#GinaBAhrensDesigns Mark Making with Stencil Rubbing Wax Resist & Gel Plate

#GinaBAhrensDesigns Mark Making with Stencil Rubbing Wax Resist & Gel Plate

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you my design team project for Gina
B Ahrens designs she has an Etsy shop with tons of stencils stamps digital
products and all kinds of other things too original art just all kinds of
things linked or it’s the Etsy store will be below the video like always and
you can use my coupon that’s SHEL15 to get 15% off at the store so for
the october design team project it was mark making and I wanted to come up with
something a little bit different you know stencils and stamps best ways to
make marks you can make marks by hand you can make marks with recycled
materials you can make marks with your fingers you can make marks with all
kinds of things and when you do this it creates art that is unique to what to
you but I decided to make marks using a gel plate and stencil rubbing today just
to give you a different idea of something you can do
I took some scratch paper and use some of Gina’s different designs in a wax
crayon to rub over the stencils so stencil on the desk put the the
lightweight paper over it this is printer paper that would have
been thrown away anyway and then take the side of a wax crayon or beeswax or a
candle or something like that rub over it and you get an impression on your
paper now because that impression is made out of wax doesn’t have to be green
wax it doesn’t have to be any specific color just so long as it’s a waxy
substance that wax resists any type of mediums so then I just put a thin coat
in it the very first one that you saw left in even though it was a mistake I
put way too much paint on there and it didn’t work it has to be a very very
thin coat of paint on your gel plate just a thin thin coat then put that
paper down with the wax side against the plate and then when you pull it off it
pulls away a lot of the paint but where there was wax it resists and so that
paint stays on the plate and when you use your in this case I used smooth
cardstock to to pick it up off the plate you get a design and it looks very
different than what you would get if you just stenciled with the stencil so it
gives you a different definite different look kind of a reversed look and also
you get this kind of scratchy crayon II sort of look it’s very interesting
effect and you can reuse these inexpensive scratch papers by wiping off
the paint in different times a different I’ve had trouble with that before but
this time it worked really well I just use a baby wipe and I wipe the paint off
and then I could reuse it again also if you like the way it looks when it has
been wiped off and you can see the crayon color you can use that as well
and on my favorite card that I made today is the one with the little leaves
little plant leaves looking things that I used the piece of paper that I had
used as a resist and and made that part of my design
so with this one that I’m doing right now I made a couple different rubbings
on the same four square stencil has some different designs and then I’m layering
colors so I started with the red color then I went to an orange color and then
I went to a yellow color so I’m getting multiple marks on the card by doing
different colors this is a lot of fun you can do it with any any stencil you
have and if you have a background stamp you can also do it with that
you could do I could do it with these stamps that are laying on the table but
I was kind of focused on the stencils today you just would do the same process
lay the paper down over the stamp and give it a good rubbing with the with the
side of a crayon so that time that’s not the one it’s
coming up later there’s another one here that I think I left in where I put way
too much paint on the plate you got to be careful that it’s a sin then layer Oh
with this one I was able to get two prints my first print came up but it was
kind of there was still dried paint in the design laughed and so I picked it up
again with another layer and got an interesting effect that’s probably one
of my new favorite stencils I like that palette looks like a palette so I was
having fun I didn’t spend a whole lot of time doing this but there’s definitely a
way to make marks on your paper using rubbings either using the writing paper
itself or using a print of the resist rubbing or you know you see what I’m
getting at this is fun oh this is the one I put way too much paint too much
paint the Dena Wakely panes with the little tiny nozzle are perfect for this
because you don’t end up watching on too much paint so when I saw that there was
too much paint I just wiped off that and then I used a different rubbing to pick
up some paint because the other one would still be too wet I needed to give
it a little bit of drying time so I ended up getting another one of those
palettes designs which I did use this time in the cards so then I wiped it off
again just to make sure and I did it again with a different color I think an
orange or red making a thin layer gotta be a thin layer so depending off on if
the stencils very tiny designs or bigger designs you get
different effects like this one’s this one’s pretty different from the others
because it’s got the wide-open spaces where the triangles are and so I ended
up getting as I was rubbing it I ended up getting some of the wax in the middle
of the open spaces which gave it a different effect very grungy and
interesting I don’t want to do that one again
I’d end up you end up using that one for a card I’m gonna use it for something
else so then I just got some colored paper cardstock and cut it to size to
make some regular size cards and then some inks this time I’m using dye-based
inks from Stampin Up I have them I hardly ever use them and I’ve got 48 of
them plus I think I have all the colors and they match the cardstock and the
ribbons that I have because that’s the way Stampin Up was or is probably still
that all their colors are coordinated which is kind of a nice thing to have
other companies have started doing that like Ranger and different things have
custom colors that match across the board and their products so this one is
the one where I use the print in the background and then I used the paper
that has the wax on it so what’s left when I wipe it off you can see the green
crayon and then the background is all covered by blue because that’s the color
of paint that I used and that blue and green matches very well together so I
decided to just go with that as a color combination I just thought the paper
turned it out turned out interesting I saved the other half of it for collage
later because it’ll make an interesting collage paper as well so then I used the
same stencil to make a focal image using those two colors of ink and I matted it
with the card stock that matches the ink which is a bright green color called I
think it’s called green galore I’ll put a link to the Stampin Up website I don’t
have a demonstrator and I’m not a demonstrator so if you want any of the
coordinating cardstock and inks you’ll have to contact them and they will
assign you a demonstrator it’s a direct marketing company so I think you can
also order online now maybe but I don’t know I haven’t ordered anything from
them in a really long time so then I’m using Gina’s stamps as some mark-making
tools this word says journey and I stamped that over the top of the little
focal image tie down a ribbon and I was done with that card so the next one is
one of the pallet ones palette paper rubbing resist print this is all very
hard to hard to name and when I was trying to make my thumbnail it’s like
what do I name this you know I know I’m supposed to be mark making what what do
I name it I don’t know I hope it made sense when you guys clicked on it what I
was doing so I mounted that onto a card stock that was similar in color to the
paint and then I have an ink that’s the same as the card stock and is a similar
color to the paint I think the paint is peacock from Dina Whitley and the ink
that I used is taken with teal so I stamped some of the little brushes
because you know this is a palette so brushes seem to go along with it from
one of Gina’s stamp sets now Gina stamps are made out of red rubber and they’re
deeply etched they’re better stamps than those plasticky ones Stampin Up always
had those two red red rubber and they said they were never ever gonna go away
from red rubber they were gonna always have red rubber deep edge stamps which
they still do have them but they also have the plasticky ones too now despite
what they said there rubber ones are very much nicer if
you’re really going to invest in the stamps I design that you want to use
forever you should get red rubber so I trimmed
that out i matted it onto the same cardstock and then put a little gold
cord around it like it’s kind of like a little bouquet of brushes which would be
a cool thing to get as a gift of bouquet of brushes for an artist anyway and then
I have some digital a digital print out of some words from Gina’s store a lot of
different words I will link all the products that I used from Gina’s store
below the video today so that if you want to find any of them these little
printed out words are great it’s just a whole bunch of them there’s black on
white white on black and black on turquoise in the in the download once
you’ve downloaded it you have it forever you can print it out as many times as
you want so digital downloads are always a good
deal because they’re inexpensive and you can have them forever and print them out
in any size that you want as many as you want so this is the one that has the
multiple colors I used that piece and then I mounted it onto some kind of off
red not quite rust paper cardstock and then I also used a piece that is the one
that has the wax crayon on it and and the acrylic and then I’m going to use
the same stencil and the same paint colors which are the genie Wakeley
paints I think it’s Ruby cheddar and lemon I thought I was going to use
markers but I changed my mind and just went right with the paints instead same
the same stencil design as I used to make the rubbing so you get some
synchronicity there and then I did some additional mark making on it with my
pasta pins I made some little doodles around it you could always change a
stencil design by adding your own hand to it and that’s what I did I took my
black pasta pen and the fine and made some circles made some dots outlined
things then I took the white pasta pin and went over the top of the black dots
just add a little bit more contrast tore that out used the ink that matches the
paper to sponge around it mounted it on the card that was kind of abstract
looking and then I also used one of the words from that same digital download
from genius shop I had to pull my card back off and so I could sponge the edges same ink you know if I’m going to do it
on the focal image I should do it on the back ground cards you a little bit of
gingham ribbon on there the word and the third car done these are simple cards there’s not
there’s nothing you know difficult about them just a little bit of layering and
some ribbon in yeah so then this one is the one with the I think it’s called
seeds maybe stencil it’s probably my favorite stencil from genus store it’s
the first one I got and I’ve been using it in a lot of my videos in the I cards
and at the end of the video there’ll be links to other videos that I did during
the year with Gina’s products from her Etsy shop so you can watch those if you
want to see more products in action so this one I used a stamp again to make
some more mark making the stamp is the same design as the stencil so I used
some teal colored ink and stamped over that background just to give it a little
bit more interest and then layered it with some of that same color cardstock did some tearing added a ribbon I hope
you’re enjoying this video and if you are please remember to give it a thumbs
up leave a comment or question below I know that my video production this month
has been really low so it’s very helpful if you will do it with this video please
because I haven’t been around much and of course subscribe if you haven’t
already that’s always awesome turn on your notification bells so for this
final card I stamped stamp some more of those little seed designs on a white
piece and then I had this digital design printed on sticker paper one of Gina’s
designs she has some leggings that are made with that design they are so cute
they’re so cute they’re from teespring in there that’s that design that you
see in the black there black leggings with bright color designs on it they’re
so cute I would like to have some just haven’t gotten them yet I use another
one of the words and then I just attached that to the front and that was
card number four so like I said give a thumbs up comment question below things
like that and that is it for me for the October design team mark making project
bye bye

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