip it around and score it at four and
a half and then five and a half I want to open up that arm but I can go ahead
and do the five and a half and then open it and then nine okay then I want to
turn it on the portrait side which is the three and five eight side and I’m
going to score it at one inch is that straight yeah okay now we’re done with
this scoring and when I did my blog post this morning I forgot to include the
template that you can print so I I posted a picture of box template number
twelve but I didn’t post the PDF for you to print so I will make that correction
tomorrow and then I’ll post it with this with this project as well okay so we
don’t need that we’re going to take this and fold it on the score line okay one
more there we go I’m going to take the scissors and cut this little section off
right here and then snip these at an angle and then over here I’m just going
to cut up to the score line so the Box part of this well this whole project is
really super simple so the Halloween version wasn’t well it was simple but it
just it just took more time to do okay so I’m gonna take the take your
pick tool and remove the backing of the tear and tape and I’m gonna show y’all
something really quick so some of you guys know that I created I’m the creator
of the chick stand that’s not really the right word but I’ve always used it for
the paper piercer and then the take your pick tool but look this is a cookie
scribe tool so if you decorate cookies the pet the chicks 10 will hold it also
so for the cake decorators I have a new market to sell those too okay so this is
the back of the box so this is gonna be the front bottom and I’m gonna put my
tear and tape on there I just had to say that because I had someone this weekend
tell me that and I was like so thankful Mike yes because I have thousands of
these things so yes it will hold your it holds needles and pins and all kinds of
pokey tools okay so here’s our box not much different again same inside box but
we’re going to use this little house let’s see where’s my white cardstock
oh here it is I got so excited about the the chick stand that I’ve like lost my
train of thought okay memento ink we’re gonna stamp this
house two times okay you want to make sure that you get ink in the center too
and you want to use your Stampin mat when you’re stamping photopolymer I have
a mat underneath my desk so that’s why you don’t see it in the in the camera I
love this image now you don’t have I’m not going to decorate this
with both of these tonight I’m only gonna color one but I’ll cut out both of
them to show you how this is going to work and then we’re going to stamp the
tree over here and then we’ll stamp another one over here we have lots of
coloring to do tonight so I’m using let’s see light and dark crumb cake so
that would be the combo we’re going to decide about the light and dark granny
apple green I used granny apple green earlier today
but I’m kind of thinking I want to see what the light looks like hopefully I
worded that right i mighta said the wrong thing dark daffodil delight and
dark real red so if you guys need like a little break if you need to run upstairs
or grab a soda or something this is going to take a little while to color
and I could have maybe done some of it off camera but I didn’t have time yeah
okay so I’m going to color the candy with dark real red what are these like
little peppermints and I’m gonna go slow so that I don’t mess up I want one to
look really good then over here if I could sing right now
or if I was really good at telling jokes I would I would tell a joke since I got
so much coloring to do but let’s see what kind of story can I tell y’all I
don’t know now I’m gonna do the candy cane Oh Brooke in the birds are coming home
next weekend it’s fall break for her school so Brooke Ian Elvis and gizmo
will be here yay I can’t wait to see them okay so now
there’s that part we’ll come back to the dark rail red but we’re gonna go with
the dark crumb cake now so I’m just gonna color some of this dark and you
can skip this if you want to you don’t have to it’s just kind of my way of
doing that fancy color and that everybody does well not everybody but
some people I’m just gonna go around the edge and same thing on the door I’m just
gonna go around the edge of it and I’m gonna do the same thing on the
gingerbread man mmm I like a gingerbread man I haven’t had one of those cookies
in a long time if you go to the right place they can be
really good I’m not much of a store but a cookie
I don’t like store-bought cookies I’m like a snob
okay so this is the light crumb cake I’m like what is that noise upstairs David’s
um suing some meat he’s freezing some meat so he’s using that thing that sucks
all the air out I can’t remember what that’s called
okay now that part’s done and then now I’m going to color this part maybe I
should have colored it in advance I bet I still finish on time tonight
though I don’t usually go over not much over 30 minutes the snow accents puff
paint we’re not using it tonight but while I’m coloring I will let you know
that that is another item that’s on low inventory right now so if it’s something
that you’ve been thinking about ordering but you’ve been on the fence or haven’t
been ready it is on low inventory okay I said when I was filming the video on on
the Halloween box I said this is gonna have to go to a special person because
it takes so much longer to make it I would say the same thing about this one
too but if someone gave me this this a project I would jump up and down with
the excitement I got something on the tip of my pen pen okay we’re almost done
with the crumb cake okay
no we’re not done I’m also color on the inside of the window you could color
those with a yellow or blue if you wanted but I don’t want to now I’m gonna
take the dark again and I’m gonna color the stones I guess those are called
stones pebbles now I’m gonna try the granny apple green like I said I used
the dark one on the project I made earlier today but I want to see how the
light looks because you guys know that I usually prefer the light of most of our
blends we’ll compare the two yeah I’m wondering if I have the right color it
doesn’t look so light no it’s the light I snuck a peek okay there’s that hmm what else am i
colorant Oh a candy anyone over here now we want to take the red again and we’re
going to color the little berries or ornaments
I guess berries I was gonna say maybe it’s boring y’all
watching me color but that dude that used to color on TV all the time people
watched him okay so now the candy and the candy over here do y’all remember
when you used to make these houses with the kids ours always turned out
disastrous I’m just saying I’m just telling the truth okay
so what else I think that’s it on that one now we’re gonna color the tree so
same thing I’m gonna use and I’ve got a color both trees cuz technically you
need four of these trees but we’re only doing two tonight otherwise we’d be here
all night I should have colored them off
off-camera that way we could have completed it sorry about that David’s upstairs cookin us a steak I’m
so excited okay we’re going to take the real red and
we’re just going to color I went out of the lines on that one oh well just on
the end of the world then the dark crumb cake and then the dark daffodil delight now we got to repeat that process over
here on this okay now let’s get the dyes so we’re
gonna cut the gingerbread house out with that one the trees out with that one and
while we’re at it let’s go ahead and stamp the greeting
so the greeting is gonna be from the two every season stamp set I will be using
this more in the future I know I’ve you only used it like twice but in my
defense the holiday catalog did just start what like September 5th or I can’t
remember one of those days fourth or fifth I think it was the fifth okay so
and that’s gonna get cut out with the ornate frame die okay let’s get the big
shot we’ll start with the gingerbread house and hopefully I’m gonna line this
up okay there’s that one look how cute that is then I’m gonna cut out this tree and
then I’m gonna cut out the greeting again this is the ornate frames die it
likes to jump around I know I know I could use washi tape and that would fix
it I really don’t want to though okay we have one more tree to cut out
where is he right here Oh wrong die what am i doing okay okay let’s get
everything back over here I’m not gonna cut out this second one I’ll just show
you my sample when we’re done so that that way you can see so now we’re going
to take home cake ink with a sponge and we’re going to sponge the edges of our
box somebody’s dog is barking outside it’s not mine okay there’s that now
we’re gonna get some liquid glue and we’re going to add it down here so
that’s gonna go just Center it right there on the box and hold it to for it
to dry and then we’re going to take some dimensionals for the trees we’re gonna pop this one up here
oh I’ll cut this one a little crooked and then add that one over there we’re
going to take three of the red rhinestones let’s see not that one this one and I’m
gonna add it to the gingerbread man his buttons so there’s the first one and the
second one but ro come here and the third and I lined them up good
too Oh someone was asking the other day how to keep their chicks stand clean use
the same hole when you’re using the take your pick tool yeah because it’s nice
and big so you don’t have to keep making new holes for that it’s easy to find
okay now we’re going to take a three by six cellophane bag where’s my candy I
got it right here I love these little mini Ghirardelli
chocolates they’re peppermint bark this one’s dark chocolate and this one’s
peppermint these are Brookes favorites I’m gonna put those in there and then I
love this ribbon love I think I told you that last week that I’m kind of kind of
obsessed with it now because it’s it’s really easy to tie bows or not always
call it a bow but it’s technically a knot and I’d like to leave the ends a
little bit longer until I get it in the box and then I might trim it okay so
that’s gonna go in there so I have a piece of white flex ribbon but you could
also use where did it go I had it on my paper piercer and it disappeared
well it’s gone you could use linen thread too if you want so whatever you
prefer we’re gonna take the Merry Christmas
and if you have the 1/8 circle punch you can certainly use that but if you don’t
have it you can use your take your pick tool or your paper piercer and then
we’re just going to thread it through there and we’re just going to go around
that knot like that and then tie it at the top so
it actually might look better using linen thread but I had the flax ribbon
on my desk from the spooktacular Bosch class packet so I just used what I had
left over okay let’s see how it’s how it’s gonna look now cute right
the ribbons a little big so let’s trim it a little okay there you have it and
it stands just like that cute right okay so that’s the one we
made tonight and this is the one I made this morning so if you turn it over you
also have the back side done so if I were making this for someone I would
actually do both sides because how can you resist it’s so cute I just didn’t
put rhinestones on the back okay so where’s the Halloween version so the
Halloween version of course we used the oval dies the stitched oval stitched
oval same box though okay thanks a lot guys have a great night bye

8 thoughts on “Gingerbread House Box

  1. So cute, I think I like the light green. Guess Iโ€™ll be buying that bundle now, lol.Two questions, what do you have stuck on the ends of your blends. And is there anyway I can purchase a chic stand, I live in Canada.

  2. I love anything gingerbread & this is so cute! I so want this stamp & die set!
    I know I would love to receive both the Halloween Bag & Gingerbread House
    Box of goodies! I'm finishing my coffin treat box's & going to give to my Doctors
    & office staff tomorrow & Friday! Thanks for sharing!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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