Gel Press Playful Plaid Part TWO with Kate Crane

Gel Press Playful Plaid Part TWO with Kate Crane

Welcome back to part two of playful
plaids. Now these are prints I made in the first video. So for each playful plaid
background, which I created with simple paper strips as masks, then there is also
the ghost print. So I got these multi-layered, super colorful prints. The
first thing I am going to do is turn one of these pages into a background. And I am going to stick it into my journal. I am working in the little Dina Wakley
journal for Ranger. So I am going to trim that down to fit inside there. I have
chosen this one and I trimmed to fit, and I’ve gathered a few things I am going to
add layers with. And if you watched my last video you’ll know how much I love Poscas (paint pens). I am going to have a play with those. I’ve picked out some distress crayons (but oil pastels
would do). I am going to use my Poscas to actually add some splats to the page. I am going to add a little bit of
stamping now. So I’ve just picked out some coordinating ink pads. I am looking to put red on the areas
where I can already see red. On my background I’ve actually created quite a lot of square shapes, so I am going to just pull out some of those now with some
extra color and a little bit of white. Now it’s looking very bright. I am just going to tone it down with a tiny bit of black and a palette knife. Just a few little
marks with a card. Maybe just some bits of gold. I’ve played
about with my background a little bit. So before I stick this into my journal, I am
actually going to use one of the strips that I used for a masking, because
there’s a nice bit of red there. I like the look of that. And I’ve got a few
feathers just out of my collection of bits. And I am going to use those on there
and add a little bit of stitching before I put it into my journal. There we have
my finished art journal page. Just a little playful page. But I’ve got a lot
of prints left, so I am also going to make a couple of tags. Thanks for watching!

18 thoughts on “Gel Press Playful Plaid Part TWO with Kate Crane

  1. This is the type of work I like to do, adding my own marking to bring or create details. What are you using as stamps? I am not familiar with these pads, are they stamps or something else? Your design that you added to the gelli printing to add ”texture” intrigued me. I have not seen soft pads like this before. Is there a name for this product? Like a reverse stencil? I would think you could “stamp off” the color you remove to add color and design on another page. I would like to check into purchasing such products that have multi- functions, and multi-uses in my creative process. I am wondering about cutting up a foam sheet or two to cut out a design from a sheet I would use as the master, and also making a master by adding pieces/shapes to another foam sheet. Have you ever done this? Peace to you! (By the way, do you have a blog? Do you do videos outside of the gel press?)

  2. I really enjoy your videos. You always have such great ideas for using the gel press plates. I was wondering if you could share what punch that was that you used to create the top of the tag you made. I love that it gives you the option of using any papers you have to create different size tags. Thank you!

  3. Kate, I really love 💕 your art videos and they’re all very beautiful and stunning and fantastic…I really love 💕 this one too with that playful page and the tag 🏷 fabulous. Thank you so much xxx Mags

  4. Thank you for another great video. I love this series where you show us how to create the papers in one video, then a second video to show how you’ve used them ❤️

  5. Outstanding!! I love watching you play! You reminded me of some mark making methods I had forgotten about. Can’t wait to get busy and see what happens!! ❤️

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