Gel Press Print on Anything! Part 1 with Kate Crane

Gel Press Print on Anything! Part 1 with Kate Crane

Kate Crane here from the North of England in the United Kingdom. I am back with another video for Gel Press with From Prints to Project series. Today I am going to be showing you a really simple print technique, because I
think that not everything has to be complicated to be really effective. So
it is a very, very simple technique. Smooth like card is great for printing
on but you can also print on cereal boxes. I’m gonna have a go of printing on
some balsa wood, and tea bags are fantastic. You empty the tea out. Use the teabags, and
chipboard or mountboard shapes and get these from many manufacturers that make these. And this is a drinking cup I found it in a shop in a big department store. I
like the shape of it so I’m going to have a go at printing on this. So come and join
me. Let’s have a go at printing on anything. And if you are not sure if you can print
on a surface I would say have a go. One of the great things about Gel Press
monoprinting is that you could pretty much print on anything.
So today I’ve picked up a whole variety things I’m going to have a go at. This
is just the back of a cereal box. I’ve got some chipboard shapes. I’ve got a
couple of teabags. This one you can see is a new one that you can buy on the
internet so it’s quite pristine looking. Here is a use teabag dried and I’ve cut a
hole in the back and mostly tipped out the tea leaves. I’ve got a long strip of
Ranger grunge board. I’ve got some shapes from these fabulous little shapes make great additions to your craft projects or journal pages. I’ve got a random piece of balsa wood, more chipboard shapes. These I’ve got no idea if it’s
going to work, but these were drinking cups that were in the shop that I was in with my children yesterday. I thought I would try and print on those as well. So I am going
to try a random selection of things. Some of it will work. Some of it may not work.
One of the things I am going to do is these dark shapes I’m just going to put
a little bit of Gesso on before I start printing. I am going to use my large Gel Press today. I just like that larger size to work on. It means I can probably print several small things in one go. And I’ve got ready anything I have close to hand for adding
texture and pulling paint off the plate. So I’ve got some Tim Holtz Sizzix
embossing folders. Some Carabelle Studio fabulous texture plates. A bit of
corrugated card, some packaging maybe even some stamps to take some paint off
the plates. I’m going to use Dina Wakley Media Paints. You can use any. And
I’m going to try and do some really multicolored background so that when I
take small prints off I’m getting a lot of color. The colors I’ve chosen: when you
choose next-door-neighbor colors on your color wheel you’re always going to get
nice harmonious combinations because these will just blend to make my shades
of orange but it is adding these opposite colors in that makes the whole thing pop.
As soon as you cross the colorwheel, you’ve got the potential to make mud or
a bit of brown on the plate, but by working on this bigger area I could just
go in and select the nice colorful bits that I I like the look of. You can see
I’m working in lots of small dots of color I’m just going to remove some of that
paint some of my texture tools and Here is my little butterfly. (chipboard) (watercolor Art Parts from (grungeboard) (balsa wood) The next prints, same again lots of dots
of color. I am trying not to over brayer it so it does not just become one overall
color. I’m still keeping distinct areas of color in there. (Carabelle Studio Art Texture) (Tim Holtz Embossing Folder by Sizzix) (cereal box) (tea bag) (chipboard shapes) Now for the pointed paper cup experiment. I have no idea if this is going to work so I am not sure how I will get paint all
the way around. But when you see something like that up for grabs in a
shop you’ve got to have a go. So in the spirit of having a go, I
think if I roll it, it might work. Pretty cool, huh? (Add more pattern using stencils.) I’ve got a bit of color on everything
now. Here are my teabags. There’s my balsa wood. Here is the roof of the house. There’s
still a lot of work to be done on these but I’ve got those really bright
colorful layers to start with. Come and join me in part two I’ll show you how we
turn something like this into something like this. See you soon.

26 thoughts on “Gel Press Print on Anything! Part 1 with Kate Crane

  1. Would love it if you present an entire video dedicated to FABRICS/TEXTILES. Some of us like the idea of monoprints as surface design elements. PLEASE include FABRICS.

  2. Awesome projects! Would you remember the name of the Carabelle texture plate? I really like the one you used. TFS. Tere

  3. I love this! I was searching on the Joggles site, and couldn’t find the bird, feather or butterfly- am I missing something? I’d love to get some.

  4. I love your work, Kate! I do have a request, though. When you speed up the video but come to the part where you are showing the results, could you please pause the video for a bit so we can actually see the results as they are being made? 🙂

  5. I keep on seeing people using "Deli" paper, but I'm not sure what it is. Is it greaseproof paper? Tissue paper? Thanks in advance!

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