Gel Press Monoprinted Planner Pockets Part 1 by Kate Crane

Gel Press Monoprinted Planner Pockets Part 1 by Kate Crane

Hello. My name is Kate Crane from the
North of England in the United Kingdom. Welcome back to another From Prints to Project
video for Gel Press. Today I am going to be using these art texture plates by
Carabelle Studio. These are amazing for taking paint off your plate
and giving you instant pattern and texture which proves that not every
background has to be really complicated. This is a very nice, simple but very
effective way of creating pattern and texture. You can make backgrounds like
this. I’ll be showing you how I do these except dropped in some of these already. And I’m going to you what I do with all those patterned papers. Now here is my planner. I love my planner. My life is in here and I’ve used all of my patterned backgrounds to make a pocket full of
textured tags. And in my Dina Wakely journal which is full of different types
of pages, paper and burlap calico I worked on a calico page and I did another one there. So come and join me. Let’s make patterned pockets. Today I am going to be creating some textured
backgrounds I’m going to cut into little strips and pieces to use in my planner.
I’m going to be using these texture plates by Carabelle Studio. I’ve got a
variety here these have been designed so that the text is printed the correct way
when you pull a print off. If you use rubber stamps with something like text
when you sample off your print the text is backwards. So these have been designed
everything works really, really well. They’re simple to use. You can get
immediate texture on your papers. Now I’m just using a 6 inch round Gel Press plate here.
Doesn’t really matter for this I’m going to cut it up anyway. And I’m using my
MISTI stamp platform from My Sweet Petunia. I’m going to put
one of the texture plates on that side and it’s going to line it up roughly and
I’m going to add a couple of colors onto my plate. I just simply press down I’m just using it a smooth card,
nothing special. All that texture, all that pattern and one simple move. This
time I’m going to do something slightly different so I’m just putting a single
color on first. So just got a simple, flat yellow background. I know I’m adding a
contrast color and now I can add that on top of my
yellow print I changed my texture plate and I’m going to add
three or four colors onto here so I get a nice contrast with the other
prints. Just picked up a second print there because that gives me a nice bit of contrast as well. It’s much lighter but it’s got the same colors in the same
pattern. I’ve changed to a different size plate and I’ve picked out a different
texture plate and I’m going to put a whole load of different colors on here. Thanks for watching. Come back in a few days for Part Two.

18 thoughts on “Gel Press Monoprinted Planner Pockets Part 1 by Kate Crane

  1. Ooh I didn’t know you were a planner girl:) love this project, I always enjoy your work! I bought the tin to put my gel plate in, do I still need to cover it with plastic? Thanks for any help xx

  2. These are wonderful, earlier this morning I ordered a few. Watching you I'm wondering if it is possible to get a double sided image by instead of pulling off the one print, close the positioner on the texture plate?

  3. Thanks Kate, another great tutorial and I love the prints. Looking forward to seeing the next video. 😊❤️

  4. I can't find the two round ones you used at the beginning. I'm in the U.S. Do you know if they are available here?

  5. WoW this is so cool…. ive no stamp platform but love my gelli plates. I think I shall treat myself on payday and buy a couple of carabelle plates and a stamp platform. You make it seem so easy and your results are so great. I like the idea that I'm not worrying about getting the gelliplate to the paper and the stamp plate…….its all Soooooo easy. Cant wait to try this.
    I use Carabelle stamps and love their quality, I hope the plates are as good.

    I just love learning new skills. Thank you so very much for sharing your world with us. Kindness and Respect….Mandy R

  6. Thank you so much Kate, again a fantastic and brilliant video showing what can be achieved with the Gelli plate. xx Mags

  7. Oh Kate, how I love all of your work! Where can I purchase these texture plates? I want to add them to your other beautiful plates❤️

  8. what inks are you using in this? tried to go back and see if you mentioned which ones I'm sure you use the same ones in other videos but couldn't see the information on what you were using?

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