Genji’s Sword – Overwatch – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

Genji’s Sword – Overwatch – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

[Music] I’m Matt I’m Kerri we are the stag my brother’s a Baltimore knife and sword we’re going to be building some of your favorite weapons some weapons that you’ve never seen before this is man-at-arms reforged Genji’s dragonblade is by far the most requested build by you the fans the build complements all the craftsman skills in this shop we’re gonna be using everything from traditional forging techniques to modern fabrication to get it done in September of 1937 the Manchester railway company got the commission from the Japanese government to produce the new source for the military the innovation that produced those swords was taking modern tool steel making a pipe out of it and inserting malleable iron in the center this produces a perfect Forge weld where the soft core is always symmetrical to the rest of the blade at the time they were heralded as the greatest innovation of the Japanese sword considering the Genji is basically modern-day Robocop we’re going to choose this method which is both traditional and modern to produce his katana so we’re going to do something a little different on the lathe today typically you see us put something around on here and make something around what we’re going to be doing today we’ve changed this chuck out to a four jaw Chuck allows us to reach in and grab something that’s not round we’re gonna drill this center hole we’re gonna step it up to a larger size creating a center section so that we can do what’s called mid Tetsu construction we’re gonna be forcing a piece of mild steel up inside of here prior to Forge welding that’ll give us a high-carbon outside this is W one tool steel and on the inside we’re gonna have ten eighteen mild steel and that’s going to give us the flexibility in the blade why lily has been preheating the w1 section I’ve got the inside mild steel pin sitting in dry ice this allows the pieces to slide together with only minimal effort from the press these pieces actually had about ten thousandths interference fit and there was no way we could have put them together without doing this [Music] after Kari made the high carbon steel pipe and we inserted in low carbon steel rod the shrinking of the outer jacket locked the core into place and they handle was welded on to the top and now it’s ready for Forge welding Billy allows these two pieces of steel to soak in the Forge once they’ve been sitting at welding temperature long enough he brings them out takes them to the hammer and begins the welding process [Music] although Ganges sword is the most romanticized weapon his main weapon actually are three large shuriken which were going to cut out of some sheet metal layer them together he treat him and grind them to shape [Music] [Music] after cutting the body of our Akane’s John’s now gonna plasma-cut all of his overlays that are going to form the three points [Music] to make sure he’s a clean material and where the welds have taken well billion Elle uses a hot cut cuts most of the way to create his tip form cools the piece in water that allows the tip to just break right off this is the extra material I cut off ahead matte polish an etch the cross-section the white oval is where our soft core is and the black is the high carbon outside now you might be wondering if I have a low carbon insert will it affect the point will it affect the edge no this is why the Smith Clips over the tip this way and forges it over I drew a chalk line approximating when this soft insert will be and when I forged the piece over I moved the soft all the way to the back thus not affecting the cutting capabilities of the sword using the face of a cross peen hammer Ilya bevels this entire blade he’ll do it in a couple of different heats this will allow him to control the curvature a little bit more he won’t have to deal with straightening as much [Music] Kinji is the master swordsman in shuriken user and younger brother of the schemata clan Hanzo being the oldest and a master bowmen Ginji disagreed with the clan dealings and didn’t want to have anything to do with it this enraged his older brother Hanzo and led to a very violent confrontation Hanzo thought he had killed him but he was turned into a sideboard resulting in a very robotic like sword after heat-treating we’re gonna notch in the spine all the way down to account for some overlays and some lighting fixtures but the good thing started I’m just gonna do a pretty traditional grind and hand it off to Ilya for he treat [Music] while the surface of the blade is cleaned up it’s ready to receive the clay here I warmed up my stolen room which it makes the clay well the clay actually does it protects some of the blade from exposure to the quenching medium in our case is going to be oil when working with modern materials the cleaning of the blade is entirely unnecessary except for maybe aesthetic purposes however we still have to attach fiber optics and electronics to the back of the blade and it’s way easier doing that when you’re working with a soft part of the blade rather than hard so one can argue that this procedure for this specific bill is completely necessary now two John’s welled up these up for ing seconds and we’re gonna go ahead and start grinding the edges on these either real thick right now and we’ve got to get these real narrow so they’re nice and sharp for throwing [Music] being very careful not to bump the clay off on the sides of the furnace Billy a watches to bring this sword up to a nice long even heat brings it out and then takes it into the oil crunch as the blade comes out of the oil quench and before it fully sets up Billy it goes over to the Vice checks it for straightness and then sets it up with let it cool [Music] after quenching and then tempering the blade it’s time to get it closer to its final shape [Music] [Music] for these katana blades you don’t really want to add a secondary bevel when you’re done polishing they should be darn near sharp Matt has taken the blade through most of the grits the sword has a pronounced kissaki which means the kodaline the differentiates the tip from the rest of the blade is very prominent normally this is set up a flat whetstone however a platen reinder such as what we have here is a decent replacement for such up into this point the shaping of the sore blade has been mostly traditional but from here on out we’re gonna do some modern techniques to make this a blade that a cyborg would use so first step I have to do is I’m going to trace our overlay we’re gonna sandwich the blade on either side with two steel overlays underneath that’s gonna be some plexiglass and then some lighting along the spine to give us that green dragon blade glow that we all love in-game so from here I’ll pull out what I drew so I’ll go in and tweak those and make those all perfect then I’ll hand it off to Carrie and I’ll get to or ladies cut for our Hilton our handle assembly I’m gonna cut one part flat and then we’re gonna hot form it around same here two pieces hot formed over our power supplies are gonna be hidden in here where this round cylinder is so we’ll just get all our parts cut hot form and get rolling now that we have our design for our overlays finalized Carrie’s gonna put them into the plasma computer and cut them out we need one for each side of the blade so you’re gonna mirror the drawing and go right to it [Music] the material that we decided to make these overlays from has been sitting outside for a little while so it’s got some surface corrosion since that’s the case I’m going to use several Sanders with progressive grits rough off the material and then fully finish the surface after hand plasma cutting out his patterns Illya is now going to move out to the forge he has to turn that flat piece into a nice round of eight piece that will work as the guard for our swords these overlays they’re gonna lay on top of this blade and they’re gonna cover the diffuser we’re gonna make our diffuser in lexan we have here we’ll cut that it’ll be underneath and then we’ll be able to set full strip LED panels underneath and that’s going to diffuse the light and give us the glowing edge I may have to do some sanding to get an exact fit but I’m gonna go to this small band saw and cut out the plastic to make it match as close as possible to the steel overlay using the sheetmetal overlay as a guide Carrie now matches the notches up on the plexiglass you’re gonna cut them on a bandsaw and interim off later by hand since he free-handed his pattern he realized after forming that it’s a little long it’s gonna trim the fat then weld it together and make that weld nice and flush to the rest of the surface so I’ve worked out how this overlay and lighting system is going to work so I’ve got this tape down but it’s actually double-sided so I’ve got LEDs on both sides I’m gonna notch into the steel it’s gonna sit on the back of that spine the diffuser will lay overtop we’ll have to cut the back of it to make sure that it gets right where we want it to be in the final once we have the blade satin and polished it should really show this and should diffuse the light over the entire surface now that we have everything fit just right to the blade it’s time to start welding it together John’s gonna use an aluminum spacer just to make sure this thickness is stayed true weld the seams and then we’ll blend them all off on the Sanders [Music] she’s video intent apiece do there’s quite a few pieces that go together to make this handle the first is the one that’s going to hold our cylinder and it’s also like a trigger guard Ilia formed it and now he’s cleaning up on the scotch brite wheel to give it a nice satin finish [Music] after looking at this pummel you realize that it’s a lot like the production pommels that we make on a day to day basis I’m gonna go to the Sanders grind a bevel and then knock all the corners off should be about ready for assembly [Music] this handles a lot like a traditional saya but has a futuristic looking shape Billy’s gonna stand that shape then return to the mill the carve all of his detail in if you look at the dragonblade you’ll notice that it has a green cylinder underneath the guard I believe this is a power source we’re just going to use some tubing cut it to length and paint it green later [Music] so we have the majority of the pieces here ready to go this is our diffusers we’ve sanded one side of them so that they’re smoky now so they’ll be a little bit brighter to hold that light better and transfer it our cover is going to get blackened and but everything should fit up on the blade nicely now this is the primary section of the guard what will become our handle with some overlays we’ve got some color to lay in a little bit of shaping in some detail and then to finish it out you’ll see that pommel that Matt made on the end overwatch has quickly become one of my favorite games to play this build was our first from the series and I’m very proud to say that we’ve brought ginji’s dragonblade to life [Music] click here to subscribe or click here to watch more episodes thanks for watching man-at-arms reforged we need to know what you want the guys to build so tell us in the comments below what weapons you want to see next [Music]

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