Get Back to School with A+ School Cheats! 12 DIY School Hacks Your Teachers Won’t Like

Get Back to School with A+ School Cheats! 12 DIY School Hacks Your Teachers Won’t Like

Emily wishes she spent more time
preparing for this test, than playing candy crush. Eh, there’s no other way. Come on, what’s that formula… Oh no! How about a little cheat sheet? You will need two rulers and a piece of paper to match their size. Link the rulers with a piece
of duct tape. Now glue a strip of double-sided tape to the cheat sheet and glue it to one of the rulers. Just fold the other ruler and you’re ready to go! It looks so innocent, especially while you’re doing geometrics. The teacher won’t suspect anything so long as you’re not too obvious. This little hack should
do the trick. Next time, remember, math before apps! Split nail again… It’s as if
they’re intentionally breaking at school! Yeah, whatever. Why are nail files forbidden in the classroom anyway? Don’t the teachers realize that a split nail is literally the most annoying thing in the universe? How can they expect we could ever focus on anything else? Good thing you have a
spare one, Sarah… …or do you? Hmm… What if you make your notebook a little…
rough around the edges, don’t you think? Take a paper file and gently peel off
the top layer. Using the edge of the notebook, make a line with a pencil and
cut the paper to size. Now all you have to do is glue it all
together. The file is almost invisible. Whenever you have an urge to give your
nails a smoother shape you won’t have to worry about your teachers anymore. Good girl, you can’t get your hands off that notebook, can you? Don’t let us
distract you, busy little bookworm! Oh boy, things aren’t looking too bright for
Ashley. Quick! The teacher’s not looking right now! Where was it? Watch out, she’s coming back! Whoopsie daisy! That’s a bummer! Let’s try to make something a bit more creative! Take a single sheet of
checkered paper. Cut out a long strap – no more than 4 squares across. Fold it like a harmonica and write the formulas you need. And fold it right back. Ugh, just the
thought of a math test makes me shudder. As if calculators weren’t a thing! Duh! Things are looking better already! Now take an ordinary skin colored
plaster and unfold the middle part. Using a bit of paper glue stick your cheats
right in. Put the plaster on your wrist and you’re off to get yourself an A+ Practically invisible! Hands-down, what a great trick! Oh, the teacher won’t let you off so easily this time, Ashley. But you’re such a good
student! You don’t need a smartphone anymore! Once the teacher is away, simply unstick the plaster and have all your knowledge literally at hand! Here’s a little hack you can try out, if you need something more versatile than a simple notebook. Make an outline using
your smartphone. Now cut the middle part out using a paper knife. Be sure to check
in advance how many sheets deep you need to cut. Otherwise the notebook won’t close
and all your efforts will be for nothing. Your school agenda looks seamless now. Poor Sarah, it was so hot outside and now she has no place to hide her smartphone. Come on, girl, in that skirt? You can’t possibly think this is going
to work, right? Emily will help you out with this clever hiding spot. Now you can have your smartphone in plain view and the teachers won’t know a thing! It’s time to go. Good luck, Sarah! Break a leg! Emily’s doing the cheats on the wrist hack. But her teacher ain’t having none of it. It’s a bit too obvious, if you catch our
drift. Oh, girl, you really thought this old
technique would work? Instead take a sheet of notebook paper and fold it one… two… three… four times. Cut the rugged edges off so it’s nice
and even. And punch a hole in one corner. Take a rubber band and pull it through
the hole. Just make a simple loop. And now the fun part. Start writing those cheats! Once you’re finish put your hand through the rubber
band and hide the paper in the arm of your jacket. Nice and hidden! Whoa, miss teacher! Aren’t you overreacting a bit? There’s nothing shady going on over here,
see? Some people… *chuckle* How about quenching your thirst for
knowledge with some cheats on a soda. Unglue the sticker and hide a cheap
paper on the inside. That’s an oldie but goodie Uh-oh! Times almost up, Sarah! So get those formulas crackin’! Who would have thought a bottle of sprite has so
many hidden qualities? And all of that in plain sight. Clever girl! This time Emily is prepared like the
good pupil she is! But of course, as life has it, her pencil decides to break at that very moment. Well, no biggie. Just sharpen it and get on with it. No, Emily! ACHOO Wow her head looks like a Christmas tree! Sorry… Got that one sharpener you really like but the shavings are flying all over the
place? We bet you have something useful in your bag like an old tic tac box. First you eat the tic tacs. Well that’s kind of obvious… *chuckle* Then just glue the
sharpener to the tic tac lid and put it all back together. See that wasn’t
exactly rocket science. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the
best! Madison has been left after class. Apparently she didn’t press the
subscribe button on her phone! Always subscribe to Crafty Panda! Class is
finished I hope you learned your lesson! Helen is practicing her French. Your pronunciation is pretty good but you still can’t let go of the dictionary, right? It’s ok as long as you follow the translations. Unless you lose the part
you were last reading. That’s an irksome way of learning a language… Urgh! It’s easy
to get demotivated like this… Unless you find a way to use those paper clips. We’ll also need a rubber band for this. Wrap it on the pages. This will be your bookmark. And now use a paper clip to mark the word you want to learn. Voila! You won’t have to go through the struggle of flipping through the dictionary non-stop! The girls are rocking their art class. And, as always, Jess will focus on fashion
as much as she can. Wait, what’s that? It looks like Jessica stained her palm
with graphite. This can get messy pretty fast and removing it
can be a struggle…. Any ideas, Emily? Not sure if this napkin will be enough,
darling… Luckily for us Emily remembered she has a pack of lip
balm close by. Simply apply some lip balm on your skin. Give it a minute to soak in. And use a cloth or a napkin to brush it off. Whoa! That’s amazing! Taking it off was almost zero hassle! Madison is done with her art assignment
and wants to submit it to the teacher. Sadly her stapler didn’t punch through
and just ran out of ammunition. Darn it! It feels like things always stop
working when you need them the most! I’ve had enough of it! Meanwhile Emily is working on her artsy piece and is using a precision knife. Which is just what we
need for our super quick hack! Lay down the papers and draw a small cut line on
the left corner, Now bend the tip back through the newly cut hole. That’s it! Our papers are now secured and we won’t need to worry about them falling apart. See you later, stapler! Emily is highlighting her notes in math class. The problem with highlighters they don’t like getting mixed up with each other. Because the tip gets stained quite easily and it can be a real bummer. But why not use that to our advantage? We’ll just need a couple of extra
highlighters you already have in your case! Lay them down and continue to color
one of the corners with red and cover the other side with green. That’s it. Now
grab your notebook and try it out! The painted highlighter will nicely
transition from color to color. And draw three stripes instantaneously! Giving a chance for you to make rainbows in seconds or neatly color your unicorn’s tail! Emily is preparing for an evening with her classmates. She’s going to lay out all her makeup and start her primping session by putting on some foundation. Bad news is she just ran out of it. Always happens when you least
expect it, right? Good news, she might just be able
to use it for something. Clean the leftover foundation out of the case using a cleaning wipe. Grab some sticky notes
and cut them into circular shapes. Measure them so they are the right size. Lastly, place them inside. You can now write out all your notes inside this handy case! Emily now not only has a mirror to check
yourself out with but can also securely store her sticky notes. Hey Crafty Pandas! I hope you enjoyed
these school hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older
videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring the bell to stay tuned for more!

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