99 thoughts on “Genji’s Sword – Overwatch – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

  1. it is probably impossible but it would be really amazing. would you manage to make Havel The Rock's dragon tooth

  2. U guys should make a sickle from noob saibot in mk11..the sickle is call blacksmith..look it up if u ever seen the game..its pretty dope designs.

  3. High Frequency Blade from Metal Gear

    Raiden's sword (Metal Gear Rising), Grey Fox's Fox blade, and Jetstream Sam's Murasama!

  4. hi masters blacksmith. i'm been watching your channel for some time now. I have to say that your job is amazing. i wonder if your shop will make Dracula's sword from Blade trinity movie. i believe it will be AWEsome!

  5. Ahm Hii sir I wish that you will make the sword of Tangiro of kimetso no yaiba! I hope then sir that you will make it I will be happy then thank you sir😊
    Crisvin Caputli sir from. Philippines

  6. Deal with it, folks it was a Russian cursing word in American show – perfect. For all others who get frustrated by this – Its THE international platform. Hell yeah, Mother Russia rules the party here. Ilya is Russian by nationality, so it was nice to hear warm swearing words. Gosh, It was funny. I laughed a lot) Thanks team AWE me you are great craftsmen.

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