Gel Press Customised Planner Stickers Part 2 by Kate Crane

Welcome back to part two. I’ve got all my
patterned papers here that I made with bits of junk, as well as stencil. Lots of
layers. And I am going to make some stickers to go into my planner. Now you
can make stickers to go into any planner or journal. This year I’m working in a
Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas. And every week starts like this, with lots of
space at the top. So I am going to make stickers to go into each space here. And
then be maybe a few extras for the page as well. So my first job is to look for
the interesting bits in each page and then cut it to size. Got my sticker shapes cut to size and
now I’m going to add more detail to really pull out the color. I’ve got some
paint pens at the ready, some Distress Crayons. You could use anything: Gelatos,
Neo Colors… anything to add a little bit of extra color. And I am just going to go
in now and define some of these shapes that I have already created. Now just before I turn these into
stickers, I am going to also stamp some little designs, that I can also turn into
stickers, and then I can add it to the rest of the page and tie it all in together. Okay. I’m ready to make stickers now.
Usually I would do this in a big batch run and then I’ve got a whole bag full
of stickers so that when I’m doing my planner on a weekly basis I’m not
starting again all the time. I’ve got a bag of stickers to choose from and now
for the fun bit. I get to put my stickers in my planner. Now we have my decorated planner all
ready to plan. Thanks so much for watching. See you next time!

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