Get a girlfriend tutorial / Paper Cut Valentines Cards

Get a girlfriend tutorial / Paper Cut Valentines Cards

what’s up Internet welcome to fiction
forge our mission with this channel is to help cultivate the love for creating in all your amazing awesome people out there Valentine’s Day has once again
rolled around so we’ve re-imagined the paper cut light box to suit the occasion whether the Valentine’s Day is your favorite day of the year or you consider it just a seasonal cash grab we have you covered with an idea that is both cheap and sure to turn a few heads it will however take a little effort and
creativity on your part but don’t worry it’ll make it more memorable for that
special someone in the end we even made a template for all you lovesick puppies to download and print which is going to maximize the fun and minimize the pain in this process so without further ado let’s go make some paper cut Valentine’s
cards here are the materials we’ll be using one sheet of red 230 grain cardstock
to make the box for the card one sheets of white 80 grain printer paper to
make the layers with glue to stick the box and layers together some double-sided tape to secure the electronic components some wire to connect the electronics up with some heat-shrink for insulation and neatness four 10 millimeter LEDs to light things up a slide switch to turn the lights on
and off two AAA alkaline batteries and some metal contacts to power
everything and finally some decorations to zaz up our final aesthetic and here are the tools a pencil to draw designs with a printer to print the templates craft knives and a ruler to cut everything out a soldering iron and solder for joining the electronics together alright now that we have everything we’ll need let’s get started the first thing we’ll need to do is make
a box of the layers to go in you can download the template we designed for making these the link is in the description below print the box template onto the red cardstock and the layer template onto the regular white paper we’ll now cut the box search using a knife and ruler to get nice clean cuts and when that’s done we’ll cut the tabs and score the folds so that after it should look like this when scoring the folds we don’t want to use the tip of the blade we’ll use the back of the blade so that we don’t go all the way through now we should have nice clean folds we bought a few of these awesome
little laser-cut wood thingies that we’re going to decorate the front with so we’re going to use them as a stencil to cut the openings in the lids we also need to cut an opening for the switch to sit in just above the batteries place it about two centimeters from the bottom and about five millimeters from the back now we can fold up our template along the scored lines to form our box and then glue the tabs into place to set the shape we can now repeat the process on the white paper template with the lair components on it however before we go ahead and stick these together we should sort out our layer designs first you can go ahead and apply your design to the template on the computer but for the purposes of this demonstration Mike decided to go maximum effort I traced the shape from the box lid onto my first layer so I could be sure the good stuff would be visible when it’s closed he then repeated the process on the second layer and focused his design on the visible areas once we’re done with that you can
use the crop blade to cut everything out then we can go ahead and score the fold
lines glue the tabs in place and then stick the layers together now we need something to stop the batteries from rolling around inside so we’ll add a strip of cardstock to hold the batteries in place a piece two centimeters wide by
four centimeters long should do the trick fold it at each centimeter along the length like this and then glue it into place we can use a soldering iron with a bit of solder to connect the switch and the contacts and then we can use a small patch of double-sided tape to hold each of them in place now we just need to join the rest of the LEDs together using a bit of heat shrink on each of the wires will help prevent shorts and keep
things neat next we’ll cut a switch sized hole into a piece of double sided tape then we can slip the switch through the hole and stick it in place a bit more double-sided tape does a good job to hold the wires and LEDs in place after a quick check to make sure the layers set flat and the lights turn on then we can move on to decorating the lid first we’ll glue on the laser-cut
wooden heart then we can place a few of the other decorations we bought around the design these tiny roses really fit the Valentine’s theme and they look great hey you still with us thanks a lot now please consider liking and
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to miss out on any of the fun dang now those are some nice cards right there if I do say so myself a cup of tea is nice these things are something else some pocket art to suit any occasion well not these ones you know the concept pretty much but I wouldn’t put it in your pocket not unless you want your
hard work crashed into garbage yikes yeah these things are best left up
on the shelf far out of harm’s way if you guys follow the link below download the template we made and use it to create one of these things we would love to check it out drop us a link to it in the comments below till next time have a great Valentine’s Day and hopefully we all get a bit luckier this year

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  1. seriously fellas . . . listen to this Dat Generic Gamer fella, there… Make an effort. Show you made effort. Show you're for real. Forgot to add, you do this by giving her a hand-made Valentine's card. Any douchebag can buy a card and chocolates. Are you for real, or are you made in china?

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