Full Face Of Makeup Using ONLY My Palette

Full Face Of Makeup Using ONLY My Palette

– Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome
back to my YouTube channel! Oh my God, you guys! I am so beyond excited for
today’s brand new video. I just want to jump right into it. Today’s video has been
literally the most highly requested video probably
ever from you guys and something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time as well. Ever since I announced
the palette and that is, wow this is going to be
the fastest intro ever! (laughs) Full face of makeup
using only, my palette. If you sisters know me,
you would know that I love a good competition and I never, ever back down from a challenge. I always go above and beyond and I really, really do not like losing. So, not even gonna lie when
I first read this comment, I was a little bit nervous
about doing this challenge, but after kind of looking
at the full palette and planning everything out in my head, I do think that I actually will be able to slay this challenge. Of course, there will be a few
complications along the way, when it comes to like foundation
and other things like that, but we’re gonna get through them together. All that being said I
am so excited to dive in and so without further adieu, let’s unleash our inner artist and do a full face of makeup
using only my palette. (upbeat music) Alright you guys so to make
sure that I sister slay this challenge today I think
I’m gonna go in the same order as my normal makeup
routine and just replace each step along the way so I don’t miss any. And of course, you guys know first, I always do my foundation
to lay down a light base. Now, looking at this
palette, we have already run into a little bit of an issue. Now, you and I are sisters so let’s be honest with each other. We all know that I’m not exactly the best when it comes to matching my foundation there’s no need
to talk about it, thanks. So, if I was to use one of
the shades in the palette my options are either
bright white, bright yellow, orange which happens a lot
regardless and super, super pale. None of which really seem
to be viable options. So, I posted a poll on my Instagram story and I asked you guys, I
said should I start off with my base already on camera and just do every other step after
using only the palette or should I not cheat and
literally just skip foundation. And by literally a 2% vote, don’t cheat, no foundation won with 51%. So, I guess we are doing a no foundation makeup look today I’m not exactly sure how that is gonna work out. I am having a pretty good
skin day today thank God but I am definitely very
red so hopefully this like calms down during the
process of the video. Regardless, I guess we’re gonna move on to the next step already. Okay, so, after foundation
we have concealer, which I cannot do and then
after concealer we have powder, which I can do but there’s no point if I’m not actually
setting anything in place. So, after powder I guess we’re
already on to contouring. So, we definitely have a lot
of options when it comes to bronzing but that is going
to be at the next step. So to contour I’m gonna
grab my M405 brush, this is in my brush set and dip into the shade I think Punch Me might be a pretty good contouring color. It is one of the only cool
tone browns in the palette. So let’s try that. Kinda good. Okay, a little bit more. Just a slight chisel. Okay down, down for this. I think I want to keep it pretty light when it comes to the face makeup just because a lot of contour and
blush and highlight might look a little bit strange over top
of my normal skin when there’s no base underneath to even everything out. Oh my God, you guys, my face actually might match my body for once. Okay, this is already not
looking the best because this shade is very, very
cool toned but my face is very, very red and they are
kind of mending together to already make orange. Do I even wanna bronze? Maybe we’ll just go light. Lastly before I go in the
bronzer I’m just gonna grab the E62 this does
come in my brush set it is the custom brush that I made and I use this one for nose contouring. I’m just gonna grab a little bit more Punch Me and just go right
down the side of the bridge. Oh God, that does not look good. Oh my God! I guess the good thing about not having foundation is I can literally just rub it off if it looks stupid. What are those? Oh it’s my glasses marks,
you’re literally kidding me. People who wear glasses
truly know the struggle like these red marks are permanently
embedded into my skin forever and I’ve been wearing
these contacts all day long. Look how, rude. That looks not good. It’s okay, we’re gonna make it work. To bronze I’m gonna grab my M527 brush and dip into the shade Code James. Now, this shade is very, very pigmented so what
we’re not going to do is make me look orange. Oh, too late. Oh God, okay. Oh my God, you guys really
got me good with this whole no foundation thing, Jesus. Maybe, if I just like really
blend it out it won’t be, oh that’s bad. Oh my God, you know what
is good about this though? Watch this, I’m gonna grab a makeup wipe. If I go like this. Nice and chiseled. Doesn’t look good. (scoffs) For blush I’m gonna go grab my E4 brush and dip into the shade Literally which is this metallic pinky peach shade. This is one of my all time
favorite shades in the palette and I feel like this one is
getting overlooked a little bit in some of the reviews that I’m seeing so, I want to show her some love. This shade is so beyond
beautiful and I added it to the palette to be a perfect
kind of blushy shade to mix together your bronzer
and your highlighter. It is like, oh my God, I’m obsessed. She’s looking a little intense. I think I’m gonna lay down like
a light coat of highlighter too just to kind of get the face going. So I’m gonna give my face
a quick spritz of the Prep and Set setting spray. Favorite thing literally in the entire world you guys, you
need this in your lives. And I’m gonna grab the
shade Face on my M501, this comes in the brush set. Okay, let’s pop her on there. Little bit above the brow bone as always. Love a good glow here like, could you imagine what it would be like to actually have like good
even skin and to be able to do this and it look like not disgusting? Then a little bit right down
the tip of the nose as well. This highlighter is really
intense when you don’t have a base underneath it. Oh my God. I’m gonna come back to the base
later on and see if there’s anything we can do to kind of fix it. So next step is going to be the brows and I’m already a little bit
concerned about this step. Not even going to lie. My Anastasia brow wiz is my favorite pencil in the entire world and whenever I get asked in interviews, if you could bring three makeup products on a deserted island, what would they be? That is always the first
one that I say because I literally have had quite
the brow transformation and using any other products triggers me. Including brow powders
which I absolutely hate. So, and eyeshadow is
really not any different. For the brows I’m gonna
grab my M158 brush this also comes in the brush set
and dip into the shade Tea in the top right hand corner. This is a cool tone dark brown shade and I’m going to fill in the brows. I’m gonna start by
sketching the tail and then drawing the bottom line. I’m trying to keep a very, very light hand because I
definitely do not have a lot of cool tone brown options in the palette and I want to be able to
like actually layer up and add dimension so I
don’t have sharpie brows. So to do that I think I pretty much only want to define the tail. This is actually a pretty
good color for my brows. Just gonna use the end
of that brush to kind of blend anything in the front of the brow. Okay, come on that’s not that bad. Okay, let’s try on the other brow as well. Sorry, you guys I’m
literally being so quiet I just know that I don’t
really have any options when it comes to making this look good. So, I’m trying to actually focus. Clearly, makeup has no
rules but this is why I will never understand how people
do their eyebrows first before anything else because
this looks literally crazy Oh, my God. (claps)
Ready to move on. So moving on we have the next
step which is going to be of course the eyeshadow,
which is my favorite part of the entire routine. We get to use the palette for what it’s actually intended for to
look really good and fresh. I decided not to cheat and do
no foundation in honor of you guys but when it comes to
this, I am going to cheat and I am going to use just a little
bit of an eyeshadow base. This one is the P. Louise
base, this is literally one of the best bases in the entire world. I learned about this
product from a lot of my favorite international artists
such as Mama Mama Mitchell and Stacey Marie MUA and Kaylie. They’re all so incredibly
talented and it works really well for all of
them and I’ve had nothing but amazing results with this as well. And I know a lot of you guys
were concerned about the fact that I recommended an eye
primer or like a MAC Paint Pot. This product right here is a super, super great alternative as well. Gonna use a little bit of
this to clean up the eyebrow using the M410 brush this one
does come in my brush set. And then with one of the flat
concealer brushes from the brush set this is the M224
I’m just gonna grab a little bit more of that from the back of my hand, and I’m going to tap off any excess and use this with just little patting motions all across the eyelid. Just to lay down a light base for the look that I’m going to do. So since we’re keeping
it pretty neutral on the shades that we’re using
when it comes to my face. Clearly, I do want to go in
and play with a few different colors when it comes to
the actual eyeshadow. Why not lets unleash our
inner artist together. I think I wanna do like
a sunset smokey eye with a blue and purple on the lid. Yeah guys we’re just gonna do that and hope that it looks good. Alright, so I just went
ahead and zoomed you guys in a little bit more so we can
focus on the eye look together and make sure we get all the details. I’m first gonna grab my M456 brush and dip into a little bit
of the mix of the shades Cola and Escape and
just pack this literally right on that outer V. I’m not gonna put too much on here because I have a lot of colors that I
need to fit in this eye look today and the last thing that I want is for it to get really, really messy. Next I’m gonna take another M456 brush and dip into the shade Single which is the bright purple
and I’m going to use this shade to diffuse out that edge. Making sure to keep this once again very, very low to the eyelid because
we have a lot of colors. I’m basically laying this
purple right over top of those two dark shades just to
kind of diffuse the edges. Going back in with the
other brush and just adding in some of the darkness again. Next grabbing M433 to continue the sunset I’m gonna grab the shade You’re Kidding, literally my favorite
red in the entire world. And I’m just going to buff
out, once again, that line. I’m trying to go in with a
little bit of a light hand because this red is insanely
pigmented and I still have a few more colors that
I need to add over top of it. So, I don’t want it to get too high up. So once again using those
stamping and patting motions to get the pigment on there first, and then just lightly
going over to blend it out. Going back in with Single
to make sure we don’t lose that purple in that blend. Next we’re gonna grab yet another M456 and dip into the shade 518 and this is the bright neon orange. And I’m going to diffuse out the red. and I’m definitely taking my sweet time especially since we are getting close to the eyebrow I do not want all the colors to get muddy. And then finally just a
little bit more of Single. Lastly, I’m gonna grab a
little bit of Bee on an M514 brush and just use this to buff
out that final orange edge. So now that the eye situation
is finally figured out. Oh my God, not wearing foundation
literally not the move. I think I wanna do a pop of
blue on the actual eyelid. So, oh I should probably
cut the crease first. I’m first gonna dip into the
shade Acapella on my M124 and give it a quick
spritz of my setting spray and I’m going to first pat
this right on the outer area of the lid just kind of patting and wiggling that shade right on there. Gonna put in probably about two half white on the lid as well and bringing that right up to that cut crease line. And then with whatever’s left I’m just going to go in and
lightly wiggle that brush in between the transition
area just to kind of get these two to blend together. I’m gonna go back in with my original brush that I used
literally first and a little bit of Cola just to pat
over that transition, just make sure it’s nice and smooth. And then with that same
brush I’m gonna dip into the shade Hello which is the
bright metallic teal shade. A little bit more of the
setting spray and I’m gonna tuck this shade on the
inner half of the eyelid. And then to blend them
together I’m just gonna start tapping over that border with
whatever is left of Hello. Last but finally not
least, because why not, I’m just gonna dip into a little bit of Artistry on my finger and
I’m just gonna tap this right over top of my lid. For the lower lash I’m gonna
start off with a little bit of You’re Kidding, just
right up against the lash. And then just a little bit of
Bee to blend that right out. With a little cute mini
M152 brush two of these come in the brush set I’m
gonna grab a tiny little bit of Escape and use this
finally last but not least, just to tuck this right
up against that lash line for a little bit of dimension
and to connect it in to that outer little wing that we created. To complete this eye look
I’m just gonna grab one last pencil brush and dab into
the shade Bee and I’m gonna place this kind of really
heavily into the inner corner. And then with a tiny little detail brush, this one is not even in
the brush set I don’t know where I even found this,
I’m gonna dip into a mix of the shades Ringlight and So Good. Give it a quick little spritz, and I’m going to tuck this shade right on top of that yellow. Love when my shadows are too pigmented. Just gonna grab a little bit
of Bee and go right over that just to kind of dull it down a little bit never thought I would say that when it comes to inner corner highlight. Gonna use that same exact mixture and pop a little bit on the brow bone. And I think finally, that
is one eye all complete. Oh, my God you guys. I don’t know why that took me so long. I still struggle with sunset
smokey eyes every single time I do them I generally just
don’t understand how some people can fit so many colors in such a short amount of space. Like literally this tiny
little space has to have eyebrow highlight and
yellow and orange and red and magenta and purple and darker purple. Like how? How do you do that? I don’t know. Clearly, but this is looking like, okay. Is it my best? No. Is it my worst? Definitely not. So, in that case I am happy
and ready to move on to the other eye, which I’m now
going to do off camera so you guys don’t have
to sit here and watch me for another two hours. Be right back. Alright, hello! I am back and those are both
eyes all done and complete. And now I am definitely ready to move on. There really isn’t a whole
lot left in this look that I’m able to do with the palette,
but we’re gonna try. So, I think that one thing that I really want to address
is my splotchy skin. As I put more and more and
more makeup on to my actual eyes it became very apparent that I was not wearing any base makeup, like I said I am very
much not used to this. I wish I had even skin
because this look is so beyond beautiful and I wish that
I could rock this and feel confident while doing it
but I really just don’t. So I do want to do a little bit of like covering if I possibly can. What I’m gonna do is grab a beauty blender that I wet in the sink but completely wrung out like there is literally zero moisture in this, and dip into the shade Canvas. It is like the pale kind
of eyelid setting shade. And I’m gonna put this on here and see if this does any good job. Oh we’ll be doing a lot of this. Oh my God here we go. Oh my God! Oh my God, I literally should have covered my entire face with this. I cannot believe that I did not try this out earlier I think
that I probably assumed that Canvas was too light for my skin tone but clearly it is not and of course we could always adjust it with bronzer. I don’t know where my
mind was during this, I really should have
thought of this as well because I’ve been watching a few reviews and what was so cool,
and that I actually saw a few different girls
using the kind of Tune which is the kind of peachy banana shade as an under eye setting
powder for darker skin tones. So genius. It is literally so cool watching
so many different people test out different techniques so, if you are of a similar skin tone to me and you happen to be doing the full face using only one
eyeshadow palette challenge, Canvas is a great foundation color. I think just for funsies, I wanna add some fake freckles to this look. One, because they’re
really, really cute and two because they’re gonna distract from my other skin that’s going on. So, I’m gonna grab a
tiny little liner brush. This is the E37 and dip into Tea. This might be a little
bit dark, let’s see. Not Tea. Well you know, maybe I’ll do a few of them in Tea so like for
the darker ones let’s see. Just placing a little
tiny dots everywhere. To add a little bit of
like a sunburn effect I’m gonna grab a little bit
of Punch Me and dipping into the tiniest little bit
of 10% Off and I’m just going to pop that right over top, and just kind of like splot that on. Okay so, that is the face
pretty much all complete and I guess the last and
final step is going to be the lips which I’m not exactly
sure how this is gonna work, but we’re gonna try. I’m gonna grab an M124 brush once again and dip into
the shade Mary which probably like the best nude
lip shade in this palette, and see what happens. Oh, my God! You’re kidding! I will tell you this is very
hard to get a precise line. This lip color is gross
but it’s a lip color. Maybe if I do, okay I’m
gonna put a little bit of Flashback maybe in the middle. Kind of have flash like
everywhere, rather. This is literally only
working because my lips are so dry right now. Maybe a little shimmer will
make it look kind of glossy. Oh, my God. (upbeat electronic music) Alright sisters! And I think that is this full face using only my pallette, all complete! Like I said in the
beginning of this video, going into this challenge today
I was a little bit nervous because you guys know I go big or go home at everything and I do not like to lose. But, once I actually kind
of examined the entire palette and figured out
what I wanted to do, I was a lot more
confident and ready to go. That being said I am very, very pleased and proud of the finished result today. I think this looks so
incredibly beautiful and it’s honestly hard to tell that I did this with no other products, but getting here was definitely not easy. I feel like I would have
flown through this challenge and not have literally
any issue had I just done Canvas all over the face first. I don’t know why but I just did
not think of it and my brain literally cannot work on makeup backwards I just have to have a base on, which is what I feel like
really, really threw me off. The contour and highlight and blush could be a little bit better. Little bit sister splotchy but like I said if I had a base on, probably
wouldn’t be having that issue. Same thing with the eyebrows,
it didn’t really have anything to stick to so they look like, okay. Not the worst brows, definitely not the best brows I’ve ever done. Anastasia sweetie, I’m so sorry that I betrayed you for this video. As for the actual eyeshadow
I don’t know why I was sister struggling to do
a sunset half cut crease, I do these types of looks all the time but for some reason I just
could not blend it today. That being said the finished result I think is so incredibly beautiful. I am in love with this eye
look and I think it highlights both the blue shades and all
the warm tones in the palette so incredibly beautifully. I definitely think that adding the fake freckles were a
really, really great touch. I cannot believe that using
a dark brown shade like Tea literally worked for
this but I use it very, very lightly and I definitely
do think it distracted from some of the splotchy skin. So, really, really glad I
added that and for the lips, I cannot believe that
this even stuck, period. Definitely does not look amazing. Would not walk out of the
house with these lips on but, that being said, for literally
begin eyeshadow palette, not bad. Regardless of how this
finished look turned out though I had so much fun doing this challenge. Oh my God. You guys know I love pushing myself so thank you so much to
everybody who suggested this. I definitely wanna do
this again in the future and if you guys decide
to do this challenge, please tweet me photos I
would love to see what kind of looks you guys can come up with literally using just the palette. If you enjoyed this video today please don’t forget to put
a big thumbs up down below. Subscribe if you have not already. Come join the sisterhood
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with an extra S after Charles. This video’s sister shout
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can unleash your inner artist. Alright you guys, I
think that is all I have for today’s brand new video. Thank you so much for watching. I love you and I will
see you in the next one. Bye! (upbeat electronic music)

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