Gary B.B. Coleman – The Sky is Crying

Gary B.B. Coleman – The Sky is Crying

The sky is crying Can’t you see the tears roll down the street The sky is crying Can’t you see the tears roll down the street I’ve been looking for my baby And wonder where can she be I saw my baby early one morning She was walking on down the street I saw my baby early one morning She was walking on down the street You know it hurt me, hurt me so bad it made my poor heart skip a beat I got a bad felling, my baby she don’t love me no more I got a real bad felling my baby she don’t love me no more Yah the sky’s crying … Can see you see the tears roll down my nose

100 thoughts on “Gary B.B. Coleman – The Sky is Crying

  1. I am a 51 y/o Cuban from Miami. As a music producer, I really appreciate the quality of this music. It is iconic, soulfulness has a place, and it is Blues Music. Please let's keep it alive.

  2. I'm a 22 year old woman, from CT, US. I'm listening to this on the train back home, on this lovely Sunday evening. Enjoy life, enjoy music 🌑🌾

  3. Eu sei la, soa solitario mas me acolhe
    Eu to pensando muito sobre sei la oque, so uns pensamentos vagos
    Eu me sinto vazia
    Sem sentido dar sentido a poha toda
    Eu to cansada
    Ha uns dias atras fui bem feliz
    Mas agora isso não faz mais parte de mim
    Parece que faz um tempão
    Eu to sozinha
    De verdade
    Minha alma não se encontra com ninguém ja faz um tempo
    Não consigo acreditar no que disseram
    É que pra mim tanto faz
    Mas ainda sim eu to aqui
    Cansada, mas não consigo dormir porque preciso enganar minha alma
    Acho que eu vou embora, vale mais a pena ne ? Nem sei mais
    Eu to fingindo pra mim mesma que é esse o meu auge, mas na vdd eu to na merda, e que se foda a porra toda.

  4. I remember when Iran cut off America in the 90's so they continue keeping women as slaves, children were not doing much better… The sky didn't cry but the wind did blow really hard when I heard they were attempting to keep up such things… Kept saying things like "Mohammed says…" The best thing Mohammed did in my opinion was stop the devil worship in Mecca. Destroyed the false idols, and such… What he did after he got famous is like what happens to musicians and actors when they reach the "top" sometimes… It's really not that I am speaking badly of him, I just think prophet, or no prophet the power went to his head, there are a few stories in the bible and other texts where others sent by GOD/LOVE/Allah got of track, this world is made to have free will, that means you can make mistakes…

  5. Think this Blues telling it like it is❤️🌹Heaven cry’s every time one heart is broken for selfish reasons.🌧Sad but ever so true.His voice delivers the message perfectly.

  6. i listen this when i walk on the street in rain and wow it's realy realy realy nice thank you Gary for this amazing 9 minutes moment in my life every day

  7. In the year 2525 people will still be listening to this song… if people are still around by then. At the very least this song will be in the broadcast sphere around our planet for some alien ham radio kid to pick up in a few thousand years.


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