Gatlinburg Fall 2018 Episode 2  – The Arts and Crafts Community of Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Fall 2018 Episode 2 – The Arts and Crafts Community of Gatlinburg

Hi, guys and welcome to the vlog. Guess where we are? Any guesses? We’re back in Pigeon Forge. There’s the Christmas place, and we stayed here at the
Springhill Suites last night. But that’s not the focus of this video. Today we’re heading up to Gatlinburg to do something we’ve never done in town. We’re gonna check out the
artist community up there. It’s gonna be awesome, come along. Roll that intro. (upbeat guitar music) All right, guys. We’re just right here, the
first part of Gatlinburg. Just coming in like you’re coming in from Pigeon Forge, here. I’m gonna show you the sign. See where it says North 321 and it’s sort of pointing off to the left. That’s where we’re heading. Okay. You can see the sign right there. I’ll zoom in here so you guys can see. Stoplight number three here. Right of the front part of town is where we’re gonna turn. We’re turning left and
be going up this way, just like those cars
are going up that hill. That’s where we’re heading. All right, guys. And so the main reason I’m giving you the good directions here is cause when I first
found out about this area and started to look it
up, it was hard to find. Because I thought it was
somewhere in downtown Gatlinburg, like around the hotels and
things like that, but it’s not. It’s out here on 321. So hopefully we’re giving
you some good directions, but if you’re ever looking for it just look for the 321
that runs into Gatlinburg and you should be able
to find it on the map. It’s a few miles outside of town here. Actually, technically,
it’s still in Gatlinburg, but this is more like the local
side of Gatlinburg, I guess. Okay, as you’re coming out 321, zoomed in here you can see 3A, and there’s the sign for the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community. So initial impressions of this road, it looks like you’re off
a little side country road ’cause you can see it’s
kind of dark over here. But it’s kind of pretty out here. Looks very local, but that makes sense. All right, we stopped out to the arts and crafts village here. This is a collection of there are several little local craftsmen here. There’s not a whole lot open right now. So we’re gonna take a
little swing around here. Just sort of let you see what we got. So originally in Gatlinburg the
artists and things like that would go to downtown Gatlinburg, where the main shops
are, the main drag is. They would sell their wares to people that came into town that way. But eventually the bigger
shops started moving in, and they decided, due to rising costs of paying the shop owners
and things like that, it’s just not worth it anymore. So they moved back out to their houses out here in the glades. When they moved out here, they discovered an unexpected benefit of moving out here. When you work at your
house all your materials, all your equipment is right there, so easily have access to things
and build their wares here. And it just eventually grew up over time. More and more artists were out here. And actually in the 80s, when the World’s Fair was in Knoxville, over 11 million people visited and this area just exploded. It was just discovered. Since then, more and more
people have come out here, started selling their wares or whatnot. And today it’s an eight-mile loop out here with over 100 different artisans and farmers markets and restaurants. So this is a great place to come, especially if you want
some locally crafted, handmade pottery or furniture or any kinds of crafts
and things like that. You should definitely 100% check this out. Well, anyway, since we’re
at this village here let’s walk around and check and see what kinds of shops we got down here. There’s a little pottery shop we’re going to check out here. Looks pretty neat. All right, we came in
here, and as you can see, look, they’re making
some pottery back here. She’s getting the clay ready to go. And look, what’s his name? – [Female] This is Bear. – [Male] This is Bear. Hi, Bear, you’re a big one. What type of dog are you? – [Female] He’s a Great Pyrenees
with a little bit of Lab. – [Male] Cool. Well, Bear, you got a cool shop here. Let’s check out some stuff. Check out some of the stuff you got here. We got some serving bowls. That’s pretty reasonably priced, $32.00. That’s really cool. And you make all this pottery, is made right here. You don’t mind being on the video, do you? – No, this is the wheel
that we throw everything on. – [Male] Okay, all right. – David Howard is the master potter and he does everything on the wheel. I do all the hand building stuff. So like yesterday I made these baskets. They’re still green, so they’ll dry another couple of days. You can see they’re still
wet, where it’s dark. So I made those yesterday. They’ll dry another day or two before they go into the kiln. We have three electric kilns in the back. And then they’ll come out
and they’ll be bisqueware, which’ll be this color after their bisque. And they’re fired at 1800 degrees. And then I hand paint each one
of them if they have a logo. And then they go back in and they fire at 2300 degrees. And they come out and they’re this color. – [Male] Awesome. – And then everything is microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe. – [Male] Is that normal for pottery? Because I would think most
hand-made pottery like this, I didn’t know that it was
actually dishwasher-safe. – Yeah, the clay that we use. We use standard 112 and
it’s all dishwasher-safe. – Well, that’s great news ’cause when you buy the
bowls and stuff like that you want it to be able to be put in the dishwasher, easy peasy. Let’s check out the
stuff they got in here. They got some bigger bowls. I like that. Oh, even some lamps up here. Check out this chair, Nathan. That is neat. I’ve never seen anything like this, with the pottery or the … – That’s our original design. It’s about ten years in the making to get the design where we wanted it. There’s over 100 hours
in that chair of labor. And the slats that are right here, those alone had to dry for
six weeks in between drywall. – [Male] Oh my gosh. That is impressive, though. How much would this chair cost? – [Female] That one’s $1,000.00. It’s wormy red oak is the wood. And then the black one
over here is cherry wood. – [Male] I mean, honestly, I’m shocked it’s only $1,000.00 (laughs) for that much work that goes into this. – [Female] That’s what everybody says. They’re like, okay. – [Male] You don’t often
see this in places, too. Please touch, that’s awesome. So you can feel what you’re getting and check it out, that’s awesome. Some coffee mugs, about $18.00. Look they’ve got some happy camper, got some sayings going on here on these. This is pretty neat. Pitchers, $52.00. I don’t know, I really feel like there’s great prices in here for these handmade items like this. Look at this plate. That’s really pretty, multicolor. Really solid feeling, dishwasher-safe. Only $28.00, that’s a great deal. And earlier she was
showing us those baskets. And here’s the final basket right here. So definitely if you’re
here, stop out and see Bear. And this is the name of it, Treasures in Earthen Vessels. And that was Shannon that
we were talking to in there. And David is the master potter. All right, let’s see what
else we can find here. We got a store here with some, sells beeswax products it looks like. Nelson Farms. Soaps and stuff like that, looks cool. It looks like some handmade jewelry, and stuff like that, probably. Rose petals. And we’ve got some paintings over here. All right, we stopped in here to Holly and Willow’s Pet Barn. If you’re out here, they’ve got unique little pet-theme crafts
going on here, ornaments. Not to mention a ton of toys. Oh my gosh, Nathan, what do you think Misty would think of these? – [Nathan] Oh, Misty … – [Male] Do you think she
would kill a reindeer? (squeaks) (laughs) – [Nathan] She would
probably kill a reindeer. – [Male] Oh, look, you know
what else we could get her? We could get her some clothes. Look at all these clothes
they have out here. And treats and stuff like that. And look at all these … Oh my gosh, look at this
adorable little princess outfit. I don’t know, Misty, you
might be getting a new outfit. That’s adorable. All kinds of little bows and
caps for your furry friends. That’s awesome. Oh, look at what Lori found. She found a little cute outfit. That’s adorable. – It’s an elf. – [Male] It’s an elf. Hey, look, if we had a boy and a girl dog they could get married. There’s little dresses and little things. Oh my gosh, this is too adorable. This place is awesome. This is their bestseller here. Look at that little
flag they’ve got going. All the little puppies down there. – [Female] Yep, it is our best one so far. – That is adorable. So this is Wonderly, and actually Wonderly’s husband, Eric, is actually the one that sort of reached out to us on Twitter. And sort of piqued our interest. We’ve been to Gatlinburg so
many times, as you guys know. Been watching this vlog
for a while you know we come to Gatlinburg a lot. But we really didn’t know
that this was out here, and so far we’ve had nothing but a great experience out here. So I’ve noticed that there is
lots of Halloween decorations and fall decorations going on
in this little village area. Can you talk about that for a second? – The big push for us out here in the arts and crafts community is for us to get as many
scarecrows in this area. In the next two years we want to win in the Guinness Book of
World Records for scarecrows. So we started this year, and we’re gonna continue to build on it. Holly and Willow’s Pet Barn
has won a platinum plaque. And I have been a control and in charge of all of the different areas, and our complex also won a
platinum plaque, as well. – [Male] That is amazing. – My husband built everything
on the outside, Eric did. All the signs that are
up here, on your way in, with the little scarecrows and the sign that says howdy
y’all and happy fall y’all. He did that. He built this for us. That’s Harvey, my puppy dog crow. So we did all that,
and come Christmas time he’s going to be selling poinsettias. And he’s gonna have a nice
little Christmas outfit on. At Christmas it’s all about snowmen. Eric’s gonna be hand-making
a bunch of snowmen for us. We’re going to have them
all over the complex. And everybody’s gonna have
snowmen everywhere by Christmas. It’ll be everywhere. – Awesome. So definitely come out here, check it out. If you missed the fall decorations, come out here for the snowmen. It’s really neat, they did a
really good job decorating. Definitely come out here, check out Holly and Willow’s Pet Barn. They also have a savory items gift, called So Very Cherry up there. It’s pretty cool. And a Native American shop right there. We also have a little art shop there, with hand-tuned windchimes
and original watercolors. And they also have a metalworking
shop, Blackwolff Knives. We would love to be able to
go into all of you out here, and I highly encourage you, if you’re interested in
any of the shops out here, just to stop on by and check them out. But we wanna keep on going and see as much of this thing
as we can for you guys. So we’re gonna head out now
and check out some more shops. Okay, we’re right up from
where we were at the village. There is this Glades Center. And there is another little
shop right across that way, the Morning Mist Village. This is the woodworking shop here. But check out some of
the baskets they have on display here in the window, wow. That’s the name. Some magnets and things, too. And Lori. We really like this wood shop. We were in there, we did
a little touring around. The owner wasn’t in, so
we didn’t want to shoot. Respect people’s privacy and whatnot. But I will say, just from what
you can see from the windows, these baskets and things, they have all kinds of ornaments, and they had they said 12 different artists that work in this. And everything in there is handmade. If they don’t make it, they don’t sell it. So that’s pretty awesome. But this is the studio here,
Tim Weberding Woodworking. I highly recommend you stop in this place when you’re out here at the
arts and crafts community. All right, let’s see
what else we can find. Right in the back here we’ve got the Timbers Log Cabin restaurant. It looks like an old-timey log cabin. That’s pretty neat. And Lori wants to show you what we got. Look at this little box we got. Isn’t that unique? I don’t think I’ve ever
seen anything quite like it. All right, we found this cool
little mall area out here with all these little neat shops. And it actually looks like
apartments right above them. Guess they could be timeshares, but it looks to be people’s
apartments up there, too. Jewelry and pottery right there. Photography and glassblowing over there. Kind of hard to see, but there’s soap. It’s a soap company, Misty
Mountain Soap Company. Got a little Custom Creations by Beth. They sell a little bit
of everything in there. This is cute, though. Isn’t this true? It’s all about the candy. All right, so we were just right here at the covered bridge complex. And we’re gonna keep on going around, and so now we’re going down Buckhorn is the next little leg
that we’re gonna do. Before we left the arts colony here, we thought we’d stop here at
this Three Jimmy’s restaurant. It’s like a local place here,
with a cool patio and stuff. Excellent food. So much food for such a reasonable price. I would highly recommend this place. Did you guys like what you got? – Yeah, it was really good. And like you said, there’s a ton of food. I couldn’t eat at all. – [Male] It was awesome. – Yeah, I liked it. I just couldn’t eat my
last piece of chicken. – I really liked it. – All right, there wasn’t a whole lot on that Buchanan Road. It was like, as we drove by we saw it. But there was a few more shops. And actually, though, Wild Plum Tea Room. Wanna give a shout out to that. That was voted one of the top ten places to eat in Tennessee. So it’s pretty hard to get
in there, from what I hear. So if you wanna go out there I’d suggest going out early. But anyway, that was a great little trip. We stopped at the main little villages and checked those out, it looked like. But I think that’s gonna end it for now. What did you guys think
of the artist community? – I liked it. I got this at one place. – [Male] Yeah, what’d you think, David? – I really liked it, and I liked all their
crafts that they had. It looked really cool. – Unique gifts for people. – [Male] Very unique, right? – Yeah. – I would suggest if you
want something made local and by one of these craftsmen
out here or whatever, definitely check out this community. Support the local artists
that are out here. It’s awesome, it’s amazing. There’s a lot of great people that we met. We couldn’t film in every shop, so we respected their wishes. We’ll definitely be coming out here again next time we’re in Gatlinburg, but I’d suggest coming out
321 outside of Gatlinburg and checking this out
next time you’re in town. All right, guys. Thanks a lot for watching. Peace and love. (bright electric guitar music)

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  1. We buy dishes from Walmart, but we loved looking at the beautiful craftsmanship. Interesting to hear the history of it. Most thorough video I've seen of this area. Great work as always.

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