Hello everyone we are MINAS. this time we made it FROZEN If you cut the snow crystals carefully, you can easily make it The material is 180g paper, led, picture frame, foam board. can be downloaded from the description. Now shall we cut? It’s a bit complicated, so be careful to cut You don’t have to cut it fast Cut slowly along the line Frozen heroes Are you done? Arrange the cut sheets in the order in which they appear in the video. Please refer to the top right corner for how to make a frame>_o From this work we used solid color led and usb connector We will use two led bars, white and blue. Bars and bars are connected by soldering. If soldering is difficult, you can use the connector the wires are cleaned up When you put paper and frames in the frame Be careful not to wrinkle or bend the paper What did you put wrong? it’s done Pretty? If the led light shines, it will be more beautiful Thank you for watching

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