GAME MASTER Took Off His MASK!  (True identity at Secret Meeting reveals mystery box trap at 3am)

GAME MASTER Took Off His MASK! (True identity at Secret Meeting reveals mystery box trap at 3am)

– Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. We just dropped off Daniel, our cameraman, after Rebecca attended the secret meeting with the quadrant dressed
up as the RZ twin. – Yeah, the real RZ twin actually came and we got away, but they chased us. But during the meeting
we found out some clues and information that
we think might help us find the Game Master. – Game Master is still missing right now. – Hold on Matt. – What?
– Someone’s following us. – Is it the white car, like a couple cars back? – [Rebecca] Look, the white car. – I’m gonna try to lose ’em, okay? – [Rebecca] Okay. He’s coming!
– [Matt] Oh my god. – [Rebecca] They’re coming behind us now! – [Matt] Hold on, hold on!
– [Rebecca] Go, go, go! – [Rebecca] They went past! – Okay. It’s a dead end. – [Rebecca] Matt, the white
car went straight past. They didn’t see us. – I’m still really cautious
right now, Rebecca. I think we might of lost him. It doesn’t– Rebecca, hold on, hold on. Is that the same one? Across the street over there? See that? Right there?
– I thought that the other car was a Lexus, but I’m not really sure. But you remember when we
were going to the laboratory there were a bunch of white
vans and cars following us. I hope it’s not them. – [Matt] I think it
might be safe to go home. Is that the same car? – That’s the Lexus. That’s the Lexus from earlier! But they’re going that way, we need to go. We need to get going back to the place. – Comment below if you
think our apartment is safe, or where you think the safest
place would be right now. They’re behind us, they’re behind us. – [Matt] No, no. Going in, going in, going in! – [Rebecca] Go, go, go, go, go! They passed!
– [Matt] They passed, okay. Now we can get home. – Okay, go lock upstairs, Matt. I’m gonna lock down here. – [Matt] Okay. Okay, we’re all locked up, babe. – Whoever that was, I’m
pretty sure we lost them. I think it might have
been the Quadrant though. – [Matt] Why were they following us? – I mean they saw us
at the secret meeting, and started chasing us, so maybe they didn’t want us to hear, or see, what was going on? – [Matt] I just got a message from the GM. – The Game Master? I thought he was missing? – This is so weird. “I just escaped from the RZ twin, and we need to meet in person. I need your help.” – [Rebecca] So the RZ
twin took the Game Master, and that’s why he was missing. So, he wants to meet with us? – Yeah, he said, “I think it’s time for
me to take my mask off and show you my true identity.” – [Rebecca] Like a face reveal, of the Game Master? – “Sending coordinates now.” – [Rebecca] Maybe because we
helped him stop the event, he needs our help now for
whatever’s happening next? – Okay, so the Game Master got away. He’s not missing anymore. – That’s crazy, and he
wants to do a face reveal! We’re gonna finally figure
out who the Game Master is! – Sending coordinates now, so we’re gonna meet with him in person. – What was that? – Supply drop. – Supply drop from the Game Master! That’s how he’s sending the coordinates! I bet he’s doing this
because he can’t get in, because the Quadrant might be around. – [Matt] I locked the door. – Yeah! – [Matt] It is a box. – But, there’s no parachute? – [Matt] That’s a good point. – All the supply drops that we’ve gotten from the Game Master have
come with a parachute, and he drops it and we think
it’s from a drone or something. – [Matt] Doesn’t seem like there’s any drones at all right now. – How did the Game Master get it here? – [Matt] Alright, let’s
get it back inside. – Alright. – Alright, so we just got a supply drop, we think from the Game Master. – Yeah. – But it looks a little bit different. – A little bit, you’re right, I mean it didn’t have the parachute. The Game Master’s been missing, so maybe he doesn’t have
all his spy supplies, you know? – [Matt] Before we open this, we should probably call Daniel, to see if he has any information as well. – You’re right, okay,
let me FaceTime Daniel. Daniel also doesn’t know that the Quadrant chased us after we dropped him off. Hey Daniel! – Hey. Did you guys make it back okay? – No, actually, after we dropped you off, we think the Quadrant might
have still been following us, and we went on a car chase! I think we lost them though, we’re back here at our apartment, we locked all of the doors, but then Matt got a message
from the Game Master? – Really? That’s strange, I haven’t had any communication with him. – I think he might of just escaped and been able to send a
message to Matt’s Apple Watch, because I didn’t get it either. And I guess the Game Master
wants to do a face reveal, and meet up with us
because he needs our help. – Okay, Beck keep me posted how it goes. – Okay, keep trying to hack
into the Quadrant’s system. – Stay safe.
– Okay, bye. – [Matt] I guess it’s
time to open the box! – The Game Master had us
do spy ninja training, these might be spy gadgets! Maybe he’s planning something bigger, so we can defeat the Quadrant again? What if there’s something else going on? – [Matt] Okay, what’s in there? It’s a piece of paper. – It’s coordinates. – [Matt] Oh! – This is where the meeting is! It’s gonna be where we finally see who the Game Master really is. – [Matt] Who do you think it is? – Do you think it’s a Youtuber? Chad Wild Clay? Steven Sharer? Carter Sharer? – [Matt] It would be a weird twist, is if it was Daniel, our camera man. – Okay, let’s see. And then there’s this. – [Matt] What is that? Gold bar! – Matt, do you think this is
like a USB device, you guys? Comment below what you think this is. – [Matt] What’s on it, there’s– – There’s like, writing. – [Matt] It looks like
it might be in like, Chinese, or something. – I can’t read Chinese, I have no idea what that says. – [Matt] Oh, there’s like a little lever on the back here, Beck. Look at that! – It is, it’s a USB drive! – [Matt] Should we put it in? – I think we first need to go and meet up with the Game Master because he’ll be able to
tell us what to do with that. – [Matt] Good point. – So, you guys, smash the thumbs-up button if you are excited for us to go meet up with the Game Master and
finally do a face reveal. This is crazy! – [Matt] I can’t believe
this is happening! – I can’t believe we’re gonna
finally figure out who he is, and we’re gonna be able to help him! – [Matt] Are you excited, or–
– This is crazy, I have no idea! Do we need anything else? Well, I have my hoodie on so, the Game Master will know it’s me, and you guys, if you want any of my merch, link is there. Here’s a shout-out to some of you guys that have been posting pictures in your ZamFam merch on Instagram. So, thank you guys so much, and let’s go do this! – [Matt] Oh, let’s grab the coordinates. Alright, so we just put the coordinates in our GPS right here that
we got from the Game Master. – I can’t believe that we are about to see who the Game Master is. You guys, comment below if
you trust the Game Master. I feel like, after the event, everything the Game Master said was true, and so I think that we
should be able to trust him. – Absolutely. Alright, so we’re just
getting up to the location. We followed the coordinates, led us up to this spot right now. – Matt, I don’t have service here. – Hold on, let me check. I don’t have service either! – It might be because
we’re so high up right now, you guys, look at this view. We’re so high up. Oh my god. – So, it looks like the coordinates are leading us right up
this trail right up here. Right up there. – Okay so, hopefully the
Game Master reveals himself, because we don’t know who he is! So high. – We are in a wide open spot out here. There’s a lot of people here. What if the Game Master
doesn’t have his mask on? He could be anybody. – Anyone. Guys keep your eyes open. If you see the Game
Master or anyone you think might be in like black sweats. Maybe he’s wearing black sweats! So there’s two ways to go. We can go your left, or your right. Comment below which one. – [Matt] Do you think they
both lead to the same location? Which one you think is
gonna take us there? – Okay, so, I guess we’ll go this way? I don’t know, hopefully we’re right. – [Matt] Whoa, there’s a lot of shrubbery. Looks like a dead end!
– A dead end? – [Matt] Can you get up through there? Here, you want me to try
– It doesn’t look like it. – [Matt] Yeah, it looks
like this is a dead end. – So, if you guys commented left, thumbs up your comment because clearly this was not the right way. – [Matt] Whoa, look at that view though. – Look, a pool! Last to sink wins 10,000 dollars. We could do that with the Game Master! – [Matt] Yeah, what if the
Game Master’s Mr. Beast? That would be a plot twist. – I hope not. Whoa, it’s like a huge drain. – [Matt] Are these all clues up here? This one looks like
it’s backwards somehow. E-D-I-L-Z? What does this say? Water! Must be this tall for water slide. – [Rebecca] Water slide? – [Matt] Water slide! – Oh my gosh. – [Matt] Can you imagine if there was water?
– This would be a fun water slide! – [Matt] We should come
back when it rains. What? – What if this is where the
Game Master has all his meetings with the people that are working for him? We should ask Daniel and Pumpkin Patch, aka Rocky, you guys. We don’t have service right now.
– [Matt] We don’t have service – It’s up here, Matt? – [Matt] Yeah, looks
like it’s up this way. – Okay. I’m glad I changed my shoes you guys, because it is muddy here. – [Matt] Yeah. – Are we getting close, Matt? – [Matt] Last time I checked, it was right up here, but my GPS isn’t working anymore because my cellphone coverage is out. There’s something white up there. You think that’s like, something for us? – That’s the only clue we’ve had so far! – [Matt] What is it? The Game Master mask! – [Matt] He’s gonna
show us his face today. – Did you guys recognize that beforehand? I didn’t even notice that it was his mask. – [Matt] Do we touch it? We touched it. – If this is the Game Master’s mask, that means he has no mask on right now. He’s gonna reveal his face
because he doesn’t have his mask. He took off his mask! What is that? An X! – [Matt] X marks the spot! – Maybe it’s an X. So, this must be where the meeting is. So, I guess we just wait here and the Game Master will show up. – [Matt] Was there anything else on this? I mean, just coordinates though, right? – Latitude, longitude, the coordinates. Oh look! – [Matt] Oh, it’s like an X! – A plus, which is right here! This has to be where the
Game Master’s gonna be. – [Matt] X, and a plus, or is it just two pluses? – You guys, comment below
if you think this is a plus or an x. I don’t know, something feels
weird about this though, right now. – It’s weird that the Game
Master didn’t contact Daniel. – Yeah, like if he escaped why
didn’t he contact all of us? – [Matt] Oh, there’s
somebody coming downhill. Is that the Game Master? This might be it, Beck. – Okay, that’s not the Game Master. Why wouldn’t the Game Master come out? He said he wanted to meet us here, we’re here, we’re
waiting, what’s going on? – Okay, what if it’s not a X, and what if it’s not a plus sign? What if it’s an X and a Y, on a axis. – What? – Like a quadrant. There’s four different spots, look at it. One, two, three, and four. What if this is the sign for the Quadrant? – If this is the sign for the Quadrant, that means that the Game
Master’s still missing. But who contacted you then? – Was that the Quadrant? – If that was the Quadrant then that means that this is a trap, Matt. That we’re here, this is a set-up! This is a trap, we need to get going! – [Matt] What is that? – [Rebecca] Matt, there’s a noise coming from the bushes right there! Go over here! – [Matt] There’s a trail down here! – Matt! They’re all coming towards us. We gotta go this way! – [Matt] There’s another one! – Come on, we gotta get back! Hurry! We gotta get back! – We gotta go. Come on, Beck! Come on, Beck! – [Matt] Here we go. – We need to call Daniel right now, so we need to go where we can get service, and get back to our place. I don’t see them, let’s go. Okay, I have service now,
I’m gonna call Daniel. Hey Daniel! – Hey guys. – Hey, so the Game Master was not there, the whole thing was a trap, I believe set-up by the
Quadrant or RZ twin, we are not sure. – Okay, you were able to escape, but are they following you now? – No, I don’t think so. I think we got away from them, I think we’re gonna go
back to our apartment right now though. – Okay, I have a plan. I’ll call you back in a few. – Okay, thanks Daniel. Sounds good. Alright. So, Daniel said he might
have a plan for us. We just need to get back to the apartment so we can figure all of this out. That was all a trap! I can’t believe that we thought we were gonna see the game master. ZamFam, do you think I should
put this into my laptop and see what is on this USB drive? – [Matt] It’s a little bit of a risk, that’s not from the Game Master, what if there’s like, something on there to
hack into your computer, or a tracking device? – You’re right. If this was all a trap, then that means that by putting this in, they might be able to
hack into our computer, or other things! What if this is also
part of the cabin, Matt? Remember all the lights we found? The hidden cameras? – [Matt] Rebecca, don’t do it. I don’t think you should do it. You need to keep your laptop clean. – [Rebecca] True, and if this
was sent by the Quadrant, there’s a reason they want
me to put it into my laptop, and it can’t be good, right? – [Matt] Daniel’s calling. – Okay. Hey Daniel, did you find anything out? – Okay, Rebecca, do you remember Operation Switch? – Operation Switch? Yes, they said that at the secret meeting when I dressed up as RZ twin. – Well, I think the RZ
twin is still trying to switch places with you, that’s why they’re trying to trap you. – Okay. – So, collab’s seem to be the easiest way that they can switch you out. – Daniel, you’re right. She was at the Ro Pansino collab, and what if she was trying
to replace me there, and Ro wouldn’t have known the difference? – So, I think I know what we need to do. – Okay, what’s that? – We need to trap the RZ twin. – Trap the RZ twin? How do we do that? – I set-up a collab with another
Youtuber for you tomorrow. – You’re right, so she knows
that I’m doing a collab with another Youtuber. It’ll make her want to come see the video, so she could potentially try
to switch places with me. – I think it’s gonna be
the best way to trap her. And this way, we can potentially use her as collateral to get the GM back. – So we trap the RZ twin, and then give the Quadrant RZ twin in exchange for the Game Master? – Exactly. – Daniel, that is brilliant. Okay, do you think it’s gonna work? – Rebecca, I gotta go. – Okay. Okay ZamFam, so it looks
like in my next video, I’m gonna be doing a collab
with another Youtuber, and I’m gonna need your guys’ help to see if you can spot the RZ
twin so we can trap her, and get the Game Master back.

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