Gel Press Printed Patchwork by Kate Crane PART 2

Gel Press Printed Patchwork by Kate Crane PART 2

Welcome back to part 2. So here are my
patterned prints, that I made in part 1. And now I’m going to piece these together to
create a patchwork. And I’m going to use this burlap page. those of you who’ve got
this Dina Wakley Media Journal will note that it comes with these different
pages. I’m going to use this burlap page. And I’m going to create a patchwork with
this little addition of this little cute fish stamp by Carabelle Studio. Now
you don’t have to sew even though it’s patchwork. You can always just do it with
a pen to create the fake stitching look. The first thing I’m going to do is to trim
some pieces off my prints to 3 centimeters wide. Now I don’t think it
matters what size you go for as long as you are consistent. I’ve got my
collection of 3 centimeter wide strips, and I’m going to start trimming
them so that they’ll fit on this burlap page. I want it to be slightly irregular,
so I’m going to trim these down again. Also as I piece them together I want to
leave some little windows, some gaps in the middle. Now it’s going to be slightly
irregular, which makes my head hurt a little bit, actually. I find it much
easier to have everything regular. But I like the look of things being slightly
irregular, so I’m just going to start trimming. So as I start stitching
together, I will also have some little windows in between. I have now cut my
strips to allow for this kind of irregular edge. And I have allowed for two
little windows. Now I’m going to just directly stitch these, not to the burlap,
just to each other in a sewing machine. If you think that sounds too tricky you
could stick these onto a larger piece of card and just cut around the edge, cut
out the window, and then you could hand draw the stitching on with a fine marker.
One thing that always helps cut out papers look better is just to ink
those edges first. I’m just using a little bit of Distress ink to get rid of
those white raw edges. I stitched that together now. It doesn’t
have to be too tidy. It’s all going to be stuck in there anyway. But
now it’s pieced together it’s easier for me to put some top layers on. Which I’m
going to do with some stamps and a bit of white pen. And if you feel it needs it you can
always add a little bit more color with your top layers in oil pastels or Distress
Crayons, Gelatos… whatever you have. I’m just now
going to add a little bit of gold with a bottle lid, just overlapping. It’s sort of a
top layer just to unify those different patchwork pieces. So there’s my
background, kind of done. What I’m going to do now is stamp three of this little
fish design from Carabelle Studio. I’m going to stamp that onto this pick up print.
One of the nice things about pick up prints is you should get the color but you
get less pattern. So it’s great for stamping on then. I’m going to enhance
the color with a little bit of watercolor and I’m also going to stamp
three. Now these are our little vines out of the set that I’ve designed for Carabelle
Studio. But it also doubles up and makes great seaweed. Three is a good number for stamping, so I’m going to stamp three of each. Now I have all of my elements to complete
this page. I have my fish cut out and ready. Just going to have a couple of
them swimming into the windows. And I’ve cut out my little vine to make
seaweed. So I’m gonna stick all this down in a moment.
And the final thing I’m going to add is this quote. This is one of my favorite
quotes. iI’s from the children’s film ‘Finding Nemo’,
“just keeps swimming”. And I’m going to put that three times to continue that theme
of three. And then finish with a little bit of glitter. So that is my completed
journal page from prints to project with Gel Press. #fromprintstoprojectwithGelPress Complete with fish and seaweed. Thanks so much for watching. See you next time! (Kate Crane / @thekathrynwheel)

26 thoughts on “Gel Press Printed Patchwork by Kate Crane PART 2

  1. I like how the texture of the burlap plays with the stitching and your papers. Looks awesome when you put it altogether. thanks as always for sharing.

  2. Great follow up. I'm going to try this on cotton calico and linen. Will make lovely strips of ribbon for junk journals. Thanks, again, for sharing!

  3. Kate, I love all your creations (especially memorable are your plaids and checks). But I liked these prints and the fish/seaweed the best so far. Thanks.

  4. Kate, I really really love 💕 your patchwork with fish 🐠 and seaweed. It’s made a stunning page. Thank you so much xxx Mags

  5. I have loved your work from the very first time I saw it. This piece is just awesome. Love the fishes and the patchwork and the … well… everything!!

  6. I really loved the idea of stitching the strips together, but somehow I missed the part of how you get them to the sewing machine without it falling apart. Could someone kindly clarify?

  7. Love this project but I would like to know how you attached the patchwork sewn piece to the burlap thank you

  8. I love love watching you create the papers and then use them in the part 2. Thanks for sharing. Fun and creative.

  9. What a fantastic page. My Gel Press plate arrived on Friday. I spent all of Sat. morning playing. I'm going to try and make a page like this. I like adding the stamping pieces to the page, that was my first love. Thanks for sharing your talent and time with us. I love that the backgrounds were simple and light in color.

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