Gel Press Printed Patchwork by Kate Crane PART 1

Gel Press Printed Patchwork by Kate Crane PART 1

Hello. Kate Crane here, with another video
for with Gel Press’ From Prints to Project series. Now in this video you’re going to
see me using my 8 by 10 gel plate and my art printing texture plates by
Carabelle Studio. I am going to be using these in a slightly different way to
create lots of patterns and color on the plate, so I can build up these multiple
color prints. And it’s kind of a foolproof way of building up all of this
color without making mud. When I’ve completed my prints I’m going
to be showing you how I put together this patchwork effect. Now you don’t have
to sew. It’s always optional. But sewing is a great feature on your pages. If you’re
feeling brave enough. So come and join me. Let’s go make some colorful, multiple
pattern prints. And then we’ll make patchwork. Thanks for watching. I’m using my 8 by 10 plate today, but any size plate will do for this. And I’ve gathered
up some acrylic paints. I’ve got my junk basket. And I’ve also gathered up a
selection of art printing plates by Carabelle Studio. I’m going to use these
in a slightly different way today. Usually the most obvious way to use
these is to put paint on the plate, use these to pull off the paint, and you’re
left with the kind of negative image. What I’m going to do today is put paint
onto the plates and use them for printing directly on. That will give me a
patchwork of pattern. It also means I can use a different pattern and build it
up all over. And it’s also a great way of building up lots of different color
without making the dreaded mud. I put a bit of paint on the brayer. Make
sure it’s evenly spread. Then I’m just going to add it to a little section. I
don’t need to cover the whole thing. Okay. Different plate and different
color. And another plate and another color. And
I’m just also trying to bend this plate a little bit as I place it down, so that
I don’t end up with a solid square. So I’ve got my my base layer of pattern
down. Now I’m going to add to that with these tubes, and I’ve got bottle lids,
this is a bit of that plastic mesh that you can sew through, shelf liner a reel.
And I’m just going to build up that pattern. I’m going to stick to colors
that I’ve used. But I might also add some black and maybe some metallic gold. (Allow the layers to dry before proceeding to the next step.) I’m going to add a thin layer of paint now to pull all of that pattern off. If you use a Titan Buff or White then you’ll keep
those true colors. If you add a pastel shade you’ll obviously get that light
color behind it. But either of those will work to lift off the paint and the
pattern on here. Now this is my first pull so you can see all of my different
patterned areas. Now I’ve got quite a bit left there so I’m now going to do a second pull. Take two. I’m going to use some different colors. And I’m going
to add some additional layers at the end, so look out for those. Thanks for watching. Part Two coming soon!

21 thoughts on “Gel Press Printed Patchwork by Kate Crane PART 1

  1. I love the stuff you do Kate, quick question – do you let all the paint dry before you put the final layer on and pull the print?

  2. Kate, you never let us down, this is so awesome and I really really love 💕 those prints. Thank you so much xxx Mags

  3. Sometimes the feeling of inspiration can be overwhelming. Thank you so much for making it happen 😍

  4. Holy cow Kate! That amazing assemblage behind you!!! Loving this video! Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration. Cannot wait to see Part Two!

  5. I am trying to find these texture plates to purchase and have come up dry. Could you please leave information to help? Thank you

  6. Ohh, so lovely!!! One of the best gelli printing videos ever. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Kate. Can't wait to give it a try.

  7. I have a question. I've been playing with my gel plate today and a lot of time when I pulled the print the paper stuck to the paint in places and ripped, any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I tried both copy paper and 200 GSM card stock and it happened to both.

  8. Love this video. Thank you for giving us beginners such great inspiration!!! I have loved your work for a long long time. Just lovely.

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