Gel Press Dylusions Spray Ink-alicious! Part 2 with Kate Crane

Welcome back to part 2. Now in this video
I am going to turn my prints, my very bright colorful Dylusions prints into
some greetings cards. I have already made a start here on this square white card and
I’ve cut three squares of my prince to layer them up and on a couple of them
I’ve cut a little black piece as well just to mount them on I’m going to have
them layered like this and then I’ve cut out a circle on the top and eventually
I’m going to add one of the Ranger butterflies something I do like to do
whenever I cut down a print to use on something small like this is just to ink
the edges with a bit of distress ink or similar just to get rid of those white
cut edges I’m introducing just a little bit of texture stamping now on this one
just around the edges because that’s the only bit that’s going to show then I’m
going to introduce some black on this main piece so that when I put my black
butterfly on it kind of pulls everything together gold acrylic paint the edge of a card
just add some nice touches to this central piece I did some stitching around the edge of
the little red panel here and I’ve got some 3d fixes on the back of my central
panel so that I’m ready just to come back now as my final layer I’m going to
make a second card just with some little collage ideas so I’ve cut my squares
just getting gradually smaller and then a longer rectangle to sit on top and
then I’ve ruled it a piece of one of my green prints in half and I’ve cut out
just a leaf shape that I’m going to lay it on top of first of all I’m going to
ink all of the edges

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