Galaxy Skin & Green Screen Clay (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Galaxy Skin & Green Screen Clay (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Galaxy Skin from Fortnite and it’s glowing! This is one of these skins where I had just no idea how to start this project, until I found the big solution. You have seen it in the intro and I will show you how I created the Galaxy Skin. But let’s first start with an aluminum wire to create the skeleton, which is underneath the special clay of today’s tutorial. Well, how to get this special clay? First solution would be just go to the open night window and cut out the stars from the night sky. Well, this is not possible. A rocket to the space to get this special clay would be so expensive. I needed a sponsor. Just kidding. Get support for work time, food, clay food again and clay again is really helpful to keep this show running. This video is sponsored by ERA OF CELESTIALS. Let me show you this brand new game. It’s mobile, it’s free and it has a PvP multiplayer with great RPG action and awesome 3D graphics. Keep in mind we are still running on mobile. At the beginning you choose one of the three classes you see right now Warrior, Archer or Mage?. I took the Warrior. What I really like is the way of harnessing their unique powers and all the abilities grow stronger with your character. This is the great beginning of the storyline. Blaze a trail through the path of the Wang wizard and turn down all the bosses you see right now to receive epic equipment and crafting materials. If it’s important to you to play with others, there’s so much engagement in PvP built versus go pedals, for example. If you need great start of the game now, I have a gift code. Celestials for you. The package includes basic sprites, 2.5 times experience potion right as mercy voucher and basic essence. Help support my channel by downloading Era of Celestials for free. Only use my link down in the description box. I hope you enjoyed this short break and now we get back to the creation itself and this means we are bringing on this great clay. This is not real Galaxy clay. It’s green screen, but I don’t want to ruin this magic moment for you. I will tell you later how this is done. Probably most of you know, because I have talked about that in one of my latest Fortnite videos. I think it was Greasy Grove, right? We talked about the Galaxy Skin and how I could create it. I have seen that some of you already have posted images on Instagram and I am impressed with the work you did on the Galaxy Skin. It’s a whole different approach, but I still really love the or your end results. Now let’s try to bring this guy into the position. This is the most unique position I have seen him with, most of the time at least. And we start bringing on some details. This is some part of the back bling. I decided not to create the back bling in the end because I wanted to focus on this skin first. I didn’t know if this effect would work, so I just wanted to focus on this first This is the scarf, but we can add the back bling later. He would like me to. This is the scarf. It’s folded like that. And now I try to get the height of the belt. This is quite useful to use the blueprint. As always. You can get the blueprints on my website where you can download all these blueprints for free, of course. So. this is the space where all the belts will go and with all I mean two of them. Just placing some more fabric to make it even more realistic looking. And this is the first belt and also the second one. After we have placed them we will create the belt buckles, of course. I was really overwhelmed with all your messages from last week’s video the Stan Lee tribute video Stan Lee creating Venom and of course so many of you were right. Stan Lee didn’t really create Venom. I just thought it would be nice to show the creating Stan Lee with this character, because well the ink was black, Venom is black and somehow it fits perfectly together and gave this nice effect that it looks like as if Venom was coming out of this small ink bottle. So, this was the only reason. I looked it up and Wikipedia says it was David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane. So, I didn’t want to be rude or disrespectful about these two creators, awesome creators. I think the whole video was really emotional and you haven’t expected me to put out a video like that, but it was somehow in the mood and it was or it felt just right to do a video like that for the tribute of Stan Lee. And your comments were so overwhelming to me. I didn’t lose a tear over creating this video, but when reading your comments well… Yeah, so but now we are creating another Fortnite skin And I want to focus on this one, as well. because I love this skin since it came out. As you know, this is an exclusive skin. You can only get it when purchasing some special products don’t want to make any advertising for these companies. This is not the first time I think there are now different skins, which you only get if you buy a special game console for example and I think this is okay. It just shows that someone is not owning a special piece of tehcnical device and this is the way Fortnite wants to feature new products. I think this is a creative way and I I get it. If someone really wants to play with the Galaxy Skin it really sucks that you have to buy some real world stuff and this doesn’t really make sense to me at all. But I get the approach, the marketing approach behind it. We just finished the leg protection and now we will work on the hands and there are some different colours coming in. Hands are quite difficult to create for me. This was not a big issue or a problem. I have my problems with creating faces. However, I really like how this galaxy skin phase turned out in the end. The hands are not that difficult. I think that you have to create the palm of the hand and all the details of course and the fingers. You will see how I create them. It’s just this line of clay and you make 4 pieces of them and you bring them together and that’s basically it. The challenge is to make these fingers thin enough. I think most people would create them too thick, so if you are creating hands just keep in mind Simon said create the fingers smaller, then you probably would feel right in the moment while creating. The same goes also for the head. Create the head a bit tinier than you would think it would look natural and then it’s right. The eyes are right in the middle of this piece and this is where I screwed up on the Stan Lee creation and there is no really a forehead. Well, actually it’s covered by the sunglasses, but yeah, I try to do better this time. This is the nose with the tiny nose holes and the mouth. Somehow sticks out a little bit. It will be framed by the beard, so it won’t look that thick afterwards. These are the ears. Placing one on the left one on the right side Now we will bring in some white clay and this is for all the hair. This means the beard. It’s quite epic this type of beard. I should do this and shave my beard off. No, please don’t! Who said that? So and also all the other hair are white. Somehow reminds me of… Mace Windy from Star Wars. Putting in some white also into the eyes and there is no iris on this character because the eyes are glowing. White also for the eyebrows and let’s place this onto the torso onto the wire. Maybe we put this scarf a little bit up. That the neck is a bit hidden behind it. And now we need some more white clay for this hair. Well, all the hair looks epic on this guy. I would probably say he’s old. Galaxy skin is old an old man. Well, he travelled so far in the galaxy, you know. Of course we can also just use a scalpel for the texture of the hair, but I thought it would look greater to add all these tiny details and tiny tiny strings for each hair. Let’s place some clay underneath this and we will cover it up. It gives the hair some kind of movement and I really like that. Yeah, the next Fortnite tutorial will definitely be another map piece and you have already decided that I should create Paradise Palms. And somehow I feel like Paradise Palms will disappear really soon, so it’s somehow nice that we still have the chance to create it. I better hurry up. And for this skin now this is the last working step I think. This is under the boots. We try to get this profile on the shoes. So, just take a thin layer of a black clay. Here we go. Use the scalpel for this. It’s the best tool to work with on these sharp edges at least and we are ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked Galaxy Skin and look at that! It even looks amazing without the green screen effect. That it’s the Galaxy Skin! This was a new effect! I really hope you enjoyed the Galaxy Skin. It was made possible by Era of Celestials. Go check out by using my link I am showing you right now and you can also use the link down in the description. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend! Take care guys. Bye! Oh, no, the galaxy is sucking me in. I was just hiding under the table. Awkward.

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