This next school prank involves three of
my favorite things: coke soy sauce and sprite but first let’s mix things up a
bit shall we you go ahead and pour the sprite into an
empty glass but only fill it about just over halfway next pour in some soy sauce
yep you heard that right once it turns into that dark color go ahead and stop
now that sure looks an awful lot like a glass of coke doesn’t it you better do a
taste test first Vicki yep definitely the coke once that sorted out go ahead and
pour the sprite soy sauce concoction into an empty coke bottle through a
funnel make sure to fill it all the way to the top so that it looks like a legit
fresh Coca Cola okay looks like we’re just about there
now screw on the cap and get ready for some serious pranking action good luck
Vicki hey Mia what’s shakin just gonna take out my ice cold coke here whew that
seriously looks so good right now hey is it cool if I snag a swig of course oh
yeah come to mama oh boy hope you’re prepared
to sit in the splash zone ooh we definitely saw this one coming oh
that looks pretty bad man but the good news you definitely got your sodium
intake for the day Mia have you ever been sitting in class when
all you can think about is how badly you have to pee hate teacher can I please be
excused to go to the ladies room oh you know what would make a nice
self-portrait even more excellent a big old green moustache
obviously sure a prank is fun but why not take it one step further take a
regular pencil can like this one and dump out all its contents
now take a paintbrush in a rubber band and attach the brush to the cup now pop
that cup right into the pencil can lastly take the pencils brushes and pens
and place them all around the cup make sure to place them all around the cup
and arrange them so no one will notice the cup of water hiding in there now
it’s time to watch the trickery and soon my my beautiful work is ruined oh well
hope is not lost an artist must go on let’s see where’s that small brush I was
using I think you were looking for that one
and spill it looks like a river of paint just took over your masterpiece Amy I
can’t believe this and these jeans are brand spanking new Mia I’m going to get
you back for this you got to admit that was pretty funny
okay good night – no – who who discovered what I can’t write these
notes fast enough well vicki has other plans
she’s about to pass a me a note okay fire perfect hit
Oh a note from Vicki I wonder what it says sighs man busted next time you want
to pass notes in class try to take the sneakier route so you’ll never get
caught again reach into your bag for a regular hairbrush discreetly brush your
hair nothing’s weird about that right now take your note and fold it up nice
and small now put it in the brush behind the bristles it fits perfectly
hey Vicki you need to borrow my brush you say here you go why thanks Amy
okay yes totally listening right now let’s see what this note says oh my gosh
Tony likes me I knew he was giving me eyes at lunch yes oh yes right paying
very close attention to this lecture yes a biology class next to the weirdo in
the class as if sitting through a boring lecture weren’t bad enough all of a
sudden you realize it’s that time and definitely time to make an emergency
trip to the ladies room oh god yeah mind getting that tampon
away from my paper I don’t know what to say this is the most embarrassing thing
ever okay let’s take a few steps back here next
time you’re scrambling for a tampon in your purse try this nifty little trick
take an old lipstick or chapstick container like this one and make sure
the makeup is out of it place a small tampon inside the container where the
lipstick would normally go super easy right so next time you’re in class and
having a well moment take comfort in the fact that you’ve lessened your chance of
having a super embarrassing moment and off you go
when it comes to pranking it’s all about seizing the right moment see what I mean hey who crossed out my
answer yeah she’s doing it again quick look Amy shoot where’s my
highlighter to complaint this game for this prank take the eraser off a
regular pencil like this you’re close it with some chewed gum pink gum of course
perfect found it seriously real smooth what’s wrong this
eraser eraser they mean gum come on why won’t you work you is this gum gross I
wasn’t chewing gum so who chewed this that’ll teach you for
scribbling on my stuff all in good fun right one of our own my eraser wake up Sofia
ah we’re losing her again hey Sofia uh-oh looks like Amy’s got a
prank up her sleeve ooh that was close let’s give Sofia’s glasses a little
tune-up shall we all you need are a pair of glasses and a little lock like this
one simply lock the glasses closed and hide the key pretty sneaky huh wakey-wakey Sofia what’d I miss
I can barely see the board what I don’t remember locking these don’t worry I’ll
give me the key eventually looking for this ha ha very
funny Amy I’m gonna get you back hey Amy can I borrow your red marker oh sure
Amy what’s wrong take cover she’s about to blow there you go hope you have some hand
sanitizer in your bag Sophia aloe vera plants for this prank taken aloe vera
leaf and slice it in half now scoop out the clear girl with your fingers you
it’s so slimy something tells me Sofia’s about to put
Amy in a snotty situation here goes and that’s it hey Amy you want your marker back is
this a ton of there’s not who jets Amy it’s just aloe vera
see no germs here even so it’s still pretty gross

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