Gel Press Faux Watercolour with Kate Crane – Part 2

Gel Press Faux Watercolour with Kate Crane – Part 2

Welcome back to part two. Here are the
prints I made in part one. And in this video I’m going to show you how I turned
that background round into something like that. So I’ve gathered a few more
supplies. First of all I’ve got some tags. I’m going to cut some of this down to
fit onto the tags. I’ve also got some cards just to make a greetings card with
a matching piece of cream card to go on the top. To finish off these backgrounds I’ve picked out some Ranger Archival Inks in
colors that kind of match what I’ve created on here. So I’ve got a bit of
orange there, I’ve got some blues, I’ve got my reds, and a we’ll need some black
anyway. I’ve also picked out some distress crayons because and if I want
to add some extra color then that’s what I will use to build up the color in the
background. I’ve picked out a random selection of background stamps. As you
can see I’ve taken part of the prints I’ve cut them out I’ve trimmed them to
fit. I’ve got three tags and a greetings card. I’m going to take some white texture
stamps now and just randomly stamp all over these backgrounds. I am going to bring in my white pen now to do a little bit of doodling around some of the stenciling that I did right back in the
first video and then I’ll add some extra color. I picked out again corresponding
color so I can just increase the color I’ve already got there. Just some last steps now on the
backgrounds. I’m going to add some touches of black and gold with some junk
stamping and also I think when you cut things down smaller they do look better
if you just edged them with a little bit of distressing or something similar. To help my featured bee I’m going to stamp
it onto the offcuts of the leftovers. So put the basics now with my tag
toppers, I stuck my bee down so that his wings are
free. All I’m going to do now is add some stitching around the edges (which
stitching was always optional but I always like the look of it) and I’ll probably add a
little bit of Stickles to the bee.

36 thoughts on “Gel Press Faux Watercolour with Kate Crane – Part 2

  1. You are such a magician by first making this great prints and then turning them into this amazing pieces of art! You always amaze me and make me want to take my gelli plate! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for the prompt regarding adding white to work. Not something I have ever thought about our tried. When I did, it made a real difference to the paper. Gave the work another level.

  3. I said I needed to watch part 2 so before I forget again…..
    Beautiful bee tags & card! You make it look so easy but from starting with gel press/plate, there are a number of steps before finished project! Especially liked the random stamping & addition of black & gold. Fab & inspiring! Tfs. Caroline😺

  4. So nice, thank you for sharing. I love the cube (4 sides) stamp that you used. Would you know from which company? Hello from Canada!

  5. Hi Kate – yes to another British artist!! I love your gel plate video – so many great ideas – but – can I just say the music was far too loud, you have a lovely soft voice to listen to them BAM I had to turn the music right down – then back up to hear you. Sorry, but I'm sure you'd want to know.

  6. I love this technique so much I will be hauling out my Gel Press and I'll give it a try. These would make such great backgrounds for my greeting cards. Don't miss part 1. I even have a new Bee stamp that I haven't used yet. 🙂

  7. Kate, I’ve now watched this again in the right order!!!!! I really love 💕 those tags 🏷 and card from you’ve made. Superb!!!!! I’m definitely going to have a go at this. xxx Mags

  8. Merci beaucoup pour ce beau tuto !!! Dès que je recevrais ma gel press, je vais essayer de le mettre en pratique !!! Bisous 😉

  9. Such vision you have, when I saw those backgrounds in Part 1, I thought ooooh, kinda ugly, but by the time you were finished, I was absolutely in love. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Love your tags and cards, they are beautiful. I enjoyed the video very much except for the volume of the music – way too loud!!

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