20 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters: Ghost of Mother’s Voice Caught on Tape (Season 1) | A&E

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  3. Anything "Paranormal" is not ghosts or your actual loved ones trying to reach you beyond the grave. They are demons/bad spirits disguised as grandma Betty and good ol Uncle Bob. They are looking for a doorway into someone/anyone's life so that they can wreak havoc.

  4. Dude – "Sounds like a Womans voice"

    Ghost hunting team – "Hmmm…didn't your dead Mother have a woman's voice?….Yup, that's your Mom alright…WE'D know that voice anywhere!"

    Dude – (unconvinced)

    "…And remember what she said to you right before she died? We certainly do (somehow)."

    "The House? The unintelligible EVP that we're telling you 50 times is YOUR MOTHER?!"

    Dude – "Hey you know what I'm thinking? That's my Mom I bet"

    Ghost hunting team – "whoa…I got Goosebumps! That's crazy that you came to that conclusion all on your own! We didn't suspect HER!"

  5. I think every body wants to believe that when there loved ones pass away, they will meet and see them in another life in heaven, i certainly do….

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