Gel Press Dylusions Spray Ink-alicious! Part 1 by Kate Crane

Gel Press Dylusions Spray Ink-alicious! Part 1 by Kate Crane

This is Kate Crane with another video for
the Gel Press #fromPrintstoProject project series. And today I am using my Dylusions ink
sprays. Now these aren’t the most obvious thing to use on your gel plate. Because
of the high fluid content they do tend to bead up a little bit. But I wanted to
experiment and see if I could get them to work because I really like the very,
very bright colors in this range. So I had a play to see if they would work on
their own. I tried a combination with acrylic paint. I did some pull-off prints.
And I managed to get some really nice bright prints like this. It is messy. Not
going to lie. It is a super messy technique. But you do get some very nice bright colored
results. And I used my prints to make some simple layered greetings cards. I guess you know that you always need a card. Thanks so much for watching. I am going to play
with my Dylusions inks on the gel plate today. Now really these inks are designed for porous surfaces. So straight onto card
paper and so on. But they are such fantastic, bright colors that I wanted to find a way to make them work on the gel plate. If you spray them straight onto the gel
plate they do tend to bead up. And if you can see where it’s beaded here. It gives
you results a little bit like this. I wanted to find a way of making it work.
So I find a combination of the inks with a very thin layer of acrylic paint, means
you can start to play and create some really bright prints. Here are some I’ve already been playing with. And you can also get some interesting and kind of mop-up pull-off prints, so you get your coordinating papers. I am using my 8″ by 10″ Gel Press. You can use any size. I am going to cut my prints down. Probably to make greetings
cards, I think. And I am going to start with a layer of Titanium White. This is a Royal Talens Amsterdam Standard. When that paint layer is dry, I am going to spray on some of the Dylusions. Now I am choosing Cherry Pie and Bubblegum Pink because those colors will blend. And then I am going to add some Pure Sunshine through a stencil. So at the moment those colors all blend nicely. I put in my stencil, straight down on wet ink. (Light Rose by Royal Talens Amsterdam, to lift off the leftovers.) There is some subtle pattern on here. This means I have got my coordinating papers. This time I am just going to remove some
of that ink with some kitchen roll. For a different look again. I am trying it
without paint this time, so you can see the difference. I am starting with
Turquoise. I am going to add some Lime through a stencil. Thanks for watching! Join me soon for Part Two.

22 thoughts on “Gel Press Dylusions Spray Ink-alicious! Part 1 by Kate Crane

  1. Such gorgeous prints! I’ve played a bit with spays on my Gel Press, but really love the results you got here. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hello, then I ask you where you buy your stencil j looking for one but can not find it I'm in FRANCE. DO YOU HAVE A LINK PLEASE,



  3. Those prints are so yummy! Do you put a layer of white after each print? Does this stain your plate if you don't add the white layer first?

  4. I use matte medium instead of the white paint, and that keeps the paint from being muted even a little bit. One could also use clear gesso.

  5. Do the Distress Oxide sprays work the same as this on the gel press? I have wanted to try them but no clue what to do with them on the plates. TY.

  6. Fabulous colours. I thought they might have stained the gel plate, but they don’t seem to have done. I wonder if I could use tinting base (decoArt) as the base layer……

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