Gel Press Customised Planner Stickers Part 1 by Kate Crane

Hello. Kate Crane here with another video
for the Gel Press #fromPrintstoProject series. Now I am using my 8 by 10 Gel Press today to create some simple patterned pieces. Now not everything has to be a marathon.
Sometimes it is just really fun to play about with stencils, masking, a bit of
junk stamping and just build up some patterned sheets that are great to cut
up and use. So I am not looking at the overall print today. I am looking at small
bits of pattern that I can pull out. I’m going to be showing you today how I make
stickers to go in my planner. Now don’t get me wrong, I love commercial stickers
as much as the next person. But there is something really special about being
able to use your own artwork and customize your planner or your art
journals. So I am going to be using my little Xyron sticker maker. And I am working in a Happy Planner so I can create and add all of
my own decoration here and also stamp and make little stickers that way. Now
usually when I do this at home I will print and make a whole load of stickers, so I’ve got them already in a folder, or in a Ziploc bag ready to add to
my journals when I need them. So every week I just pull out the stickers
and away we go. It is also a great way of using up your
offcuts. Every single bit of my prints gets used for something. Thanks for
watching. Today I am working on my 8 by 10 Gel Press plate. I’ve also got the tag (from our co–brand set of 3, with Ranger Ink) just to use with my brayer as a palette. Now because the focus today is pattern
building and layering I’ve gathered lots of bits for junk stamping about.
Corrugated card, this is a bit of shelf liner, some bits of and packaging, and the
usual bubble wrap. But also in different sizes. I’ve got a a cardboard reel and a
little wooden reel. I’ve also gathered a few stencils,
because these are useful for building up colorful layers on top of
backgrounds. I’ve got a variety of paints. And I’m also going to introduce some
neons for a pop of color in there. And I’ve got just some scrap paper here
that I’m going to use to cut out some little templates to add to build up some
extra layers. So I am just going to start with a bit of Ruby and Magenta and Lemon just to create a kind of tonal mix of colors and I’m going to use some bits of
my junk to just patchwork a pattern. And then with the cardboard tube. Now I am not going to look at this as an
overall print. I am looking for interesting bits of pattern that I can
pull out to create my stickers. I am going to add another layer of circles on top
of that, using a stencil by Carabelle Studio. And I think a touch of hot neon pink Thank you for watching. Join me soon for Part 2!

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