Gerda Steiner Designs – Simon Says Stamp  Llama Tell You!

Gerda Steiner Designs – Simon Says Stamp Llama Tell You!

hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
I’m so excited to be here as part of a guest design for Gerda Steiner designs
at Simon Says Stamp and today my focus is going to be on this stamp set which
is called llama tell you it’s hilarious it’s a really sweet set with some great
sentiments and good for a masculine design but could also be used in a
feminine card as well so really versatile starting by stamping out the
images on some white cardstock and I am using my Misti here and using some
momento tuxedo black ink because I’m going to be doing some Copic coloring
today and this is a great ink to use for Copic coloring and I don’t have any
troubles with it bleeding it always stamps well and best thing the stamps
clean up nice and they don’t get stained not that that matters so today I haven’t
colored this image before so I did start with some lighter colors and I figure
well I wasn’t sure how dark I wanted to go cuz llamas do come in different
colors and I started light and then came back and I eventually made him just a
little bit darker so I’ve done my light shading on the edges I had a little bit
of a darker brown and then I come back in with the light color again to blend
out the edges and then sort of once I got the color I think it it just wasn’t
giving me enough depth in the color so that’s when I came in with an even
darker color on the edges and then just blended that out with the middle color
and then the lighter one again sometimes I find it’s a bit easier not to do your
highlights straight down the middle of something because it looks more natural
if it’s kind of off to the side or not perfectly blended sometimes it just
depends what look you’re going for but obviously this is a 3d well it’s not
3d it’s colored like a 3d image so there is some shading involved I love the look
on this llamas face and how’s that tongue I’ve put all the colors that I’m
using off to the side and hopefully you’ll be able to kind of work out which
one so I’m using it as I’m going along here I probably didn’t need to add the
color to the hair fur head because I’m going to do something in a minute I’ll
share that with you soon to make it a little bit different and a little bit
more fun and one thing I do like about their Copic markers too is you can
always blend on top just to change the tone if you’re not really happy where it
is and often what I’ll do is I’ll come in with a gray marker and add my shading
and depth that way it doesn’t matter what color or I’ve colored the image I
can come in with like I really like to use the T2 sometimes even the W’s
to do this and sometimes the C’s but it just gives you such add so much
dimension without having to buy more colors in that set of colors so this is
why I stamp the initial images in my Misti it’s because I wanted to restamp
over the top once I had the coloring done and I’ll use some onyx black ink
this time just to make those edges nice and bold I’ve got the matching dies for
this stamp set and they cut out in the middle so you can just put them over the
top and I do like to tape them in place with some low-tack tape just so they
don’t move and I don’t have to start again as I’m putting them through my Big
Shot now having cut this big one now initially because I want a partial
die cut this image because I’m not sure how tall I need him and it’s just going
to give me a few options later on. so to partial die cut
I have the die cut in place just like I did on the other images and my normal
sandwich for thin die cuts but what I’m doing is I’m actually
just placing the edge of the top plate above the bottom part of the die-cut so
that it doesn’t cut through that bottom portion of the llamas neck so if you can
see it once I removed the tape here see and then that just gives me more options
down the track because I’m not really sure how tall I need him to be yet and
I’m just using some scissors to cut this away so next I’m going to create sort of
like a really almost abstracty background I wasn’t really sure where I
was going this but I had had an idea of a kind of Peru style in my mind and just
needed sort of some grassy area and some mountains so I’ve got some Bristol
smooth cardstock and I’m adding my distress oxide inks now these are new to
me so some of my problem here was the fact that the blending pads weren’t
really primed so the more I worked with the color the better that it came out
and what I did anyway was just kept adding color until I was happy with how
it looked kinda wasn’t looking real good here
I did improve I promised stay with me so to create my mountains in the
background I’m using my copic multiliner this is 0.5 and literally just drawing a
squiggly line along where the brown meets the sky and adding a few details
with the same Copic marker these mountains aren’t the focal point of my
card I don’t want them to be perfect I just want them to be something that’s in
the background my llamas are my focal point so this is just something that’s
going to add interest to my scene now for the field of grass in front of the
mountains on literally just going to use a couple of different colors of
prismacolor pencils and draw some blades of grass over the whole sort of field
area this is really simple and anyone can do it I promise so I decided that I
wanted to frame my scene and I’m using my Fiskars this is like one of the paper
trimmers that has a guide wire in it and I’m just eyeballing a border to create
the frame but if you had a die that did this that would be probably much easier
to do I’d recommend that. I have a Marvy snow pen and this is the reason why I
probably didn’t even need to color in the hair of the llama fur wool it’s wool
isn’t it that’s right and I’m just adding some of the snow pen over all the
wool but one hint is make sure that you start your snow pen off somewhere else
because it they do if you haven’t used it for a little while it does tend to
come out as a big blob initially so test it somewhere else before you actually
add it to your image and how cool does that look so now it’s time to get onto
my sentiment and I want to white heat emboss this on some black cardstock the
sentiment that comes in the set that I’m using I have actually cut this in half
just to make it easier for me to stamp it out if you don’t want to cut your
stamps and you can simply just selectively stamp them I just find this
works easy for me and I’ve never had any problems with my stamps after cutting
them so just added some white embossing powder and hitting that with the heat
tool and then what I want to do is make this a little speech bubble so I’ve got
my corner Chomper and the part of the sentiment that I want to do the speech
bubble I just have to cut that away with my paper trimmer and then I can use my
scissors if you had a die you could use a speech bubble die for this and that
would be easier too but you can do these things just takes a bit
longer to do them freehand I suppose but it is possible
all right so the last corner I couldn’t cut with the die because of the speech
bubble and another little talking part of the speech bubble so I just used my
scissors to cut that away so now it’s time to start assembling my card I’m
adding some ATG adhesives to the background panel that I created and just
gonna hear that directly onto the front of my top fold card the border frame
that I’ve created I’ve added some fun foam behind and once I was kind of
holding things in place on you that my Llama his neck wasn’t going to be big
enough so luckily I did partial die cut him earlier so I could just extend his neck with a Copic marker and then just match
the colors with the colors that I’d used earlier I’ve added some adhesive behind
the frame and once I’ve got the llama in position where I want him I can just
push down on the frame and adhere him on and then simply just cut away the excess
cardstock and I have popped that frame up with some fun foam as well now I’m
adding more little cactus down in the corner with some dotted adhesive and
also some foam squares just to pop them up to add a little bit of dimension and
some big creative tape on the back of the fun foam I find that works really
well the other option is to add the ATG directly to your card stock it’s easier
for me to do that than to add it to the actual fun foam I fight with it a little
bit when I do it that way but I just wasn’t sure whether lama’s neck was
going to be it’s just easier to use the big creative tape now popped up my
little little llama and he’s going to sit on the outside of the frame and I’ve
also used some black foam squares to pop up my sentiment on a speech bubble
sentiment and pop that in place just and that’s
gonna look like the little llamas talking I think this is a fun card I did
have to move him over a little bit so he wasn’t really feeling very well and
that’s my finished card for today I just want to say thank you so much to Gerda
Steiner and Simon Says I’ve had a blast creating this card thanks for joining me

26 thoughts on “Gerda Steiner Designs – Simon Says Stamp Llama Tell You!

  1. Thank you so much for creating this adorable card. You are so talented and this scene just made me smile from ear to ear.

  2. I just love Therese's personality and crafting style. I immensely love watching her videos. Glad to see her guest designing. Way to go, Therese. This is such an adorable card?

  3. This is so fun. I know it's just the background, but I love how you did the mountains — will have to try that technique. Therese,I think this is my first visit to your channel, will definitely be back for more! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! Therese you are amazing. I love the casual way you make a speech bubble (no worries!!) and your colouring is spot on. Love the card.

  5. Wow Therese, this really is an outstanding card in all respects! Your coloring is amazing, the background is so creative and the layout is perfect, all contributing to this hilarious card, which is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face!!! I swear to God, that I recently discovered myself that with respect to Copic coloring, particularly the blending, I too noticed that it adds so much more dimension (that 3D effect) when you DON'T have that gradient blend, and here I was working my butt off trying to get that smooth transition LOL. Such a pleasure watching Therese and as always, TFS!

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