Gel Press Alcohol Ink Backgrounds Part 2 with Kate Crane

Gel Press Alcohol Ink Backgrounds Part 2 with Kate Crane

Welcome back to part two of ‘just add
alcohol’. Here are some of the prints that I’m going to be using. So these are the
ones I did on camera, plus a couple of extras that I did as a practice run. And
I’m going to finish those up today. I’m going to make a greetings card. Something like that fits really well on a square greetings card. And I might also
do at the same time, perhaps work on two similar prints together. do one for my
journal and I might turn one of these sunshine ones into a postcard. A bit of
mail art. I’m going to add a little bit of stamping in these gaps in color. So red
on red. And I’ve just picked out some kind of text stamps. And then also in a little bit of black. Now I don’t want to add too much detail
on the top because there’s quite a lot of detail in the print. And these alcohol
inks do pick up a very detailed image. I’m just going to highlight a little bit
with a white pen. I think now it needs some touches of
paint on top layers. So I’m using some black and some gold, and doing some junk stamping. I’m also going to use a palette knife to bring a little bit of black in
around the edge. Thanks for watching! To finish these backgrounds off I’m
going to mount them on a bit of black card. Give myself just a very small or
narrow border. And in the center I’m going to add some of these Tim Holtz
transparent wings. I’m going to stitch but of course stitching is always optional. You can just glue. I like the look of stitching. You can see there now I’ve
added my transparent wings with a little bit of stitching. Stitching around the
edge and that is now sitting in my little journal. I’m just now to finish
this card. I’ve got some tape and glue on the back of my panel. I’ve already done
the stitching. Now we have a completed greetings card. So a journal page and a
greetings card with two of my panels. And I’m just going to finish with one more
to turn this into a postcard. A piece of mail art. Thanks for watching! ‘Almost Bliss’ by Kevin McLeod:

10 thoughts on “Gel Press Alcohol Ink Backgrounds Part 2 with Kate Crane

  1. Can you please give us some instruction regarding stitching techniques? Thank you for the incredibly artistic work you share.

  2. It is always a pleasure to see how you work with colors and textures. Love the effects with the stencils and alcohol inks. You are always inspiring to watch! Have a great week! Best wishes, Dianna

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