Fun Fold Card Designs

Fun Fold Card Designs

– [Jennifer] Hi there and welcome back, this is Jennifer McGuire. So I’m a big fan of
creating cards that open a little bit differently. I think it’s a great
way to kinda stand out from typical store-bought cards. So today I’m going to share
some z-fold card designs. I’ve done these in past videos, but today I’m going to show
you three different options and hopefully one of
these will be something that you would like to give a try. The nice thing about these designs is that you can use any stamps or dies that you may have on hand. And then at the end of this video I do have some bonus cards,
so stay tuned for that. Okay, so let’s start
with a basic z-fold card. This is the easiest way to do it. And then I’ll show you my
favorite way after that. Okay, so for this card I’m using the Concorde & 9th Laurel Frames stamp set and the coordinating die set. This is a very simple layering stamp set that creates a beautiful frame, and then there are some
lovely sentiments with it. And it’s a nice, large stamp set that’s six by eight. Here are the coordinating dies, and I like that it includes the word hello and the word there, along with a banner and some other little
pieces to go along with it. I’m using the MISTI Stamping Tool today just to make the process easier. I’m starting with the base
layer of the Laurel Frame, and I’m going to start with a light ink. Since I’ve never use a stamp before, I just rub my hand on the stamp and that seems to kind of prep it before I ink and stamp it. This is Key Lime Ink from Gina K. designs. It’s a nice bright green. And then I’ll wipe that
stamp clean with a dry cloth. Now for the base layer
of the flower cluster, I’m using Hero Arts Soft Vanilla Ink. I’ve never used a stamp before, so I just rub my hand on it to prep it. And then I can stamp that. This is a beautiful, soft yellow color and I’ve been reaching for
it more and more lately. And I’ll use it again on the background. Let’s go back to the frame. This time for the second layer, I’ll stamp with a little
bit of a darker green. This is Lucky Clover from Gina K. Designs. And here’s a tip for you, when you’re doing stamp layering, I like to let the layer dry before I stamp another layer on top of it. That allows each layer to stay crisp and not kind of bleed into each other. So in this case, I did the leaves then I moved to the flower, and then I moved back to the leaves to give them some time to dry in between. You can also heat it with a heat gun to dry it quickly if you wanted to. For the second layer of the flowers, I did Sweet Corn ink, and then I moved to the Wild Dandelion for the third layer. This is a nice, vivid yellow that really stands out nicely. Okay, now that I’ve
finished my little frame, I just think that’s gorgeous
and I didn’t have to do anything but some basic stamping. I’m going to use the
coordinating die to cut this out. Now it’s time to create the note card. I’ll be using the Concorde & 9th Stripes and Sayings stamp set. This has that large stripe stamp and also some stitch lines
and some parts and words that fit nicely along the stripes so you can create really
cool background, even plaid. I have a four and a quarter by five and a half inch side
folding white note card, just a typical note card, and
we’re gonna actually stamp the stripes on the inside of
the card for this technique. So I’m putting my open card into my MISTI. Now you could do this many ways, this is just what made
sense to me at the time. And I’m putting a couple of pieces of tape over there on the right, and I’ll put my magnet up at the top. Notice that my card is
hanging out of the MISTI. That’s okay. You can use your MISTI that way. It gives you more ways to use it. I’m lining up the edge of my stripe stamp with the crease on the note card. So the stripes end at that crease. Going to ink this up with that
Hero Arts Soft Vanilla Ink. This is the same one
that I used on the flower so they’ll match nicely. And I’ll stamp this, and
you’ll see that my stripes go along this side of the card and stop at that crease
at the center of the card or at the score line. Okay, once I have this side done, I’m going to rotate the card in my MISTI. And I’m actually going to move my stripes. I wanna make sure that
the stripes on this side of the card, line up with the
stripes at that crease line. So I’m just gonna go ahead
and reline it all up. So I’ll take my stripes,
line them up to be right at that edge of the crease and that my stripes meet
right at the middle. So again, I’ll stamp with the
Hero Arts Soft Vanilla Ink, and there we have a white note card with stripes in the inside of the card. I know that seems a little weird, but for this card design,
that’s what you do. Okay, so next we can move on to adding that z-fold. Now when you do the z-fold
card design, very easy, all you have to do is score a line down the center of the front of the card. This card is four and
a quarter inches wide, so the center is two and an eighth. That’s what that little
dot is on my scoring board. So at two and an eighth, you’re
going to do a score line. So I’ll just do a score line right here. Then we have our fold line, and we just fold the
front of the card back. So I’m folding it over
to meet with the crease. You wanna use a bone folder to really press that into place. And there we have our z-fold card. So basically, I just folded the front note card flap back on itself. Okay, now to get our little frame ready to glue on the front. I’m adding some details
with the Copic Marker. This is YG17. I like to do this sometimes
with my layered stamped images just to give it a little more depth. After I added those little details, I’m going to add the
sentiment to the center. Now the sentiment, I used
that Laurel Frames die set. I die cut three hello die
cuts from black card stock and glued them on top of each other so I would have this dimensional hello. Next I want to stamp friend underneath it, but I don’t wanna mess it up at this point so I’m using my MISTI Stamping Tool along with the MISTI Creative Corners. That’s that L-shaped piece and I use it to make sure that I put my sentiments straight in the MISTI. Then I’m stamping that up with black ink and stamping it right below the hello. Now I’m using a strong liquid adhesive to glue this flower
frame on that little flap on that folded flap only. So only put glue on the
back left side of the frame. And we’ll place that on
the front of the card. On the inside of the card I die cut a white large circle and
I’ll glue that in the center. This will be the place where I can write a personal message or stamp
another greeting if I want to. Next I used glossy accents
to cover my hello die cut just so that it would
drive with some nice shine. Now people ask about
the difference between the Glossy Accents and
the Tonic Crystal Glaze, which I use often too. I like both products quite a bit. The Tonic Crystal Glaze comes out easier and never gets clogged on me, but I find that the Ranger Glossy Accents dry with more shine. So really, it just depends on your needs but I use them both and I
reach for them both often. So here’s the finished card, and you can see how it opens easily to reveal a message on the inside. And keep in mind you
can use this card design for any die cut or stamp
shape you wanna add to the front there. I’ve done cards with
this design in the past, and I’ll link to them
here in case you wanna check those out too. I also used the stripe
stamp to stamp the flap of a matching envelope. So one of the nice things
about background stamps is they’re great for stamping
those envelope flaps. Okay, my next current design is similar, but this time I’m using
partial die cutting. This is definitely my favorite way to do a z-fold card design, and it’s quite easy. For this one, I’m using the Concorde & 9th Triple Step Thank You stamp set. This is a great set because there are many different thank you and thanks
messages you can build up. There’s your gem and then
there’s little gem images, you’re a peach with little peach images. And from the bottom my heart
with the different hearts. I’m going to be using the peach today because I thought that was clever. I again have a side
folding four and a quarter by five and half inch note card. I’ve opened it up and
I’m going to draw a line down the center of the front of the card. Again, that’s at two and
an eighth of an inch. So I’m using my T roller
and just drawing a line right down the center of
the front of the card. I’m gonna draw it a little bit darker so you can see it better on the screen. Okay, so now we’re going to
do some partial die cutting and this is really easy. I’m using the die for the
large thank you sentiment from the set I just showed you and I’m put it right at the center. Now I’m going to use my die cut machine to partially die cut this. I’m only going to cut part of it. So I’m putting this
into my die cut machine. Where the edge of that cutting plate is, is the edge of where the cutting will be. Anything under the plate will cut. Anything hanging out won’t. So I’m only cutting that inside
portion of the thank you. That edge hanging out will stay intact. So I’ll run this through my machine and we’ll see that the
cutting goes right up to that pencil line that we did. Very easy to do, partial die cutting is a great technique and it allows you to do many new things with your dies. Okay, so now we’re
going to add the scoring so we can fold. So I’m using my scoreboard again and I’ll score at that
two and an eight inch line where we have the pencil line. But notice I only score outside of the die cutting that we did. So only from the edge of the cutting out to the edge of the card. So now we can go ahead and fold that back. And look at that, we have
our fun z-fold design and it’s kind of one layer on the front. So whereas on the last card we just glued the die
cut under the z-fold, this time we did partial die cutting so it’s all connected, and I really think it gives a fun look. Okay, so after I erase my pencil line, we can start doing the stamping. This thank you is really cool. It has three steps to it. And there are these little arrows that stick out of the clear stamp that allow you to line up
each of the three images to create the thank you sentiment. But I found I didn’t need it, I found that I could just eyeball it and line it up very easily. And here is the second layer. See that little arrow that sticks out of the side of the H? That’s to help you line it up. But I just found that I could line up where the letters meet at these two points, easy peasy to do. This time I’ll stamp with
fresh peach from Hero Arts. That first color that I stamped, that’s my new favorite color. It is Sea Glass from Gina
K. Design, that teal color. Now for the third and final layer I’ll line these up. Easy to line up again. This time I’m using Gina
K. Lucky Clover Ink. And you’ll see how that’s
fitting into that partial die cutting that we did earlier. And look at that, we have a
continuous piece on the front. And when you open it up it,
just fits inside of itself. It’s a really fun design. For stamping in the background, I use the Concorde & 9th
Sunshine Turnabout stamp set. Now this is a turnabout stamp. When you get it, you draw
an X on the back of it and then you have a turntable. That’s that six by six piece in there with the X on it. You line up the Xs and put
it into a stamping tool. If you’ve never seen a
turnabout stamp before, don’t worry, I’m gonna
show you how to do this on the next card. So I’m going to tape my thank you card right into the center of that turntable. Putting some tape on there. And I’m going to open my card and mask off the front of the card. I’m only wanting to
stamp the sunshine stamp on the inside of the card right now. We’ll do the front of the card later. So I’ll ink up the stamp with that Hero Arts
Soft Vanilla Ink again. Stamp it once, and then rotate it in just one turn. And I’ll repeat that, I’ll ink it up with the Soft Vanilla
Ink and stamp it again. Then we’ll do that a third
time, rotating between. And then you’ll see I have a
little bit of a predicament. (chuckles)
I didn’t think about this when I started but I can’t
stamp that fourth one because the front of
my card is in the way. So I’m gonna take my card out and fold the card back on itself. I should have just done
that from the beginning, but honestly I didn’t think about it so I’m putting it back into my MISTI, kind of taping it in place. And then I can stamp the
fourth sunshine down. And I have this beautiful sun ray kind of coming out from the
center point of the card. Okay, now it’s time to repeat that process on the front of the card. So I do want to do some masking. I don’t wanna stamp over
that thank you message in the center because
it turned out so good. I wanna keep it nice and clean. So I have a thank you die cut that I created earlier
that I decided not to use. So I’m going to use that as a mask. You could instead just
die cut from a piece of masking paper and put that over your thank you message. I’m just gonna use this
and put a little bit of temporary adhesive on the back of it so that it masks off our stamping. Then I will repeat that sunshine process where I ink it up with
the Soft Vanilla Ink, stamp it, rotate it and repeat until we have the sunburst going across the front of the card too. So now I can carefully remove the mask and we have what’s like a
one-layer fund fold card design. I don’t know what it is about this but I love this look, the continuous look. It’s definitely worth that
little bit of extra effort to do that partial die cutting. Next, I stamped a little peach from that same Thank You stamp set and I’m gonna kind of have it hang off the you on thank you. And I’m using my MISTI
to stamp you’re a peach with black ink. I’m definitely using a
stamping tool at this point because I don’t wanna mess it up. And I’m stamping it so you can see the greeting when the
card is open or closed. So here is the completed card. I added a few gems to it, just some Buttercream gems
from Pretty Pink Posh. You can write your greeting
on the inside there where the sun rays all meet together. And I added a few little white dots to each of the letters in the peach just for a little accent. So I like that this card design
is a little bit different and there’s very little bulk to it. You can try this with
any large die cut shape that you have. A simple shape is better,
even a circle or heart is great for this. Okay, my third card example is kind of like the first. However, this one folds
down towards the person as they open it. On this one, I’m using
a new turnabout stamp from Concorde & 9th that
I am just crazy about. It’s great for creating
different backgrounds. Now remember how I used the
sunshine turnabout before with the X on the back? This is how you do it. When you get a turnabout stamp, you only have to do this once. You lay the stamp onto the packaging, that guide that’s on the
back of the packaging. You line it up, then you
draw an X on the back of your stamp that lines
up with X on the guide. So you can see how I’m drawing the X right where the X is on the guide. Once you’ve done this once,
you never have to do it again. That X is on the back of your stamp and it doesn’t hurt it. Next, you need to create a
six by six piece of paper and draw an X connecting the corners. This is one I made a while
ago and I laminated it so I can use it with
all my turnabout stamps. So I line up to Xs, close
the door on my MISTI and now we’re ready to do some stamping. So I’m putting a little temporary adhesive on the center of my turntable. That’s that square piece with X. And I’ve taped down to
it a four and a quarter by five and a half inch
top-folding note card. I’m stamping my first time with the Hero Arts Soft Vanilla Ink. Now we’re going to turn that turntable. That’s that square piece. Turn it once, and we’re gonna stamp with our next color. This is the Key Lime from Gina K. Then we’ll stamp, or I’m sorry, we’ll rotate the turntable a third time. This time, I’m stamping
with the Lucky Clover Ink, again from Gina K. this is a good Kelly green color. Would be great for Christmas too. Then for the final turn, I’ll do the Sea Glass Ink, which is that perfect teal color. I tell you, these turnabout
stamp sets are genius because look at this background. All of the little pieces
fit together nicely and make a continuous, beautiful pattern. Okay, so now I’m going to flip this over and stamp the same thing on
the backside of this card. I’ll stamp with the first color, rotate it and repeat four times. Once I’m done, I can take
my card out and open it up. And we’re going to score halfway along the front of the card. Since this is five and a half inches wide, we’re going to score it two
and three quarters inches. Right here. So halfway across the front of the card. So now we can fold that back onto itself. So we’re gonna fold it down, and there we have our card base. Little bit different than a typical card, but I think that’s what makes it fun. And I am just blown away
at that beautiful pattern that we created with that stamp. For the focal point of the card, I’m using the Concorde &
9th Lovely Blooms die set. So from this die set, I cut the you are lovely three times from white card stock. And I’m going those die cuts together to give them dimension. I also die cut the you are lovely from some pool color card stock and from some silver glitter card stock. I want this to be a two-tone sentiment. I want you are to be in the pool so I’m cutting the words you are away from the word lovely. And I’ll glue the pool you onto our stacked white die cut. So the white isn’t gonna actually show, it’s just behind it for dimension. So here I’m putting down
some strong liquid adhesive, add the you to it, and I’ll
do the same for the word are. I want the word lovely to
be in the silver glitter. So from that die cut, I’m
cutting away the word you are and I’ll glue the lovely letters down on top of that stacked white die cut so we end up with this really cool looking stacked die cut where the
words you are are in the pool, the word lovely is in the silver glitter and they meet up nicely in the middle. It takes a little bit of time
to do this two-tone look, but I definitely think it’s worth it since it’s the focal point of the card. Next I die cut a white frame, which is from the same die set. Now this has a nice faux
stitching on the inside edge, and the die actually
also cuts a thin frame to go around it. So I’m gluing my little label here on to some white card stock, then I’m running my liquid
adhesive right along the edge. It’s real easy and fast to do this. I’m just putting a little
bit of the glue around this. Then I can take that thin
frame that the die cuts and I’ll put it right around it. And I cut that from a
pool color card stock that matches the word you are. I really like when dies
cut that thin frame because I think it looks
really cool that way instead of having a mat around it. So now I can glue this to that front flap. So remember to only put
adhesive on the bottom half of that because we’re only gluing it to that little flap on the bottom. Now I want to have a spot to write a sentiment on the inside, and I want it to line up perfectly with this
piece that’s on the front. So I die cut another, put
liquid adhesive on the back. Now I’m just going to hold it on to the inside of the card, lining it up there. The liquid adhesive is facing up. I’ll close the back of the card on it, and now that’s positioned perfectly behind the one that’s on the front. So the front one hides it completely. I again am going to run a line of liquid adhesive around this, and then we can add another
little pool-colored frame. So now the front and the inside
of the card look the same and we have a great place to write a little sentiment on the inside. I die cut a little peach
heart to add to the front and decided to add little
peach dots to the pattern in the background. This is an R22 Copic Marker, but it was just another way to add a splash of color to the card. So here is the completed card. I covered the heart with
some glossy accents. When you open up the
card by pulling it down, you’ll see that we have the same shape on the inside where we can
write our little sentiment. It’s just a different
fun fold card design. And you could even do this design to open to the side or even
open upwards if you want to. And keep in mind you
could’ve also done this card with that partial die cutting technique. Okay, now before we go I
just have some bonus cards. Totally unrelated, but I
had to use these products. This is a new Concorde & 9th
Heartfelt Smile stamp set. Such a simple, sweet sentiment. And they also have these new
dip dyed cards and envelopes. These are brilliant. The cards and the envelopes
come with this color already on them. This beautiful wash of color looks like it’s dip dyed. All I did was silver glitter
heat embossed that sentiment on the card, and then I did the heart on the matching envelope. Took me no time at all,
and they’re just beautiful, simple, classic cards. Now these have nothing
to do with the video but I wanted to show you
because I just thought they were so much fun. Okay, so there you have it. Some fun fold cards. I link my supplies in the
YouTube description below. You can also check out these other videos with fun folds here in the middle. Thank you for spending time with me today. I hope you have a wonderful week, and we’ll see you very soon.

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