Gel Press Creating Printed Paper Collections Part 1 by Kate Crane

Gel Press Creating Printed Paper Collections Part 1 by Kate Crane

Hello. Kate Crane here. I’m back with
another video for the #fromprintstoprojectwithGelPress series. Today I am playing with
pattern. Mainly finger painting on the gel plate, adding a little bit of pattern
and texture with tools and some extra paint pens. Allowing it to dry and then
picking it up. And I’ve created these almost like vintage roses. It is almost
like a vintage rose pattern on there. One of the great things about creating your
own papers is that when you then use them in your projects the whole project
is yours. And there are really a million things you could do with them. This one is a straightforward origami gift box. There are loads of YouTube tutorials to create something like that. And I’ve created a little tag
to go with it. Because I’ve done several prints and pickup prints I’ve got
coordinating papers. So I’ve used my Sizzix dies to create that kind of thing.
And finally I’ve laid up some of my papers and then added a stamped image to
create another tag. It is a straightforward technique. It is a lot of
fun. You can create lots of coordinated papers. Come and join me. I am using my 8
by 10 gel plate. I think any size will do for this. And I’ve picked out some
colors that I’m going to start with. I am going to create some finger patterns on
the plate because anything that dries on the plate I can lift off with a pick up
layer. And that allows me to play with some pattern on the plate first. I’ve
picked out some yellows, reds and pinks. And I might also use a paint pen because
this also can be pulled off with a pickup print. Now I’ve also got some
silicone tools. So I am going to use these to create some pattern as well. If you
don’t have silicone tools you could just use the wrong end of a paintbrush to
make pattern. Just don’t use anything too sharp. (Please use safe practice by wearing gloves when applying paint) I’m just starting by painting a circle
with my finger. I don’t want this to be too thick as I want to be able to just
lift off a nice thin layer. And then while that’s wet I can just scribble
into that and take that pattern out. I am going to repeat that all over the
plate. While those are drying I’m going to fill in the gaps with some smaller
circles and also just some polka dots with the tip of the silicone tool. I am adding some extra polka dots now with my
white Posca. And also I might just add bits of detail around the edge of some
of these spirals. When you do your pick up print if you want to keep those
colors true and as they are, use a white or a light buff. Or you can use a color
which will give you different results, I’m going to go in with Sky Blue. That is my first print. Now I’ve still got
quite a lot left here so I am going to try now with a different color and see
if I can pull off a little bit more. Thanks for watching. Part Two coming soon!

16 thoughts on “Gel Press Creating Printed Paper Collections Part 1 by Kate Crane

  1. As usual with your craftwork it is so nice ! Looking forward to see the next video and to test that technic. Thanks so much.

  2. I love your wonderful videos! Just wondering do you let the first layer completely dry before lifting the design with the white color?

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