FUNNY DIY SCHOOL SUPPLY IDEAS || Sneaking Food In Class And More Hacks by 123 GO!

FUNNY DIY SCHOOL SUPPLY IDEAS || Sneaking Food In Class And More Hacks by 123 GO!

If you’ve ever gone to school — which
is pretty much everyone — you know how awful it is being put on the spot to answer an equation. Pss! The answer’s 5! If you ever need a little help in class, we’ve
got some fabulous DIY school supply crafts that are total lifesavers. Ooh, you kinda missed the mark on that one,
Sophia. Welcome to Wednesday, the most grueling day
of the week. Woah! I think I nodded off there! Aw man, look what I did. I can’t help it if I’m bored out of my
mind! Vicky, look what happened, I totally ruined
these notes. Wait a sec, I think I know what’ll help. These sour lemons are about to make a sweet
recovery! Here ya go! I hate lemons! You don’t have to eat it! Watch! See, it erases highlighter ink! Woah, did you put a spell on that lemon or
something? Okay, back to work I go. Still can’t believe this lemon trick really
works? Check this out! Rub on a little lemon to your squiggly lemon
line here… See? It’s totally legit! Okay, Columbus had 3 ships. The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria… Woah, nelly! Was that me? Shh! Lunch isn’t for another 2 hours! Ugh, so embarrassing. Good thing I have an emergency snack stash! I hope I get a red one, those are my fave. Oh! No snacking in my classroom, young lady. It’ll have to wait ’til lunch! Okay, okay, I’m putting it away. Alright, I can totally make it ’til lunch,
I just have to focus. On second thought… Woah, I still have a glue stick in here? Something tells me Vicky has another brilliant
idea… If you have to hide snacks in class, use an
empty glue stick case! The most important part? Take out the glue, you don’t wanna eat that. Don’t forget the bottom piece. Make sure to rinse out the glue casing to
get any lingering chemicals out of there. Now comes the fun part… Take some of your favorite candy like these
gummies here, out in a stack to stick in the tube. Now watch as they slide right in there. Perfect fit. When lunch is a couple classes away, nothing
tastes better than a sneaky snack. Mmm! Don’t worry, it’s just glue…nothing
to see here. You know, glue, gummy snacks, same thing… You’d better chew fast, Vick! And if you carry the two, you get 245, which
is also the answer to number 7 on the previous exam… But we’ll cover that tomorrow. Oh man, saved by the bell! Oh, Internet, I’ve missed you so this last
hour! Ooh! Isn’t that a little loud, Sophia? Cool your jets, I’ll turn it down. Lemme see, where are my headphones… What a mess! How does this even happen in there? Wait, I think this gum may prove quite useful… I’ve got it! Take a plastic gum case like this one and
take the gum out. Add some personal touches like fun stickers. Cute, right? With the case spread open, punch two holes
into one side. Now add a key ring. Finally, you can listen to your favorite jams
in public… Hey, Sophia! C’mon, we’re all going to lunch! Now you can keep your earbuds neat and tidy
for next time! And you never even have to throw them in your
bag. Genius! Ugh, I can’t see what I’m doing! Perfect, this hair clip will do! Lemme just pull my hair back and clip it right
in there… No! Ooh, major clip fail! Aw man, seriously? This just isn’t my day, is it… Sorry, girl, that’s a bummer. If you ever have a classroom clip conundrum
like this one, we’ve got great news for ya. Turns out, these little pencils do a lot more
than scribble. Take a clip like this and put some clear glue
on it. Next, take a little pencil and stick it on
one end, vertically. Keep going until you’ve covered the whole
clip. The more colors, the better! Wow, I’ve gotta say, this looks way better
than the clip you had originally, Mia! Woah! Where can I get one of those? I’ll tell you, but it’ll cost you. Checking the gram before class, Vick? Hey Vicky. How’s your day goin’?’ Hold on a sec while I take this flawless model
shot. Hey, where’s that fan coming from? Woah, you look AMAZING! I know. I guess I’ll do a touch up of my own here. Woah! Is that really me? I knew I should’ve gone to sleep earlier
last night. Why’d I even come to class today? I’m an eyesore. Wait a second, I know how I can get some color
into this face. Have some colored pencils on hand? Perfect. Fill a glass with water and put a bunch of
colored pencils face down into it. Now let them soak in there for a few minutes. Ooh, look at the magic happening! It’s been ten minutes! Take those babies out. Now that the pencils’ tips are soft, you can use them as eyeliner. Check out this fun rainbow pattern! Okay, Vicky, I’m ready for my Instagram
story debut! Ooh! That’s so rad! How did you do that? I’ll show you after class! It’s easier than you think! Ta-da! See? Okay, let’s take a quick selfie before class
starts! Gorgeous, girls! Ooh, the classic kissy face. Hello, rainbow goddess! Alright, time to
buckle down and get to work. Let’s get all my stuff set up here… Oh no, I’m all out of my pink paint. I could’ve sworn I just bought this! At least I still have the yellow one ready
to go. And i’m out of that one too. Great. Well, that’s too bad. Perhaps some sugary sweets will cheer you
up? Sure, why not? Woah! There she blows!! It’s raining skittles! Rejoice! Woah, wasn’t expecting that to happen! Hey, check out my glass of water! The candy made it into a lime green color! Awesome! It almost looks like it’s radioactive or
something, doesn’t it? If one piece of candy did all that, just think
of what other colors we can make. If you have an empty tray like this, try making
your own candy color palette! After you add some candy, brush some water
on the pieces like this. It looks like actual water color paint! Who needs to go to the art supply store when
you can just use your favorite candy? Wow, these girls are definitely inspired by
this accidental discovery! Ooh, that last one is definitely frame-worthy! Alright class, what valuable lesson did you
learn from this video today? That’s right, thinking outside the box will
always help get you by! And as a reward for your hard work, here are
some gut-busting bloopers! Don’t forget to subscribe to 123 Go’s
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videos like this one! See you next time!

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