Gel Press Pretty Planner Pockets Part TWO by Kate Crane

Gel Press Pretty Planner Pockets Part TWO by Kate Crane

We have all of these patterned and textured backgrounds now, so this is what I’m going to do with them. Like many of you, I’m sure, I’m
obsessed with my planner. And I love playing with it and filling it with arty
things as well as using it as my, you know day-to-day kind of planning or
bullet journaling. And I’ve got this Sizzix die here and it creates this
little pocket with these little slots in and I’m going to show you how I’ve got a
couple I started. I’m going to fill it with all of my patterned backgrounds. So
these things will just sort in there I’ve got some ready so this one I’ve
actually cut the window out here and I’ve added a little bit of stitching, of
course. This one I put stitching all the way around and I’ll have something on
the front there. And this one I haven’t got any stitching on. I’ll have something on
the front there. So I’m going to start playing around now. Things I’ve got ready
are white pens, little bits of collage and some stamps. And I’ve got
four, small size stamps because these are going to be very small, for what I’m working on.
A little bit of distress ink just to go around the edges so don’t get those raw
cut edges and punches are quite useful because you can add different shapes to
your tags and ink pads so I can do some stamping. I’ve got my pens I’m just
gonna do a little bit of doodling. If the background is quite dark then I will doodle in a little white. If it’s quite light then I’ll doodle in dark. I got my rounds texture plate although
they’re designed to lift paint off the gel plate we can actually stanp up a
little bit with them. Just bear in mind that the text would come out backwards
when you’re stamping. So I’m just using it to fill in the gaps. And this was my
second pull off the plate, so there were some gaps and I’m just filling those.
There’s a little bit of stamping. I’ve got this teeny, tiny text stamp and I’m
just going to introduce a little bit of black stamping as well. So now I’ve got
my first two tags to go inside pockets. Now I’m going to keep going. I have a hexagon punch here. This is a great way
of having different shapes that still work as a tag. Just want a little bit of
extra stamping on here. I’ve got a variety of tags now ready to go into my little pocket. All the different backgrounds that I created earlier. So
I’ve just cut into strips, even hole-punched circles. And this one I’ve actually typed
but it’s through my typewriter and typed a little quote on there. I also typed on
this sheet music just because it’s a nice color and that’s going to go behind that
window. And then I can put all of my tags and tabs in the pockets ready to go in
my planner. I mean it is my every day planner this
is where I kind of keep track of everything. And what I’ve done in here is on my weekly calendar, I added my little pocket with all my tags and so I can
pull out a tag, journal on it and pop it back in. Add anything else in and I think that
looks great in my planner. For my next one I’m going to add to, this is my Dina
Wakley journal which has got different pages in. So I’ve chosen a calico page to
add my second pocket of tags to.

10 thoughts on “Gel Press Pretty Planner Pockets Part TWO by Kate Crane

  1. Very creative use of gel prints in your journal. Love the open pocket with all your shapes and colors. Thank you.

  2. Hello from Canada, I really love your project Kate. You help me to fall in love with the Gel Press plates! Thank you!

  3. A other greqat project from you, Kate! Would you mind, tellimg me the name of the die set you used? I couldn't see its name, when you held it up. Sure seems like a dandy. I always look forward to seeing what you come up with next with the Gel Plate. Thanks for all your videos, as you always inspire me with your style and playfulness.

  4. Great video, I have just purchased the smaller Dina wakely journal , could you maybe do a video on some ideas on what to do with it ? Thanks 😃

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