Gel Press Christmas Retro Polka Dots with Kate Crane Part ONE

Gel Press Christmas Retro Polka Dots with Kate Crane Part ONE

Hello. My name is Kate Crane from North
England in the United Kingdom. And the video for Gel Press for you today . Now
today I’m going to show you how I do my vintage, retro polka dot technique using
a stencil. I’m going to pull off lots of prints from the same beginning. Because
then you end up with these coordinating prints that are all quite different even
though it all has the same beginning. And also I’m working on my largest gel plate –
my 12 by 14. Because around the edge what will happen is a lot of extra paint
builds up. And by pulling this off this is often the best bit. All those layers
that get pulled up from around the edge. And that also coordinates with
everything that you’ve already done. I also did a greens and blues version, as
you can see here. So a completely different colorway. And this is really
pulling up every last scrap off the gel plate. Now I think every print has an
interesting bit. There’s always something that you can pull out and use. Now
because it is December, Happy Christmas! We’re going to do some Christmas cards
using the prints and also these simple but whimsical from little tags. I’ve
mounted these on mountboard so this could be a decoration. They could go on a
gift. You could even send them in place of a card. To create my vintage polka dot
effect I’m starting with this stencil by Carabelle Studio and some regular white
acrylic paint. I’m removing the stencil and then I’m just
going to let that dry a little bit, before I go on with my next layer. Now
that these polka dots are touch dry I’m just going to add some more colors on
the top. So I’ve just added a bit directly onto the plate. Spread that
around as a top layer. I’m going to take my first print. And another prints now,
so same again. So now this is touch dry I’m going to add things this time in
layers. So I’m adding some Ruby to start with. Now next layer a bit of
Cheddar. And another layer a bit of Magenta. Another layer – this time I’m
going to add some Lemon. I’m going to go back in with a little bit more Ruby, just
to keep building up these layers. Now as a final layer I’m going to put a very
thin layer of Buff on the top. There is still quite a bit of paint left on
here so what I’m going to try now is lifting it with a different color. So I’m
going on with a turquoise. Use Buff paint again to pickup up all of the yummy edges! Thanks for watching. Join me soon for Part Two!

19 thoughts on “Gel Press Christmas Retro Polka Dots with Kate Crane Part ONE

  1. love your prints. please can I ask what paper and paints you are using. ( I think you are uk based ,as am I, so would be interested in which supplies you are using)

  2. Lovely tags! What do you do with your stencil between each layer? Do you clean it each time or just let the paint dry on it? Thanks!

  3. Love that stencil and the results are gorgeous! When you do the multiple layers are you still allowing the previous layer to dry ? Xx

  4. Watched them the wrong way round but that is ok. So flippin COOL!! Works of art, every one. Especially like the one from plate edges. Really envious right now. Tyfs. C😲🌟

  5. Je ne connais pas cette technique. Très intéressante vidéo. Merci de permettre le sous titrage en français. Bravo.

  6. Thank you so much Kate, I really love 💕 all of those awesome prints you’ve made, absolutely stunning and fantastic. xx Mags

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