Gerda Steiner Designs – Easy Inktense Watercolouring!

Gerda Steiner Designs – Easy Inktense Watercolouring!

hi its Therese from Lostinpaper and I’m
back with Gerda Steiner designs and I’ve got a really easy fun card to make today
using this is one of their new sets and it’s called more than pie and it has
some of the cutest bear images in it I’m going to be doing some really simple
intense water coloring today so I have stamped out the bear image with so it’s
a waterproof ink or an ink that won’t bleed when you add water to it so this
one’s actually the archival jet black ink and I like this one it stamps out
nicely and dries quite quickly but there are a lot of different inks that you can
use so what I’ve done here is I’ve chosen a few colors of pencil these are
the intense pencils so they’re they’re kind of like an ink in the lead and
they’re a bit unique in that fact and they are very intense in color so what
I’ve done here I am on normal cardstock so I do not want to add too much water
here if I had a used watercolor cardstock probably would have been
easier I could have played with a lot more but you know maybe I’m just pushing
the boundaries oh maybe it seems to work I didn’t mind it just stops me playing
with it too much I don’t know if you’re like that with watercolors but what I
tend to do is just end up playing with it too much and there’s always a point
where you think oh I probably should have stopped there but on this kind of
cardstock I find it a little bit easier not to go too far because if I add too
much water I’ll ruin the cardstock and it’ll pill anyway what I
did was what I like to do is actually add a couple of different colors
initially so I used my lightest color and my middle color and just added it
where the shading area is going to be added a semi-wet brush so what are you
what I do is dip the brush and actually wipe some of the water off
onto the paper that’s on the side and then sort of melt
out the the ink with the wet brush and it blends beautifully
these pencils are really quite easy to use once you get used to them
the other technique that I use is to have a wet brush to the tip of the
pencil and pick up the color that way and then add that in so I’m using both
the techniques in this card I am allowing this to dry a little bit in
between because it’s not particularly wet it doesn’t take very long but I
have actually added some extra color like the middle color back on after it
has dried I just felt I’d lost some of the depth with the color and then allow
that to dry again and then I can just simply add some more shading and so
while this image dries yet again I’m gonna die cut a heart on the edge of
some design paper that I’ve had for a hundred years I have no idea who made it
but it’s a nice thick design paper it’s really beautiful I was hoarding it of
course as I do with design paper and then I just wanted to show you that I
did come back in and just add that little bit of extra depth and shading
now this is an inktense pencil but the best thing about these pencils is that
once they’re dry the ink sort of sets into the paper it won’t reactivate so if
I wanted to I could add color on with you know with Copic so I could add color
on with other pencils but this time I’m actually coming in with my shading
pencil which is the same darkest color that I used and just adding a light
layer of shading but not actually wetting it this time and activating it,
very forgiving, told you. I’m going to hide my little bears legs I don’t know I
colored the whole image I wasn’t really sure what I was doing I suppose at the
beginning but I added some adhesive to his legs and adhered him behind my
window and now I’ve got a piece of red cardstock and just die cutting a second
heart so that it’s going to sit in behind the first die-cut heart I’ve
added some fun foam and some score tape behind the top panel and I’m lining
these two up so that they’re directly on top of each other and that way you can
see through the two hearts. looking at this now it probably would have been a
real fun idea to die-cut that heart through the whole card front wouldn’t
that be a nice idea maybe next time so many cards so little time and as usual
I’ve added a stack of ATG adhesive this is not going anywhere this panel and pop
the panel on the front of a top fold card I want to stamp my sentiment in
two different colors and the Misti is a really good tool for this and I’ll just
use a post-it note stamp out the portion and one color that I want this in this
case I use just some onyx black ink and then I could just cover that portion
with a post-it note add my ink to the the different color ink to the other
part and this one’s worn lipstick it’s one of the oxide inks I didn’t even
bother cleaning the top ink off you know when you’re normally try and second
stamp and partially stamp you always end up with it a little bit off-center and
make a mess that’s the best thing with the Misti it doesn’t do that it’s great
I did add some abandoned coral just to the very bottom portion of the sentiment
I want to make it look a little bit ombre it’s not very easy to see but it
is slightly darker perhaps you could say. I popped my sentiment up on the front of
the card and added our heart sprinkle and that’s my finished card for today I’ve
had heaps of fun all the products will be listed below
head to Gerda steiner designs if you’re not watching this video from there
and say g’day till next time Happy Papercrafting bye

19 thoughts on “Gerda Steiner Designs – Easy Inktense Watercolouring!

  1. Therese, you always seem to know when to say when at just the right moment!   LOve the dots, and that little sparkly heart!  xx   =]

  2. Cute, cute, cute. I may be wrong but that designer paper looks like a Bazzill from some years ago. I have it in green. (another paper hoarder!!)

  3. Love your use of colours over so many different mediums.
    Every time I watch a video, you demonstrate and explain how to play with colours to give such dimension to your work.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Gorgeous card Therese – I love it especially how you layered the heart diecutting. I love that you use pencils for colouring as well because I don't have any Copics & alot of videos for cardmakers have Copic colouring. I love my Intense pencils – took a while to get used to them but boy, they are really amazing and so vibrant!

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