Frugal Camera Crane / Jib 2.0

Frugal Camera Crane / Jib 2.0

everyone welcome to the frugal crane two
point no upgrade episode the approval rating the kramer built by you’re going
to group use of the parts to solve some issues the biggest one being will this
work with that is our camera in the past are said to say no but they i can see i okay so the first issue is that the
camera platform is too small for a word for cameras which is india’s or or pro
sumer camera piece of metal they use in the last
version of the train it’s fine for camcorder of flip camera
point shooters a smaller karen general launch or a put something larger on it
it’s uh… too small and there’s a kind of sags there that
shot due to the fact that it’s hanging on a piece of rubber the river around
the uh… train we’ll initially held by one point so if you
put a larger cameron that it’s probably
right after this little so hopefully system and the camera stage needed to be
upgraded here’s the upgraded version of this is a
garage door pulley has a bearing in its scuffles and it’s like amount uh… more
than one contact point and the uh… joyce that
i’m using is longer sixty five inches from the pulley to the tripod connection
allowing larger cameras easily okay so it’s uh… prepare the camera
platform basic parents here is that the uh… garage door poli uh… bearing spring ninety six receive a question
that we have a home depot joist anderson spare parts here though is still
uncertain description of course person reviews prepare the joyce this is
actually a cut down version actually to get a hacksaw and they’re just measured principal basically how these holes in
the line up here uh… like so dismantle the below are the very was when you were to cut interest like so used to be like that two facts are put in a vice sought to cut it capri cleanly clinics had this piece here canonize twice platform inasmuch
passions pulley when they would say the least pulley is uh… that the home
depot version has holes in them so that the lows version is not an
innocent on face book group chris butterfield guy one of these from lowes
and had no holes in them so hit drill holes hero depressed that those clearance
prices richly five bucks at home depot the employer dollar fifty
but i wouldn’t want to drilling holes in these are pretty close to koresh holes here seek and do allot more sensitive to
their own so it’s you haven’t measured cuts i basically lined up for the holes were
going to be uh… joyce here and then a measured basic rule in the middle between the
uh… the holes are in there in the edge so they could have some nicer schools
they wanted one of the two points of contact here so
this thing would be rock-solid endlessly problem has been passed my strategy for
about one point the pancreas two two points doesn’t move all scrape the screwed you know of course your through the
washer through the jurors and use it s children uh… on the other
side boosters are eleven two-second if screws loses you know that it’s a heavy screws
land around is that there is a using as eleven thirty two so that’s must first be i’m guessing with this freezer and as you can see that platforms not
gonna move uh… which is what i wanted there said it was a uh… basically
opened up this whole here recorder inch drill bit selected standard uh… seem a quick look at which is the
quarter-inch nominal axo mario’s in arabia america thing on the
train hasbro’s complex part because the
cutting and drilling and also drilling out of this whole once that’s done while you’re really doing is removing
unholy fit enough to pull it off obviously had to nuts leftover removed has agreed to in the us so if you
remember and moved to another one down plaxo salutes faces at the same amount
to from lever as the lever and they could disrupt the poorly led on
it the nice thing is that uh… these fit pre-world does not quite exactly who will play in there doesn’t take much to the insanity so the next issue is the tilt weather
system mostly because it is in that plastic
pulley held on by the friction of two nuts and after a while those notes would
binder actually the hopefully would campaign itself in us constantly having
to adjust the tuna skit friction right i’d have to do this every time i used to
train which wasn’t fun so i have great it
within other garage door pulley it’s all done by one that’s it’s mood
because he is the bearing uh… the lever via p_v_c_ is basically the same
eastern shortened a little bit uh… no more binding this works a lot
better okay so here is a new and improved uh…
tell ever taking a letter off actually internationally you will do the guts and inside again this is really interesting things when we do here analysis of the two holes there uh… the holes in the pulley abhar bolsa quarter-inch you configure
korean shrew or you can trick or restrict through through their without
knocking the edge of over the court ruled that the which is
not filled alleges off accrue truer through through her then and so began basically just replace the plastic
glory with this uh… garage door fully with a variant and if you’ll notice here at the
quarter-inch plavsic before the half-inch pc quarrelsome quarter-inch hall as before is a little net between the uh… close in the pulley so taking the screw put it through the whole tesh a
quarter-inch net and threw down to the police and christianity jpy sequel over the
weren’t true sticking out and on the inside basically has a lock washer under there and then another top of that some of
this uh… will come off uh… anytime soon from then on both sides i guess just like the just like the
plastic version of a lock washers when there before inactivity via revamp those so they’re essentially just taking here to deliver assembly no defense here
opposed to the other one is that the space here is uh… just to narrow who’s more
poorly uh… so they can use standard parts because this is so did you so much room
to work with you landed miracle shorter version of a good fit and actually taken my uh… pc ration cutters and chopped off the
city join here chopped off the soldier in here from
lauren search and pushing the goes just held together
by frictions places saying exactly has the original version will understand pushing them to you in the oval joint on top of the slap inch boilers and uh… new york based on the same
exact radia which is that now there is uh… there’s no friction when the crowds there before was that i
haven’t you called me to notes here and we just them repeatedly uh… so there’s enough space in here
they could actually turn this this version of it akron oh uh… i’d just need one that and just screws right down to varying which spins it really android it because they didn’t have to
take this opportunity such a pain but uh… just like the uh… cara
platform they just uh… unscrewed these two
notes to cool off with the pulley read write on here uh… fits great and just getting back together that’s the rear tula recently an improved version west release we have the wire uh… the problems this is because it
was basically a piece of fishing line there were times when a stretch but the bigger problem was storage if
you didn’t wrap around a spool persona of some kind let’s say you dropped it
when you’re taking it off for the training with snag and becoming usable
and have to make another one so far no upgrade pieces this uh…
vinyl coated cable essentially it’s a wire cable with my
own around uh… it’s actually a uh… final coat and wear clothes like i was a
long walk around three dollars and eighty eight cents this is a lot better than the fishing
line version we had before because this won’t stretch uh… the well coming up to divide into
the pulley is willing to itself so i timeout around and it’s not uh… pull
loose for both knots and integrate to a bigger to a larger at
term vocal here sub dollar fifty but from one twenty four-hour whereas i
spent less time this is a much better version alerted thing about it is that uh… we
trash store it it won’t endorse magill wrap it around a
cylinder like i did last time stores pretty easily or else for god i upgraded the monitor
as well monitoring system and or using a mobile camera using seven-inch s d
monitors was from cali he’s re-elected he books on amazon uh… but i’ve got attached to receive a
quick connect uh… onto the frugal clamp which
viewers the fruit platter of assorted splendidly this rosser extension bolts i
have greater range of motion for the angle the monitor sonoran the composite signal from the
camera to the moderates mercy cables no way to the paper the crane which is pretty long so got a couple
couplers in between these different links of cable uh… one is on the front half one is on
the back aft is couplers are too for dollar on e-bay abrams the tide each
section of the train a really nice because you can slide him up and down if
you need to adjust them because they’re just a timeout fastened uh… possibly break down the drain the
couplers stay in their place so is the true crane now complete well i’m gonna
say almost organized by introducing a uh… ball
bearing basically system from the back is that now the thing is super catchy who’s no friction involved so every little move you make whatsoever
in the back translates to the front pris leave super easily over easily uh… figure maybe in the future may be
a good idea to introduce a larger pulley on the front so the national level one to two
one-two-three ratio and actually have to craic uh… the handle in back to do is slow to remember if you were
controlled but until that happens our have this one for
a while to poor knows best and if it works uh… really well and hopefully it into
elected to phoenix time demonstrators in april very gracefully
system from the fact is that now they’re super touchy yes it’s true that very thing every
little free will

58 thoughts on “Frugal Camera Crane / Jib 2.0

  1. I Found that the "L" brackets from your "cage" tutorial work well for this bracket. Its already painted and the shape you needed. Also has the non skip mat where the camera mounts. So no need for cutting any metal for me!
    Also used skateboard wheel bearing instead of just the nuts for spacers for the  pulleys. Thanks.for your great DIYs

  2. Rather that a larger pulley on the camera, keep that at very desirable the 1 to 1 ratio. and instead  just a quick 2.1 upgrade version by extending the PVC tilt control arm handle to  twice the length (or maybe even more length is  necessary) as  to regain  your control and  viola reduced you shake. 

  3. Nice crane – I like it and it's easy to make !
    To control the camera I use my Android tablet that connects by an wifi app to my Panasonic videocamera !

  4. Love this design, it seems to be the  easiest of the cranes that I reviewed. I will try the larger diameter wheel on the upper
    part of the jib as you recommended in your suggested improvements. Thanks again second project of yours I'm doing this week.

  5. This is the best jib DiY I've seen. Your attendtion to detail and practical parts makes this a great solution.  I wonder if version 3 willl incorporate another garage bearing into the mount for the jib's up/down motion.  Thank you for your excellent video.

  6. you could use a small electric motor that can read that degree the axle is, that way all  you would have to do is use a potentiometer to control speed and a switch. 

  7. Any thoughts on how you could modify it so that you have the camera point at a right angle to the jib for situations where you have to be off to the side of what you want to film, but unlike the current design where your up-down tilt control would now be a left-right tilt, have an up-down tilt that works at this new angle?  I'm guessing you would need to mount the pulley+camera mount on another pulley, which might work fine with strong metal pulleys used in v2.0, but how to turn that new pulley is a question.

  8. Question Can't you build a a side to side motion using 2 garage pulley system to pan left to right like you used to pan up and down? Please write back with opinion and or info.

  9. Hey Frug,
    Nice jib design and, as always, excellent, helpful video.
    To deal with the “over-sensitivity” issue that you mentioned, you might want to consider any a several ways to induce some adjustable drag/friction on either of your garage pulleys.
    One way would be to drill holes through you main beam/fence pole, and insert a nylon bolt through the holes, so that is could be adjusted to rub on the inside of your pulley.
    Probably the best way to do that would be to use a thread tap, to thread the holes in the beam so that they would engage the nylon bolt, making it adjustable.
    But you would have to buy the tap, if you don’t have one. So that may violate your standards on either cost or simplicity.
    But there are probably at least 5 other ways to induce drag on those pulleys to slow them down/stiffen them up/control them.
    Another may be just wrapping some foam on the fence pole, between the pole and the pulley, to create some soft friction.
    Anyway  – – –
    Thanks for an very nice design.  I am probably going to try it.
    Dan L.

  10. Seems like most other designs LOCK the tilt motion in place. I like the tilt/pulley idea, but the sensitivity of the pulley system seems like an issue. 

    Perhaps a design that includes a second tube to "lock" the camera plate with the pulley system still mounted. This would still allow the ability to tilt, but give both options. Basically a normal design jib with a pulley mounted on the side. 

  11. so…if you let go of your pvc handle, the camera noses down..a wing nut that you could tighten down would hold it at a desired position…

  12. Touchy…why not a motor turning the pulley…with a two way switch…or maybe a weight to keep the camera steady at the top…

  13. I like the design. I agree a larger pulley up top would help. Also how about adding a 5# barbell weight to the pulley with the arm on it to act as a flywheel to help smooth out the rotation. It would also act as a smooth start stop helper when tilting. Nice job overall!

  14. Thanks for the idea and implementation flaws. Get updates crane. They are given to test it out. Thank you again.

  15. Loving this video you've given me the inspiration to finally start to build one myself, Thank you so much

  16. when buying a tripod to use to do this, how much weight do you suggest the tripod should be able to support? i'll be using a canon xf100 which weighs a little over 2 pounds, but i'm concerned about the weight of the jib being a factor.

  17. The nice thing about this tutorial is, I will never junk my old mini dv tape camcorder, I will use it as a monitor. Thank you so mcuh for this amazing idea you've shared. I will make one.

  18. Thanks for the great plan! I made mine today. It seems to me that if the tilt handle is longer it will lengthen the arc of travel and so reduce the sensitivity issue without trying to fit a larger drive pulley.

  19. thanks for the tutorial i really want to make my own but the challenge is to get the material because am in Nigeria so please i need your email so as to send the image of Garage Door Pulley that i can have access to if i can use it instead of the one you use to make your own

  20. hello sir i want to buy a camera for my studio but i dont have experince in cameras so plz just guaid me that what kind of camera i want to buy for best performance in indoor or out door shoot plz help

  21. Fantastic build/update!!

    I know this is old but, to fix the "touchy" problem you could first try shrinking the lever handle down. For example, if you cut the length of the handle from the end (or where ever you hold it) to the centerline of the bearing you'll cut the torque being applied in half! (Y)

  22. is the quick plate on the back acting as a nut or washer or something. or does it serve a purpose to filming with the jib

  23. Hello, I was wondering if I could use smaller pulleys, like 2 inches of
    diameter. I'm in France and i have problems finding pulleys with ball
    bearings bigger than 2 inches. Thanks a lot for your remarkable tutorials !

  24. You could use a top pulley with no center bearing and mount it on your bolt shaft with washers an coil springs to adjust the tension. This will create the friction you need to reduce the 'touchy' problem. You could also put a swivel handle on the bottom pulley so it is operated like a fishing pole and smooth to rotate.

  25. Great ! I built – the camera table dolly for 18 euro came very well, I use it with my reflex. I hope to build even this camera crane, your projects are very beautiful and also simple to build enough for me that I have no manual dexterity !

  26. Now show us this thing in operation. Show both how it's operated and the result in a split frame video (I'm not asking much, am I? Errm…..)

  27. I am now a subscriber to this person. Excellent teacher, good videos, easy to understand teaching, and extremely expensive camera equipment price gougers are a thing of the past.

  28. I've been chewing through hours of DIY jib cranes here on YT for the last few days. Interesting idea for these or boom poles – an average pool cleaning rod (stick) is adjustable like a painter pole, but a lot longer. — Just wanted to share. Great channel, thanks for help us little guys out!

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