Gel Press Print on Anything! Part 2 with Kate Crane

Gel Press Print on Anything! Part 2 with Kate Crane

(Continuation from Part 1 – click (i) link to view.) I am going to start with my feather. This one I have already worked on, as you can see, but I just need a little bit more
decoration on here. I am going to start with some stamping. I think it really
needs edging where I’ve got these white edges. So first of all I am going to go
around with some red using a Distress Ink. And then a little bit of walnut stain, just something dark around the edges. I am going to highlight the bits that I like
with some white pen. And I am picking out some colors with Distress Crayons just to
increase the color that I’ve got there. Little bits of gold paint. Just
stamping the featured word across the middle. Thinking now I might put my
butterfly on front of the house somewhere. To work on the butterfly first of all… Here is my house together. And I have got my butterfly I just want to stitch a little bit on
the butterfly first, then I am going to add a quote and then I am calling that
one done. I am going to move on to the tea bag now. This is small but it’s perfectly workable and you can stitch on it. You can stamp on it,
Collage on it. I’ve got ready a collage butterfly I’m
going to add here and I’ve cut these bits out to make bunting. And this
is from a mop up page I did as I went along. Always useful to have that because
these bits will also match. You can pick out colors that you want. I am going to stamp on the background as I did before. Do some doodling. Build up the background and then do some stitching I added some stitching along the top of my
bunting and a bit down my butterfly. I might just add a little bit of glitter.
And then my tea bag art is done. Now I’m not going to be able to finish all of
these projects in this video, but let me just show you a couple that I finished
as I’ve gone along. Now all of these techniques are exactly the same as what
I’ve used in all of these other finishing off projects. This one, the
altered drinking cup, I finished off in the same way. Just because something
is a shape doesn’t mean you can’t stamp on it. Just make sure your stamps are unmounted, not an acrylic and then you can just bend them and stamp up the same. I
decided to turn this one into a little poetry quote stack. And I put some
feathers in the top. Just snip the top off. And I’m going to keep that on my
workstation so I can remind myself of all these little quotes when I’m working.
This one is the Grungeboard altered grunge board
I’m making that into a piece of wearable art. I finished off in exactly the same
way. The stamping, the doodling. The only difference is with something like
this, if you want to wear it then it needs something like a coat of this: a
spray matte varnish, preferably a spray so it doesn’t make the doodling run. And
then you can wear that. Now you have it no reason why you shouldn’t wear your
art and show it off to the world. Thank you for watching and see you next time!

12 thoughts on “Gel Press Print on Anything! Part 2 with Kate Crane

  1. As with all your projects Kate, another set of lovelies that reflects your good eye for design and color. The house is darling!

  2. Thank you so much Kate, I’ve really enjoyed this and you’ve made a prefect video, showing us all these new techniques and uses if the prints. xx Mags

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! You are so talented! I am new to the gel press and your techniques are really inspiring me!

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