Gastly Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Gastly Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today it’s going to be very spooky. We will create Gastly. This is what Gastly looks like in this mobile game . You may have heard about it Pokemon Go. We start by using some black clay, but first let’s create the inner part of Gastly. This is just some toilet paper and we wrap around some aluminum foil and we want to get a very lightweight ball we can place on top of our stand, which we will create after the figure. And you want to get this black clay as thin as possible and just wrap it around and you get a very clean ball without any fingerprints. Just closing the gap. And we are almost there. I think Gastly is one of the easiest Pokemons to create. For the mouth we are mixing our own color. This is just some pink and red and we get a very light red. We are slicing the mouth. This is literally slicing piece out of this ball. Don’t care about the filling just remove it and just place this piece of red clay inside. And, well we have just to put it inside and it really looks nice. And after that we can create two teeth. These sharp, Gastly teeth. And, well that’s it for the mouth. I’m starting to scratch where the eyes will be and actually there are some kind if lines also on 3D model in Pokemon Go between the eyes. So I decided not only to scratch them with the scalpel but also to make these tiny bright like warms and mix that black with just some red and what we have to place it right on these scratches. But if you like these scratches are also fine, you can go with that as well. We just need some grey. Start with the grey ball and cut out two semicircles we got here. Just adding some more grey. These will be the eyebrows and after that just cut a very thin layer of white clay. Place it above and cut away the extra clay you don’t need. Well, these eyes are very simply made. Just need to add some black for the iris. I think the most difficult part of these eyes is to get them a bit curved. This is what I am doing right now. I’m placing them on a pile of aluminum foil so that they stay curved. And you have to be sure that the iris are right in place. OK, lets finish the stand. I started with the aluminum wire. Just stick it through the clay and we are ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked Gastly. The last part is to glue everything right together. Make sure that the eyes are in the right position. And for the stand well, you have to prepare it. Just drill the hole right into Gastly. You won’t like it, but well it’s necessary. And you need this, some purple wool, for this is fog, it is gas. In my Koffing video everyone wrote: it’s not, what did I say fog, it’s smog but I don’t know. So whatever, it just looks fine, but thanks for correcting me, anyway. Yeah. In the end it is just a wool and it looks just amazing for this kind of effect. OK that’s it. Please participate in the poll I created. These are the most requested Pokemons you wanted me to create next. I guess, that’s it. Thank you so much for all the suggestions. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you next time. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Gastly Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. I beg before your feet to do a shuppet from pokemon… plaease please please im so new in pokemon but the first thing when i saw this little flying cuteness, I googled it watched the anime episode, and fell in love wtih it so please please do it!!!!

  2. One question how do you manage to put the clay on the he clay with out mixing it cause one time I was making kyoger and the red and wight clay sort of mixed and left a pink outer line

  3. Me: Step 1: Roll tin foil ball- done
    Step 2: Cover with clay – done
    Step 3: Make slit for mouth- also me: cuts have of the ball

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