Funniest kid drawings| funny art and craft videos | Moumena Saradar

Funniest kid drawings| funny art and craft videos | Moumena Saradar

hey everyone welcome back to our Channel make sure to LIKE subscribe and hit the bell button and let’s start so my little
sister drew a bunch of pictures and my mom made her art gallery let’s see the
disaster I mean the art so now my bigger sister is going to comment on the pictures let’s go so she drew herself oh my God look at
that big dress just continue I don’t wanna okay well she tried to do makeup
well it looks like a monster let’s continue she drew her and her dad and
they’re the trees height and there’s the cat oh my god he’s so tall he’s taller than the tree by the way that’s her brother
she drew a girl that has an uncolored flower without the sky and she drew
herself and she’s the trees height Wow Coffee time well if you tried to drink
from it from it it’s gonna break she drew her brother again without color
here without a sky or a Sun great she drew her and her mom with the cat and
they’re taller than the tree that’s her and her mom again without a sky and the
Sun is like a pinky oh my god that’s supposed to be a drum but I’m not gonna
even say what it looks like and that’s supposed to be me have fun
next picture this is another drum but it’s broken
literally Wow we have a lollipop that looks like bugs on top of these ooh and
that’s her sister that’s the trees height and we’re not gonna even say what
that looks like but we don’t even know and these are three people without sky
or Sun and this is her and her mom what the cat again I’m sick of this alright
guys I just wanted to say that I was just joking her pictures are really
pretty and every time she throws a picture all the family gives her
compliments and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe and have a nice
day bye guys

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